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  2. shits is contagious:
  3. Noveske is a sinking ship. BCM even makes MLOK now. They were the originators and driving force behind Keymod. It will die with their absence. Magpul is an industry elite. Their involvement was as good as signing a death warrant for Keymod.
  4. That's nothing but the truth there brother. And I was a tier 1 Armalite fanboy for years. I'm glad that I built up all of my 10B's when I did.
  5. Would not surprise me if they eventually moved everything there. Different company then four years ago.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Strategic Armory bought them several years ago now so technically they have been run from there since then. They started downsizing almost immediately. Have'nt heard of production moved there, be interesting to see the postmark on the next order.
  8. Well guess I was being optimistic. The trigger reaction rod and pins were 50 miles away on Thursday. Then they shipped 'em 275 miles further away to Seattle. And it was also wishful thinking that I would get a package from PTG in Southern Oregon up here to Eastern Washington in 4 days. I'm getting' antsy. Slightly off subject I just looked at another guys pictures in his build thread and I have to say you guys ain't getting nothing like that. I'm no photographer, and I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night neither. Anyone of you gents have a Trijicon VCOG on your .308? I think that's what I'm going to save up for. I had an AGOG 3.5x35 TA11MGO and loved it, but I think I'd like the ability to go down to 1x.
  9. This guy never come back? Or do I have to look elsewhere to see what the weight ended up being and his first shots?
  10. Key mod
  11. Way sharper angle on the PA ports. the machine work on the MBM is beautiful and ill probably have it milled for a "seamless" match with the barrel at some point.
  12. Welcome to the forum feel free to tell us about yourself in the intro section
  13. This a Christensen Arms Carbon Fiber hand guard with barrel not and wrench head to fit. This was never used since I purchased it and didn't realize it was only Armalite compatible . $+175.00
  14. Hi Folks, I am looking for the best chrome silicon spring out there for my ArmaLite AR-10A4 with 20" barrel and rifle-length receiver extension/A2 stock. I know the ArmaLite one is good, but it is made out of stainless steel and therefore can take a set and become unreliable after a few thousand rounds. I have been running a Tubbs chrome-silicon flat-wire buffer spring in this rifle for 7 years with excellent performance, but Tubbs doesn't make their springs from chrome silicon anymore, and I also have learned that flat-wire springs put a LOT more stress on the buffer detent when you remove the buffer and spring from the receiver extension than round-wire springs do, and I am hoping to move to a round-wire spring. It seems that in the 8 years I have had my ArmaLite, everyone has gone to only caring about collapsible stock weapons, and while Springco makes a spring for .308 AR platforms, their RED spring is only for carbine receiver extensions, and I am not interested in "tweaking recipes." I only want a spring that is specifically designed for a .308 AR with a rifle length receiver extension, and well-made of chrome silicon. The only item I have found that may match this is this one: https://www.bangswitchparts.com/products/ar10/buffer-spring-lr-308-rifle-chrome-silicon/ However, the suspiciously-low price and fact that they don't list a manufacturer makes me a little wary of this one. Does anyone have experience with it? I look forward to hearing what folks think are the best (if one does exist) options for a chrome silicon round-wire buffer spring for a properly-gassed 20" AR-10 with a rifle-length receiver extension. Thanks in advance!
  15. Check out MTT. Marine Turbine Technologies. They build a twin turbine engined swamp boat that goes 100 mph on wet grass! They put turbine engines in any and everything you can imagine. Cars, trucks, boats, even motorcycles! Heck, they made a 100 ft cigarette boat that goes 100mph! http://marineturbine.com/
  16. God bless that bad motherfuker. Holy $hit.
  17. I just checked Armalite's new website and their address is now in Arizona? I guess Illinois gun laws finally got to them. No mention of their move on the website. Www.armalite.com
  18. I got the smaller and the large one. Black blade Green handle. Damn nice knives. FDE blade is sweet.
  19. That's what im thinking...all those folks shot up and nothing in the way of any practical facts on anything...WOW....and yes the news cycle has moved on...case closed bada bing Wash
  20. Sawman speaks.
  21. ex Navy airdale, but that's funny
  22. Hahaha
  23. I love the sound of horsepower. first car was 64' Chevelle 6 cyl.
  24. Racoons are a pain. Good job!
  25. Way to go brother ! that's what I call "taking care of business" Wash
  26. Shepp now that's what im talkin bout..its like those ive been in....reasonable hp and a buttload of fun! save the 1000 hp for something else ....lol Wash
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