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  2. Won't matter much where they came from, Cliff - .308AR rifle buffers (DPMS-based and Armalite-based) are 5.200" long and weigh 5.4oz. The rifle receiver extension is 9 11/16" internal depth - it's the same extension used in AR15 rifle-stocked guns. Companies don't mess that up too often, but we've seen one or two here that didn't hit those numbers. It's an oddity, not common.
  3. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    How could you possibly ask that? You know...even though we credit evolution as the existence of all, we still have to treat all other creatures on this planet like “we” stole “their” habitat. Which is it? Are we all here from the same amoeba or not? Sorry some of the delicious animals didn’t take the same steps we did. I guess we were meant to be above them in the ever evolving ecosystem we live in now.
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  6. I'm up to 4 PA-10 builds at this point with zero function issues with any of them. Among the first was the rifle pictured below. I didn't try to run any of them with the 6 position stock and buffer system PA supplied, all of them got A2 stocks and the buffer/spring shown. I did all this WAY before finding this sight, so pretty much it's like the blind squirrel who found a nut. I've ran half a dozen factory and Military loads thru the one in the pic, which is my personal weapon and taken out West every Fall Elk hunting. It's a 14.7" barrel (released only once by PA far as I know) as I'm been looking for them to do that again and to date haven't seen any made available. I settled on 175 grain Barnes bullets back by 42 grains of Varget (going from memory here) or something close to that. I throws the brass very consistently and no witness marks showing that it needs any shimming or other buffer system or gas feed hole modifications. As far as accuracy goes it's better it's very acceptable for this type of weapon. 100 yard groups will go under an 1" and 300 yard groups fired like I'm hunting with it hover around 3-5" without much effort from me. It doesn't do as well with a some of the commercial ammo, sort of liked Winchester 150 grain soft points but not very fond of some Fusion loads I ran thru it. It actually shot just a tad better with some old 150 grain Sierra bullets I had left over from reloading for my 30-06 back in the 80's-90's pushed by some pretty old IMR-4320 in new Winchester cases, but I settled on the heavier Barnes bullets since it's pretty much a dedicated out West hunting rifle. Just my experience with this platform. I'm not completely sure where I sourced the buffer and buffer spring for the A2 stock conversion but I'll look into that a little further and see if I can find out what they are and where I sourced them from?.........Cliff
  7. washguy


    Doc...if that's lunch...whats for dinner? Wash
  8. That's a pretty damn great job, with that ammo, at 750 yards - well done. It's tough to get a 150-ish grain projectile out that far, with no wind, let along 2.5 MOA wind hold. Well done.
  9. They likely consider 308 to be hunting ammo. I doubt if they will carry 7.62x51 though.
  10. Nice shooting regardless of the rifle.
  11. Here was today's lunch during the cooking. And before the feast.
  12. So I took it out again today. 750 yards verified with rangefinder. I didn’t have any match ammo, so I decided to just have some fun and see what happens after my family/friends shot their rifles. 7 shots out of 20 on target using aguilla .308 and military surplus 7.62x51. 10 of each. Wind was heavy to the right so I it was about 2.5 moa of correction for wind drift. 7th shot isn’t circled but is located bottom right of target. This is a 10 inch steel plate. Considering it’s a 500 dollar rifle shooting the cheapest ammo there is I think I got a hummer. This is my second time shooting long distance. First time was my last post. I’d say I’m doing pretty decent for a newbie, and the rifles doing really well especially considering the cost. This is still the factory rifle setup as well, I haven’t changed the buffer assembly, trigger, or anything yet.
  13. Went to the WallyWorld superstore in the old neighborhood and picked up a couple boxes of rifle ammo. They started their price drop ! $9.97 for 20 rds instead of $13.97 Talked to the lady who runs the department. She said " They will have the sale price untill it's all gone " Also stated WalMart will keep hunting rifle ammo and shotgun ammo. All handgun and MSR ammo will be gone.
  14. I didn't shoot the 308 before opening it up, but I did the 223's. .078 (5/64") seems good for both. Put an adjustable on the 308, low price/profiles on the 223's, all running great. Solid carbide 5/64" end mill just showed up, have a couple more to do when I get energetic.
  15. how about close ups of the area milled?
  16. Yes sir, that is true for now. Colt has never had an easy time of it. They do have a fascinating history as a company, and even before Colt was a company. I may dust off a corner of my book shelf and read up some more, but I recall, and I'm working on my first cup of Joe, reading several sections of books on Samuel Colt. From his whittling a wooden model of a cylinder while a youngster out at sea, to traveling the world pursuing his dream. COLT was not always that monolith we have come to assume it is or was. It was created by a bad boy who had a habit of getting in trouble. Sound like anyone you know? I wasn't a bad boy in school, well intentionally anyhow, they bored me to death. You can't tie down youthful energy, you can drug these kids but youth must prevail. Anyway Colt was built and guided by a highly energetic man. A creator. I don't see anything like him today at the helm. BTW, I think Colt bought the modern rifle design from Armalite in 1954--6 ? Not selling to civvies? They're not selling period. There are way too many manufacturers as is. Sorry OP, I didn't mean to go too far adrift.
  17. I am trying but it gets halfway uploaded and stops and I get a black triangle that says 200 and upload fails
  18. I had .073 on a 7.62x51 marked barrel and it runs great. Made the measurement with chineseum calipers using chineseum number bits for a gauge. Calipers were accurate into the 4th decimal point last I checked them on a standard. Odd, now we have two different factory gas port sizes and two different gas tube lengths.
  19. Finished the build last night. Black & Red color scheme with no frills. Spent a whopping $173 on the build .... But I had a lots of parts from my parts bin 😊 Just need to get a cheap scope from Amazon. Will take a picture later.
  20. I am half a bottle deep of maker's and my wife sent me to the couch because football was too loud.
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