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  2. It's a Gen 3, all us peon civilians are allowed in CA, at least for now.
  3. I was looking for assistance & from one link to another found this one.
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  6. Rsquared


    Point on the doll where he touched you.
  7. Hello to everyone here! Feel quit honored to be a part of this forum & have any assistance that I can receive. Recently picked up an older Panther Arms LR243 & have made a few accessory updates but have come to a bit of a snag switching put the original A2 style stock. Looking to go to a carbine length magpul adjustable but had a friend mention to check the buffer weight & spring before making my purchase on a Milspec Magpul Carbine adjustable stock for replacement. Anyone familiar with my apparent dilemma that can steer me in the proper direction?
  8. shepp


    Like at Boy Scout camp?
  9. While I haven't bought that product from Durkin I have purchased AR-15 kits that turned into well working rifles Prompt shipping from them.
  10. @Robocop1051 should have some experience with those proof guys. They do make some nice stuff. Looking forward to watching this build grow.
  11. @Hooch In the bullet dept. I have an unused but opened box of 55 grain Barnes Varmint-aTor bullets for .243. This is a box of 100 projectiles, not loaded bullets. If they interest you send me a PM and we can figure something out.
  12. I stole this from Full30. But, I had to share for @98Z5V
  13. I have no idea about this vendor, I tried a search and had all of 3 entries here. None of the 3 were conclusive. SO, how does this BCG look?: https://www.durkintactical.com/product/ar-308-ar-10-mil-spec-7-62-complete-bolt-carrier-group-nickel-boron/
  14. Awesome stuff thanks. I actually looked at Deadshot for a while building the cannon last year, but backed out for same reason as you... absolutely no reviews out there. I've got a little better budget than the 338 did because I'll have graduated in a month and I'm in no rush to get this done. Ideally I'd like to have a blueprint laid out and some components before Black Friday and the holidays to catch deals. I've always been told that Proof Research is the gold standard for building any precision firearm and they make 2 steel barrels (22 and 24in @ 7.5 twist) and 1 of their notorious carbon fiber barrels (also 22 @ 7.5) Barrel I feel is the foundation, and absolutely no.1 priority obviously for a build like this, the rest is icing on the cake. Anyone have experience making precision gas guns with PROOF? Is it worth the premium price? And is carbon fiber the way to go even though its a throat punch to the wallet 😂? On the reloading side of things. I have reloaded hundred of rounds of 6.5, 25-06, 204, 308, and more but I have never played around with turning necks for the brass. I clearly need to learn if I have any hope of shooting more quality ammo in my 338 cause there's zilch on the shelves. I have looked at people playing with the 115 grain berger VLD with massive success. But most say you need certain materials to reload them I'm unfamiliar with, also those heavier bullets may not want that 7.5 twist. Still looking for suggestions on trigger assembly. Always been a "buy the gun, adjust the stock trigger down, and blame yourself if something went wrong" guy so I've got basically no knowledge on this topic. Happy to hear what you guys like. And finally furniture. adjustable cheek pad and maybe a more vertical, egonomic grip would go a long way in making this rifle that much more fun to shoot so anyone have experience on that front? Thanks again for the help
  15. Hello 98Z5V, do you have any thoughts on this whole thing yet? Interested to hear! Things worked out in my favor and I have the rifle and new barrel in my hands, need to source a gas block and load up some ammo and will be able to shoot it. Haven't ordered the full mass bolt carrier and buffer yet.
  16. I can't say enough positive things about this optic. Not in this lifetime. I think this thing is the most perfectly developed, designed, executed, and shipped fixed 3-power prism scope that's ever been developed. I'm dead serious on that statement. This tiny little thing is completely badass, and really, REALLY works well. If I had to rate it to a 5-star review, and see where it fell in there - I'd give it 7 or 8 stars. Solid little fucker.
