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  2. If your gas block covers the original gas port don't sweat it. Mine did and I just left it alone, no leakage problems at all. That's a great looking build brother!
  3. That's awesome feedback, guys. Thanks so much! I'm happy its working out for you. @Black_Sheep That pink is a pretty color for you. Actually, I'm curious how that works for you. Let me know if it stays where you put it and if it turns to a weird waxy substance after you run it for a while. My experience with a grease is just that. It seems to work well for a while but melts off and flies all over the place. Then as it breaks down it leaves almost like plastic chunks everywhere that is a giant pain to clean. I'd like to hear feedback on your results. Thanks.
  4. As JT said, EASY clean up if the parts are coated with the lube! This stuff just amazes me!
  5. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, I will soak it in Mobil One tonight, meanwhile I took the BCG apart this weekend and put a lot of lube on it. It now works fine with the Brownell and stock DPMS magazines and if I slam the AR Stoner one into it, it will now cycle too. I'm trying to use it for deer hunting among other things this year and I will order a Magpul 5 round magazine and try it. I really appreciate your comments! Thanks!
  6. Hello chads of the 308 forum. I am searching for an unobtanium DD 762lite rail. 9.0 or 12.0 is okay. Just after that look on my 12.5 ar10 build.
  7. …maybe a unicorn? He has a list of what he has available typically.
  8. Sounds like one of those rounds that if you own it….you likely aren’t leaving your brass at the range.
  9. what he said above and get a magpul magazine and try it as well I have the exact same gun it runs flawlessly
  10. I have seen so many guys have issues like this only to ask and see their gun and find out the bolt and inside of upper is dry as the Sahara desert after a 1000 year drought is this you ? is so get yourself some Mobile one synthetic oil 30 or 40 wt and soak your BCG in it for a couple of weeks when you are not shooting stick it in there this oil adheres to the metal and your bcg will become slick and easy to clean main question is yours dry? it should be pretty wet like almost dripping until all the parts can marry up and be happy....
  11. Nope. I don't think I've ever seen a .416 Ruger.
  12. Just don’t feed that stuff to the bats…we got enough Corona issues around here. And dope tends to be a gateway drug.
  13. DNP

    Grange / FFA / 4H

    Here in CA 4-H is essentially run by the universities…hence left of left. FFA is run individually by the high schools and tending to be run by the more conservative types…they often have many battles to fight within their districts. I think we’re going to check out a meeting next month and I might sign up the oldest with Grange.
  14. Thanks for the info & input! Much appreciated.
  15. 3-4 years ago you could get an SKS and case of ammo( 1440 crate) for CAN$500, these days. Now days prices for SKS range from $250 to $500 depending on year and model. Options if you rebarrel, original bolt/extractor, same overall case length 1. .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum 2. .243 Winchester Super Short Magnum 3. .264-25 WSSM 4. .300 Olympic Super Short Magnum 5. .338 AR Short Magnum (ARSM™) 6. .358 BFG (1.625") 7. .458 B&M Super Short 8. .460 Alliance 9. .475 B&M Super Short 10. .50 B&M Super Short 11. .50 Liles 12. .500 Auto Max 13. .500 BAAR If you also modify/rework or replace bolt/extractor there are 368 options. If there is another caliber you're considering ask and i'll check the list, 368 choices are to long to list. The 7.62x39mm is doable if bolt /extractor modified below .25WSSM vs 7.62x39mm case dimension
  16. Springco orange spring and 5.6oz buffer installed. Gas block fully open(15clicks out) 150grain eject but wouldnt pick up next round. Few stove pipes 178grain wont eject at all gb full open. 20in Barrel rifle length gas port is .077 should i enlarge?
  17. Any idea how hot an AR plastic hand guard can go? is 250 deg f too much heat?
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