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  2. Happy birthday Canada cheers 🍻🍻🍻🇨🇦
  3. Today
  4. https://nautiluslive.org/live/quad When they are live and diving you can send questions to the project Some earliers dives https://nautiluslive.org/gallery?field_topics_target_id=16 maritme wrecks https://nautiluslive.org/gallery?field_topics_target_id=40 octopus and squid https://nautiluslive.org/gallery?field_topics_target_id=28 hydrothermal vents https://nautiluslive.org/gallery?field_topics_target_id=721 whale fall( whale graveyard) https://nautiluslive.org/photos-videos gallery of videos including staff picks
  5. Happy Birthday Canada and early birthday wish to my American brothers and sisters. 'cause a beaver is overkill..
  6. Yesterday
  7. I figure the 11.75 will work fine. I ordered one last night
  8. Sidetracked is still better than a trainwreck.
  9. Yep that one is too long.
  10. @dpetehahahahahahah. That is true! I would say it got sidetracked but veering back kinda hahah.
  11. It extends past the cut out.
  12. Can we call this thread officially hijacked yet?
  13. Naaaa, thats a visual image! The mental image is what it would be like and how it would feel getting all slippery slidey with her! 😛
  14. Sisco


    Rebuilt the cabin of a sailboat that was blown off it’s crib, so I have some experience. My shooting buddy has rebuilt a fiberglass boat that was capsized in a Pacific storm, and had the cabin above hull level sheared off and he will be helping me.
  15. Sisco


    Vented and tested to extreme temps-not an issue especially on a lake where the average temperature in the middle is 44F in July. http://atlinc.com/marine.html
  16. Pre-ordered the AEM5-30 thru Capitol Armory late March of 2021. Cleared F3 late January of this year, been pending since early February. It’s the chubby guy on the left:
  17. I got in on some fiberglass fabrication for a winter once, guy was trying to make sidecars and trailers for bikes, good skill to have for sure......... but doubt I'd volunteer to help though
  18. Good dog! CWD is beyond awful. My sister in law had a family friend pass from Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), no treatment or cure. The power of a dog's nose is unbelievable. This is another recent testament to it... https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2022/06/03/study-dogs-better-detecting-covid-pcr-tests/7496344001/
  19. https://www.whiskeyriff.com/2022/06/29/badss-bald-eagle-floats-massive-muskie-all-the-way-to-the-shore/
  20. @Armed Eye Docawesome thank you! Will do. @dpetemakes sene! Hahaha definitely created an image. Not exactly as @98Z5Vposted but along those lines but similar for sure haha. just reading the progression of that made me laugh like crazy.
  21. Pics would help. Install gas block and tube w/o the BCG and take a picture looking up from the mag well. Where in the cam cutout does the gas block end?
  22. Working on my build and time to install the gas block and tube. Put everything in place tried the charging handle and bcg and Houston we have a problem!!! BCG won’t go into battery and long story short pulled the gas block and tube, bcg locked right up. My conclusion the 121/8 gas tube is to long for my set up probably need an 11.75 AR15 gas tube.
  23. Interesting that you got one - how long has it been on order?
  24. 16” Douglas 308WIN barrel. KAC E3 gas system (13.125” gas tube) .750” journal. Had Compass Lake drill a .086 gas port. Should be slightly over gassed? Running a Superlative AGB. Haven’t shot it yet. Kinda waiting on the AEM5-30 to clear.
  25. 98Z5V


    Bladders blow when they get too hot - been there.
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