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  1. Today
  2. New here and a couple questions..

  3. New here and a couple questions..

    "Honey I screwed up...and I'll never get what I paid. I'll just slowly (over the next week or two) gather parts for each of them. As a bonus, I'll get to see which one I really like better...so I know what to base the 3rd one on."
  4. New here and a couple questions..

    Yeah, I have to admit too, I was thinking the same thing. Already on the notification list when Armalite has the 20" uppers back in stock, and lord knows the DPMS lowers are plentiful on Gunbroker...
  5. New here and a couple questions..

    I have to admit… I was thinking the same thing
  6. What did do today on your loading bench !

    not at the bench yet but not wasting time on my ass trying to recover the leg.. 8lbs per bucket and then sum.. id guess 40 lbs of .45 deprimed ready to tumble..👍gonna be a hefty bill to reload all that!
  7. New here and a couple questions..

    Genius move! Now you get to build TWO rifles! I love it.
  8. Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    Ps. The DD Mk18 comes in a complete upper. It’s practically perfect right out of the box. BCM makes a comparable 10.5” with their Alpha rail.
  9. Building a 5.56 Patrol Carbine for the Wife

    I like her style
  10. AI Mini Drones now Reality, Good or NOT

    a flip answer.. emp would wound our troops in shithole countries...
  11. New here and a couple questions..

    my 2 cents dpms would be easier to find.. but many here are great enablers abroad! and slightly cheeper? Are you capable of swaping parts yourself or know a gunsmith?
  12. And boy is my face red. Should have read a lot here before jumping in but - bought an AR-10B lower. Then bought a DPMS upper. Imagine my surprise when I went to introduce them to each other. Now, in defense of both sellers - they clearly indicated what they had, even stating the upper was DPMS compatible. I blame myself for not pulling my head out of my butt and thinking about that words actually have meaning. So - my issue. Does it make more sense to find an AR-10B compatible upper, or get a DPMS compatible lower...? I am not a hard-core user BTW - this gun will just be used for fun shooting... and if the consensus is to stay with the AR-10B, any references for a good source for the upper. (Reasonably priced pleased - is under $450 possible?) Thank you for any input...
  13. 7MM-08 cycling issues

    Yall remember the post I made bout shooting my new airweight in my apartment room.... Telephone book against wall me in shorts against opposite wall gun between knees... Steady aim... Pow... Ouch something hot on inner thigh..... Missed phone book high.... Hit stud... Right back to my leg. Now thats funny... Effin 38 didn't even break my skin... Now the 41 mag rebounding off the dumpster drew blood on the ear lobe... Between those and the home invasion... And the drag boat crash.... 9 lives are running out Wash

    IMI treated me right when I did get a bad batch. Midway came through eventually. The replacement ammo IMI sent was good stuff. I notice Midway removed my review and at least one other that warned of blown primers, there are two that warm of short strokes and squibs though.

    Damn that's tempting, I just spent a bunch of money on pistol magazines.
  16. Football

    AS of late I hate the queens more than the bears and that’s a lot to say as a packers fan. I’ll be rooting for the eagles, I can’t believe Somone gave them the hiemlic after choking so bad, I mean they were flat lining purple in the face!!! Jax can beat NE but they won’t
  17. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    and from the vet thank you! we will celebrate in your honor..and shared misery!
  18. Cheek riser (review)

    LOL. It’s nothing to get too excited about. I picked it up in a trade, to cover money owed. My dad has been using it for range play.I have slowly been biding my time to upgrade it at a later date.
  19. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    The misery my bank account feels enjoys the company! Besides, the money spent will be long forgotten when the primers are struck.
  20. Rural driveway alarm

    I wouldn't put details of whatever security system you pick on a public forum, just my advice. Just a couple of suggestions: If you can, set it up so that you have two DVRs recording the cameras, one on site and one via internet or even better wireless cellular transmitter off site. That way you have images even if the home DVR is found and destroyed. Second, also think a separate motion detection/glass breakage/door alarm system with a 24 hour monitoring switch board. Set it up that one system covers and protects the other. No professional will chance being detected AND having their picture taken. They know they only have a few minutes to get in and out, not enough time to find the DVR, pull the chip, and take much. You will be left with the dumb ones and the meth heads, and few of them are safe crackers. Robo's idea of WIFI repeaters is an excellent one, and try to have a motion activated camera set up that can catch the license plates of any cars coming or going, and don't scrimp on the quality of the equipment. I also have a bunch of game cams set up around my place as well that have come in useful. Think overlapping layers of protection. I hate surprises.

    Anyone willing to take the chance on this stuff? $110 for 450 rounds. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/406716/imi-ammunition-556x45mm-55-grain-m193-full-metal-jacket-boat-tail-box-of-450-15-boxes-of-30
  22. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    well i guess thanks for spending my $ is in order!
  23. Cheek riser (review)

    Why are you surprised someone owns an Armalite AR 10 .
  24. Federal XM80 at 50 cents a Round!

    I can barely load some .308 Win range ammo for 50 cents a round. Buying this is a labor-free operation. 25 cents per Hornady 150gr FMJBT projectile, 19 cents worth of RL15 powder, and 3.2 cents for a large rifle primer.
  25. Cheek riser (review)

    I caught that statement from him, too, but I didn't say anything or highlight that fact. I figured you'd see this and give him some shiit over it. Which he deserves.
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