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  2. I own 2 Rise Armament Triggers and they work very well for me. Nice trigger for the money and excellent customer service. USA Company located in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.
  3. Counting antler points on a critter a few hundred yards out is kinda tough with a peep sight, just saying... 🦌
  4. Which ones did you get - 2 x .308 barrels?
  5. My stripped DPMS lower receiver that I bought in 2010 had a threaded pin for the bolt catch installation. Not long after 2010, SI Defense made alot of money making a higher quality threaded pin to replace the "stock" DPMS one - which were prone to cracking if you over-tightened them. Your giant "reveal" here is not new technology, neither in the threaded pin for the bolt catch, nor the mods that we've been doing for more than 10 years for the takedown pin "mod.". You announced this like it's some great breakthrough - and it's decade-old news, just new to you. Think what you want, but you're not breaking any new news to anyone that's been in this game for more than a minute. Here's a DPMS LR-308 stripped ("K") lower receiver - take a look: You are adamant that this thread is about Aero Precision. Yeah, we all know about Aero Precision, very well, here. However, the technology that you're talking about is WAY BEFORE anything Aero Precision did...
  6. Today
  7. Just pulled the trigger on two of them. zero tax, zero shipping $99.98 for the pair. Worst case I have some barrel grade lathe stock.
  8. buying out all the 49.00 sig barrels this week...
  9. All I did was point out something you said, not accurate. Then you got all elaborate about other stuff that's common knowledge for 10 or more years. Cool. Have a good one.
  10. " the bolt catch that you were referencing is not 4-40, though you stated that. Not true" I guess you have never made any mistakes. Regardless of size the bolt catch is threaded which is much easier than driving in a roll pin. BTW this thread was named AERO PRECISION M5 and my posting was about Aero Precision M5 Lower Receivers. It does not make any difference to me who drills and taps what and when because it is already done on the Aero Precision M5.
  11. He has a hot box of ammo from S&B, and he's chasing ghosts, trying to blame it on hardware. Not the first time there's been a bad batch of ammo from S&B, with the latest we've heard is the 300BLK jackets coming apart in @jtallen83's suppressor. What I gained later was that he has a chrono number, but I asked him if he had chrono numbers on what he was shooting. The chrono number he posted was pretty low, for a 140gr 6.5C load - barely middle of the road on powder charge will yeild a velocity number like what he stated. And that chrono number he stated, if real, was 700 or 800 rounds ago, as the info came out from him later. If he's smart, he'll save some of that ammo that's puncturing primers, and run it through a chrono. 300 feet, 1600 feet - not gonna make the difference he's talking about. We had guns and ammo from sea level (Boston, Mass) shooting at 4600 feet (SV, AZ) with zero issues and no punctured primers.... It's not the elevation, it's not the BCG or firing pin protrusion - the BCG and firing pin protrusion have been teh same this whole time. It's the bad box of hot ammo from S&B, but the OP doesn't wanna hear that. Now, he'll argue his 1/4 MOA adjustments again, on his mil-reticle scope, tout how superior his "finer" adjustments are - while he sets his digital speedometer in his car to km/h, converts in his head as he drives, just to "stay sharp" on his conversions. He probably uses nothing but metric tools on all his standard hardware, and does the math in his head before he works, just to keep his edge... My $0.02 on all this mess... He has a hot box of ammo, and doesn't wanna admit it. He wants to find a problem with the gun to explain it. It's the same ammo. It's not the same lot number over 700~800 rounds, unless he bought a few cases at the same time. Even if it's the same lot # - he's shooting a hot box of ammo...
  12. Saw it. Saw the super elaborate photo and spreadsheet too. My interpretation of what he has said is that he was shooting a batch of 120 from the same lot and that the last 8 rounds punched 4 primers. The statement about shooting many of the rounds through various rifles is referring to his general use of the round and it has been consistently good for him on other rifles in the past. I pick up a hint of distaste for the ToolCraft BCG that was recommended to him and sense that he is pretty sure it’s the main culprit. I could be wrong, this was just a recap of my perception of the posts.
  13. that meme is like every bday and cmas card i send with a squirrel attached!πŸ‘πŸ»
  14. Hit that one above... ^^^ This is the same guy that talks about the superfine 1/4 MOA adjustments that are superior when using a mil-dot reticle.
  15. Also, says this, brother...
  16. Says all same lot in the initial post.
  17. so now im a one legged scarlet.. you sir are after the wrong joe! I have no red hairs ish.. πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜‚
  18. My JD was threaded and set up to take the Bolt Catch screw for the rear takedown. Don’t know what the thread pitch was, but it was nice not having to tap it. I had a cheap tap break off in an AR15 receiver once and had to go back to chemistry school to learn how to dissolve the tap that was left in the receiver.
  19. It IS a word, brother!!! All PNW people say "BOLTH" when they're talking about the two of them... I gave my girl and her two kids hell about that for 10 years, whenever they'd speak...
  20. If you would have answered my previous question, I'd probably have an answer for you already. SAME LOT NUMBER ON ALL AMMO, OR NOT?... Hopefully, you saw it that time...
  21. Then post your tests and verification. Post your empirical evidence, Jack. Post your proof. Show me the money, post your data. I'm sure Hornady will want to talk to you about it, too.
  22. Not IMHO, tested and verified, its NO BS, Facts jack. Granted the error margin is smaller for the ELD but if you shoot Hornady white tail the SP tips which obturate at 7KPSI. the accuracy is around 7 MOA instead of sub MOA. QED Questions yes, yes. So if the muzzle velocity and resultant change in pressure is not that sensitive to that small of an altitude change then what is causing the primer punch. Probably fired maybe 700 to 800 of these in various rifles with no problems until now.
  23. ^^^ My brother is SO PNW it's not even funny... Once he falls over, it's gonna take BOLTH of us to get him back up...
  24. Thanks for the info - I don't even know how many AP receiver sets I have, I'd seriously have to get the guns out and count them. What I was stating was pretty simple - #1, the bolt catch that you were referencing is not 4-40, though you stated that. Not true. #2, you can do this to ANY AR lower, no matter large or small. I was stating how to do it with a 4-40 tap, or with a 6-32 tap if 4-40 set screws aren't available to you... You seem to be confused, telling me all about the AP lower you got. We were drilling and tapping these things 10 or more years ago - and finally a company came on board and started tapping them before any of you even received them, tapping them right from the factory... That make sense now?...
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