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  2. Just a quick note to say Hello. Found your community after searching for some info on a Aero M5 build. Do far more reading than posting than posting but will add my 2¢ on occasion. Unamed_
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  4. So very sorry to hear this Mike The world is a better place because of men like him
  5. You might enjoy this picture, it's @blue109 and @Rsquared from the 2019 Fallshoot
  6. Sometimes the animal doesn't wait for you to get a shot off.
  7. The buck might have tried a different approach if he had used doe scent... mind you I don't think that experience would have been any less pleasent
  8. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-59913513 Here's a bit more detail about the attack and what happened to the pirates.
  9. It will be more than just you two getting fukked... One thing that doesn't seem to get much discussion is the tax revenue generated by gas and oil. The taxes paid at the pump go towards to more than roads,the largest and most common diversions, found in 20 states, are those to transit and active transportation (pedestrian and bicycle projects).Ten states divert a portion of their gas tax revenue to law enforcement and safety services. The 10 states diverting the largest percentage of their gas tax money: New York diverts 37.5% of its gas tax revenue, Rhode Island diverts 37.1%, New Jersey and Michigan divert 33.9%, Maryland diverts 32.5%, Connecticut diverts 27%, Texas diverts 24%, Massachusetts diverts 23.9%, Florida diverts 13.6% and Vermont diverts 13.2%. So where is government going to make up the lost revenue?
  10. Thanks for Reply 98z5v.... Yes, I agree and understand your info. I had learned to do this before I had purchased my No-Go gauge. My Delimna: I have two bolt carriers now. The one I have been using perfectly satisfies the Go and NO Go with this new barrel chamber. The other new Bolt Carrier of mine I have never used, but it Failed my No-Go gauge test by .002. This sucks because this particular bolt has a Small Diameter pin which would be “perfect” for this Lapua Palma brass I’m planning on using. I’m not about using this small primer small flashhole brass for Supreme 1000 yard shots, but only because just before I bought the brass, all I could find was the small primers. Now since I’ve already purchased the Severly spendy brass, other normal primers have popped up available and I say “Ohh Damn, I just blew a lot of extra money I didn’t need to!” Since I did though, I kind of am excited to use this new brass with either bolt but the one that might be advantageous for a a small primer, having a small firing pin, happens to Headspace to big. I suppose if I just necked sized on that special brass I could mitigate the effects of the .002 extra stretch which will happen on this brass if I use the “bad” bolt. I did make a fairly accurate comparator and have been using that and since I have bought the No-go, I’ve discovered that I was .0015 off of being exact with my comparator. No big deal I just add that to my readings now. If it were any other brass I wouldn’t care so much and I would just discover what’s gonna happen after I shoot and reload like your suggested method. I did send a request to exchange the no-go failure bolt but I kinda of doubt I will get a reply. My logic is telling me that probably F/L resizing the body of the brass probably contributes more to Brass growth than having a bolt .002 out of spec.
  11. LOL, yep, the regular 30 round stick mags for them are almost as expensive as the drum.
  12. shepp


    Post Covid I’ve had little to no appetite, and super tried all I did last week was work and sleep today I went to the store on a mission to make a good dinner, and I remembered I had this meat loaf recipe I’ve been wanting to try. IMG_3365.MOV
  13. Once you fire a brand new piece of brass, it's now fire-formed to your chamber. Measure the length of it, fired. Use comparator gauges, and check the length, against the shoulder. Set your dies up so that you bump the shoulder either only 0.002" or 0.003" back from the fired length. You'll never, ever have a problem.
  14. You can try WMD Guns. I know that they'll NiB coat parts for you, at least they did in the past, before they got huge. I don't know of a company that just does the QPQ/Salt bath nitride for people... It's worth calling them and seeing. If they don't do it, they'll either tell you who does, or tell you to go to hell...
  15. Very sorry to hear, Prayers sent.
  16. Mike sorry he won’t be in your life any more, but glad you had him as long as you did. Toughest part about this age is saying goodbye to our loved ones.
  17. Hey Mac, those little guys are tough. My sister had two. Male was “Diesel” and the name fit. Stay safe, stay invisible.
  18. Sorry for your loss Mike. He is in a better place and not suffering now.
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  20. if the bolt will not go far enough to the rear and you have the proper buffer, than your( a AR 5.56 sp ring? ) spring is to long, i had same thing with a lr308 build, i cut my spring to just under ten inches and it works as advertised
  21. 😂 kinda maybe I most certainly couldn't keep a straight face while typing it 🤣
  22. I'm sincerely sorry to here this, Mike. His pain is over now, and he is peaceful, traveling forward from this point. Call me, brother, if you want to.
  23. Sorry for your loss brother. You did him well being there by his side.
  24. Yup, he said it and didn't bat an eye as he typed it
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