  17. Gen 5 barrels, if they'll fit the earlier Gen that you have. The Gen 5 barrels are a big improvement over previous factory barrels. Back in the day, I'd recommend Storm Lake Barrels, but I don't know where they're at now. They got gobbled up by Remington, that bigass company got smashed and spread out, and I think Storm Lake brand went to PSA. Yep, PSA bought them. PSA also owns DC Machine, from way back in the day, and they've made PSA's gun barrels for a long time. I'm not sure, can't prove it, but PSA DID buy Storm Lake Barrels, and I'd wager a very hefty sum that DC Machine is who is making all the Storm Lake barrels now, but just to the Storm Lake prints and proofs. Not sure if I'd go that route, but here's the info on who owns what now. https://www.guns.com/news/2021/08/05/bushmaster-dpms-panther-arms-black-rifle-brands-revived
  18. Nerding out... It isn't a striker fired pistol. It's an internal hammer fired pistol. It has a traditional firing pin rather than a spring loaded striker. I love .22 LRs and .22 LR semi handguns in particular. My first MKII looks just like the above in blued steel. It was a 6&7/8ths bull barreled MKII Government Target model with the air gauged barrel. Mine wears a set of Pachmayer grips without the backstrap panel. It was my second pistol and I purchased it at a shop on Buford Hwy in the Atlanta area and had to go to a branch of the store in Tucker to pick it up. Like yours mine has seen countless bricks of ammo. Sportsman's Authority used to sell Remington Vipers cheaper than cheap by the brick. I'd buy a box of 45 ACP for the 1911 Army (my first pistol) and a brick of .22 LR for the MKII Govt. My second MKII was a standard a couple decades later and my third MKII not long after the standard was a Target with the tapered 6&7/8" barrel. The standard is maybe a little picky but both of the Target guns are exceedingly reliable and not at all ammo sensitive. I always wanted one of the stainless slab sided models and I had two friends with them but I haven't been able to acquire one.
  19. I have a friend who bought one in the black cerakote. He seems to like it although I have not shot it and have not been out to the range while he's had the gun with him. His wife did comment 'cowboy guns were SLOW'. I have two single six revolvers. 1 'blued' bought used and it came with the .22 WMR cylinder only. 1 SS purchased new right before the lockdown with both cylinders. I'm pretty sure either would beat that target. I also have a 6" Stoger SS Luger. It is a safe queen as it's never been very reliable. I had a 'smith' look it over and attempt to make it reliable. As near as I can tell he mostly bent the mag feed lips and dremeled the internals to round off most of the edges and without making it any more reliable.
  20. I'd like to have one of the Springfields. I've got a MKIII Practical BHP with Spegel cocobolo grips and a MKII that was chromed by someone and later gifted to me. I rebuilt the action with a cylinder and slide hammer and sear kit, a MKIII ambi safety, a complete Wolff spring kit, Ahrends grips and a Pachmyer slide stop. As I received the gun it had an aftermarket chrome safety and slide stop, a set of rubber scales and if you pulled the trigger while the safety was on and then took the safety off the hammer would fall to half cock. The mag safety was not present when I received it and I have not replaced it.
  21. Alright, I found a barrel maker already, for 6 Creed gas guns. I don't know anything about this company, so do some research on them https://deadshotbarrels.com/product/ar-10-6mm-creedmoor/ I went through the menu, selected a stainless 18" rifle gas barrel (1:7.5" twist) with a 0.750" gas block diameter, heavy profile, threaded 5/8x24, added the gas tube for another $12, added the steel 0.750" gas block for another $20, and the thing comes up to $297. That's a pretty damned good deal, right there. But, like I said - research the company. Look for reviews. 6 Creed is just necked down 6.5 Creed, which runs the same base diameter at .308 Win, so any .308 AR BCG should have you doing okay, as long as it's a quality BCG. Rainier Arms also has an 18" barrel for $350, heavy fluted, about the same specs, but it's 1:8" twist. They state it's a Match chamber and designed for the 105gr to 108gr heavies. Might work, I don't know. I'd go for a little faster twist rate than 1:8" for this gun. That's the extent of my reasearch, so far. Happy Hunting, and let us know what the thought process is along the way.
  22. Any suggestions or preferences for aftermarket Glock barrels? Yeah, I know but I've got a reason, or three...
  23. Right on!!! You'll be building this one to be a gas gun, too, I'm guessing. Which is cool. Yeah, I caught it - you stated that when I re-read it. Perfect... You reloading yet, or using off-the-shelf ammo? 1k yards would be a cake walk for a 6 Creed, literally. Not even a challenge for that cartridge. 6mm ARC will do the same thing, in a small frame AR - just tossing that out there. So, reloading. First thing is gonna be finding the gas gun barrel. Then, finding the right twist rate in it, to do distance. Some of the heaviest 6mm projectiles you'll find will be in the 108gr range, some out there a few grains heavier, but not by much. Find something with a 7" twist, preferably, or a 7.5" twist at the slowest. That'll get the heavies out there to distance easily. Next thing about the reloading question - .243 Win will do the same thing as 6 Creed, but you're making brass from .308 cases, and turning the necks down. That's an almost unlimited supply of brass, once you find good brass to make it from. Then, there's finding that barrel again... Just to get us started. We can figure out what to do, and how to spend your money -again. Awesome update on the .338 Fed gun, perfect follow-through, all the way. You did it well.
  24. Kids with Fathers will do anything to impress them. Kids without Fathers - turn into criminals. I'm just sayin'...
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