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  2. Yo from Alabama. Good to hear from someone that has the drive to do some research themselves rather than want info spoon fed. Stick around get to know some of the regulars they are a hoot.
  3. Today
  4. Welcome from KY. Nice rifle.
  5. Here's the Dana White interview after the fight tonight:
  6. UFC 254 tonight - Khabib retired after the fight. Unreal 29-0 record, only lost one round in his entire career. It was nuts tonight, incredible fight. Then, the retirement announcement. Wow...
  7. Welcome aboard, man - GREAT intro!
  8. Starve a cold, feed a fever. I know I had this shiit in January, but I'm not getting tested for antibodies, just so they can add another "positive test" to their BS counts. I was over it in 3 days, never missed work. 2 of those days were the weekend. Fuk COVID.
  9. Sweet! I love it when a plan comes together!
  10. Carbine Recoil System - the depth is right on the extension, so hang on to that part. Buffer is too light, needs to be close to 5.4oz, and the spring needs to go. The spring of choice would be the Sprinco Orange spring - it's made specifically for these 7" .308AR carbine recoil systems. KAK make a stainless-bodied buffer that weighs 5.3oz, and that's close enough.
  11. welcome from oregon, nice looking rifle
  12. take cool shower or bath, get the temp down.
  13. I hope it isn't covid, and just a bug, that you get over quickly.
  14. Welcome to the forum and thank you for posting a picture of your rifle.. Gun porn is always welcome.
  15. I've never had an issue with my Rock River LAR8 with any ammo including milsurp 762. Like suggested, lube it and shoot what it likes before going back to the other.
  16. I don't have the loss of smell or taste and no chest congestion. but i got a headache like never had before. it's been a very long time since i run this high of fever. guess i need to get off here, the screen hurts to look at it. ya'll have a good night.
  17. All that porn you look at have you a virus. Seriously, hope you get better soon. If you have a bad headache, lose sense of smell or taste, stay away from your wife. I know she doesn't need any more misery. Get well soon and hope it's just a cold.
  18. Here’s my AP M5 308, pretty basic rifle but fills the role I have in mind pretty well. I’ve swapped the Leupold Vari-x II 3-9x50mm for a VX2 2-7x33mm since it seems to fit my uses better. I’ve also got an ATN X-Sight Gen 1 I plan to use on it some that’s served me well on my 5.56 rifles.
  19. Runnin 101 fever now and feel like crap.
  20. Ran across this site back in 2015 while researching parts to build out my Aero Precision M5 receiver set. The wealth of wisdom here resulted in my sticking with all parts from AP/Ballistic Advantage and going with an A2 length receiver extension and fixed stock along with 20” barrel and rifle length gas system. Originally built it as a hog and deer hunting rifle and wanted a very reliable rig, which is what I got from following the advice others were given here. I’ve been lurking here reading more and more over the last 7 months to a year and finally decided to join. I’ve been a hunter and gun enthusiast since I was a child and shot some competitions while in jr high and high school. I got into building and shooting small frame AR rifles back around 2009 and have been hooked ever since, eventually after playing with 450BM and a few other small frame alternative cartridges friends had I decided I would be better off with a large frame AR as a dedicated hunting rig in either 308 or 7mm-08.
  21. Ok for those that do not know night force is made here in Idaho just down the street from me they bought Horus reticle and their company so what did they do well Night force is now making scopes with the reticle and they have a new package the **NEW** HoVR™ 5-20 x 50 with TREMOR5, Laser Range Finder & Weather Meter Bundle for $1599.00 you get the scope range finder and weather meter bundle and it works off a app on your phone check it out.. here https://shop.horusvision.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=71
  22. Yesterday
  23. I installed a quad rail on my panther arms DPMS AR-10 and need to torque the barrel nut now but can’t find any tool to fit the nut mine has a regular style nut it doesn’t have a place for a regular AR wrench to go in to looks like you would have to use a regular style wrench end with a place to put a torque wrench into anyone know where I might get one of these ???
  24. A new fireplace. Holy crap these things are pricey. Fireplace Xtrordinair 42 Apex with the Timberline Face. Fancy.
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