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  1. Yesterday
  2. I hadn't considered the length of the barrel beyond the gas port. So given an 18, 20 and 24 inch barrel, all having a rifle length gas system, the 18 needs a larger port than the 20 or 24 to push the same amount of gas down the tube. That makes sense.
  3. Just so ya'll know, I will not have any tickets in my name! Certain elements around here seem to think I have special gun raffle powers so in the name of fairness I won't participate. I WILL get tickets for other family members but none will have MY name on them.
  4. Used to like Dinty Moore beef stew but they cheapened the recipe over the years so only eat it now if my choices are stew or Beef-a-Roni. Never noticed a change in the aroma, my schit always smells like roses anyway
  5. New to this forum and hunting all over the interwebs for one of these - looking for a 7.62 Daniel Defense Lite Rail 12" in length to complete my 308 build. With the intention of progressing into an AR10 for longer range shooting, I'd prefer not to buy something in another caliber I would have to part out. Any help finding one of these unicorns is appreciated. Budget is around $250. Thanks!
  6. I got my winning tickets and I’d tell you fokkers to save your money but it’s for a good cause. So pony up guys
  7. You can help out the Full30 forum if you go here and click through one of their links to buy this package. https://forum.full30.com/t/predictions-and-votes-on-the-olight-competition/15298
  8. That RRA Standard Operator comes in at 14.5 #w/ full 20 rd metal mag. It has a good grab on the rifle.
  9. It's slick brother just takes some getting used to.
  10. Here you go: http://www.graffundersafes.com/
  11. They won't let me copy the pic. Anyhow it's a good deal
  12. Hey folks I just received this email, and in case any of you missed one of their timed offerings here is one that I think is a better offering than we received to begin with. I actually think this is $5 cheaper than what I paid recently, I could be wrong but I don't think so. PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie Gunmetal Grey Bundle $76.74 $124.90 SAVE: $48.16 END IN 00Days 12Hour 56Minute 47Second Rating: 100% of 100 101 Reviews ● The world's first compact rechargeable light with an adjustable rail ● Only 2.57 oz with a max 600-lumen output and a 100-meter throw ● Quick mount/detach system. Install and remove within seconds ● Tail switch i5T pocket light included. AA battery compatible with 300 lumens Bundle: 1 PL-MINI 2 Gunmetal Gray + 1 i5T Desert Tan, save $48.16 Special edition job, I screwed up the pic, I'll try it again. Only 13 hrs left. ︾ Buy NowAdd To Cart
  13. Only if I have no other choice. Haven’t had any in many many years. I think since hunting trips when I was but 12 or so. Can’t remember what or if it affected my aroma. Now Vienna sausages and spam I’ve had those recently - no effects. I have never tried the chicken 98z posted. Apparently I don’t want to either.
  14. No problem. May want to try an AGB anyway, not mandatory but I run them on large frame builds, slow the BCG down until I loose LRBHO and then open up half a crank or so. Not speaking for everyone but my 3 large frames extract/eject/reload the most reliably with the minimum amount of gas necessary.
  15. There's a LOT more truth to that than what you might think! A very big percentage of the deaths attributed to Covid were actually from other things. If the person was positive for Covid when they died the death is attributed to Covid! That's our government hiking the numbers!
  16. Not if you have one of these;
  17. Just to be clear here... Cuomo has decided that Phase 2 can't happen now. When does that mean Phase 2 can happen? That's the ever moving goal post that's bounced around in the politics forum for a while. I am not surprised by this whatsoever. But Phase 1 means jack all to pretty much everyone who wasn't essential to begin with. Finding food is still a joke in many ways. Only takes one power outage to kill all the "fresh" food people have been hoarding and freezing. Canned whole chicken sounds like a delicacy at this point. I'm going to hunt for this can...
  18. I was unaware of that tidbit; but had noticed I've never seen him around here... I wasn't asking for any prizes; maybe need to load up on water first? Food is food; been getting "creative" since NY won't loosen the vise. Feel like he should have fried up some of that chicken skin; what a waste.
  19. Seriously, man? We think it killed Angel...
  20. @Albroswift that's awesome thank you so much. I don't think it's a high pressure bolt. I can't wait to get to try it and see if my problems are solved. If not I'm gonna be buying an adjustable gas block.
  21. That thread had my busting a gut when I first signed up here... Had to re-live it again just now. I was crying laughing at a few bit of the thread; and of course the video. I'm considering trying to find a can for myself. Seems like a great Covid-19 project; not sure what the net weight of the meat is (minus bone). But I'd drink the juice; what's the worst that can happen?
  22. Don't eat this, either - we know what it did to Angel...
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