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  2. The days of the bucket of lard under the sink😋 at our age all bets are off. Fat's,real butter. Eat 🎂 first
  3. Welcome from Indiana brother
  4. Soft holsters make it difficult to holster a pistol. Just my 2 mags
  5. Today
  6. JMJ

    New Member

    Welcome from Louisiana!
  7. What is the new elalstic inside waistband gun holster.
  8. Hello from San Diego. Great to join this forum.
  9. Sisco


    Nigel Keys at the University of Minnesota was a one man wrecking crew of misinformation on dietary issues back then. Unfortunately all the so called health experts listened to him. Read “Good Calorie Bad Calorie” by a former writer for Scientific American. It makes for interesting reading.
  10. This is a 120 mm gun on a Turkish M60T Sabra. Would like to know the story behind it.
  11. Curious has to how you like the feel, balance and the minimalist stock. I know when I added a couple of more ounces to the end of my 16" barrel, it felt a lot different. So I'm switching to a lighter brake, and maybe a lighter scope after hunting season.
  12. I have posted this before. The video is a little older now, but the majority is still valid, especially the part about the vilification of fats.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Weight Full Finished this back around January. I just ordered a silencer today. Weight with the scope is 9 pounds 6.2 ounces. Hopefully these pictures will show up.
  15. JMJ

    AR Trigger

    That’ll likely be where I go if/when I upgrade. I haven’t seen a bad review and the price isn’t bad at all.
  16. Selling my Faxon 16" pencil profile barrel and Brigand Arms carbon fiber HG. Barrel has about 200 rounds down the pipe and is in excellent condition. I have the correct length gas tube that goes with it.I used these parts to build a 308AR that was right at 6lbs empty...and you can too!!$160 for the barrel and gas tube$160 for the HG assembly$300 for the kit.
  17. Sisco


    A whole lot of truth there that modern society conveniently forgot.one of my favorite parts of a steak is the fatty end.
  18. Did it today. Had a Doc visit scheduled anyway so he could kick the tires now that I turned 74. Looks like I have some time left. Got a lot of ammo I need to shoot up.
  19. jtallen83


    The "lynch pin" study was the subject of a review by a college class, they entered the raw data into a modern computer, I think they said it was entered on punch cards originally. They were shocked to see many errors, errors that made fat look much worse, I heard it on PBS in 2016-17, they even went into who funded the original work insinuating they steered the study, you sure didn't see any retractions though, the original premise still rules most American diets, sad our government sold us out.
  20. Magwa


    Fat is what has kept every group of people alive since the dawn of time without it we would be extinct, the Eskimo's live on it and if you take out all the chemicals from feed and ,steroids and meds they give animals today it is still good for you ... Pemmican is ground up dried buffalo or any meat mixed with whatever berries or nuts you could find and held together in a cake for by Fat! it is what kept the plains indians alive as well as Lewis and Clark etc. remember chewing the chicken leg knuckles off as a kid that stuff is good for you .....
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