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  2. Yeah it seems stupidity doesn't recognize boarders and by that I mean the idiots that support AOC and her ilk. At least you have 2A written by some people that believed that government is supposed to answer to and serve the people not the other way around. Notice how the antis never want to discuss Switzerland with all it's guns or how there is no correlation between number of guns and gun crime.
  3. Mine isn't - and your bedroom in Casa De Pain is open...
  4. I cant wait to have more time to shoot and hit as far possible.. my range is under snow.
  5. Okay, I'll take that. You need a scope level, then,since this is give-and take... I won't stop nagging until I see one on your rifle. Brace yourself for "bitchy-voice..."
  6. Relationships have to be balanced by give-and-take. You can't have dibs on being the big spoon AND being right all the time. Gotta pick one. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying, or gayer than drinking unicorn spunk.
  7. Now you're engaging in Age-Discrimination, just because you're younger. This is why we can't have nice things...
  8. Let's be real here.... You have a 2-second attention span. "Old stuff" is usually from a conversation about 30 seconds prior.
  9. Why are you always bringin' up old stuff?!
  10. As soon as you take care of what needs to be done, I'll find something else to nag you about sweetie...
  11. That's a HUGE PLUS, because @unforgiven is FAR from house-broken...
  12. I knew you'd find an angle, inside this discussion!...
  13. Add that to the list of reasons you need to get into the suppressor game. That list is now a volume thicker than the unabridged large print version of War & Peace.
  14. Same exact thing down here, brother. Same fukking thing. It's a matter of time, before they start that here - but our Dems currently have their hands full by getting their asses handed to them on this "Collusion" thing that just smoked them. Oh, and trying to reign in AOC, who is outta control...
  15. Scope levels. You cannot fuk that up at distance. Flat-range distance shooters have an advantage, because target frames are square. You can square up your reticle with the target frame. That's not happening, out in the dirt. You need to have the scope leveled to the rifle, and you need a reference to level the gun - out in the dirt. You can get by at 800 yards-ish. Beyond that, if you're looking at a cactus as a vertical reference point to level your scope - that bastard is probably growing up crooked. And, you'll miss. You cant that rifle off-vertical by even a couple degrees, and you'll see a dirt-clod hop up beside your target, instead of see it swing (and you'll see it swing at 800 well before you'll hear the hit). At 1k and 1100, we couldn't hear the hits, not with earplugs in - we had to go by whether it was swinging or not. If you aren't level, you will probably miss.
  16. Today
  17. Your instructors might have sucked!... This .260 is solidified as one of my primary "distance guns" now. It's proven itself. I knew it was going to happen, anyway, and I set it up that way. I now have three primary "distance guns," with this one. Here they are, top to bottom, .260 Rem AR, Rem 700 AAC-SD (20" heavy barrel, 1:10" twist, and a bunch of other stuff) and the Rem 700 .300 Win Mag (26" heavy barrel, and bone stock besides glass). <<< That thing is gonna be changing, too. It needs a Timney trigger and a detachable mag setup - but I'm not changing the Bell & Carlson M40 stock. Here's the bitches: Those are all set up for me. Those two 700s have identical eye relief in the scopes, and the .308 is spaced on the stock for an identical length of pull for me. From the eyepiece back to the end of the buttstock, they're twins. The .260 has the scope set a little further back on it, because it's an AR, but the length of pull is set further back on the stock - LOP to eyepiece is the same on all three. What else is similar on those three guns?...
  18. You mentioned taking it to Alaska and it's going to "take a beating". For sure I'd install a free float rail system to you can install accessories, including a front sight. I take my 308-AR Elk hunting and although it's outfitted with a good scope and mount, I take along an A2 carry handle and matching front sight, just in case I accidentally amputate the scope on a rock during a hard fall. This actually happened to a member of our hunting party a few years ago. We were at a "drop camp" for a week and early in the hunt he fell and destroyed his scope. His rifle wasn't equipped with back-up iron sights so it pretty much ruined a very expensive hunt for him. Back then I carried a Marlin model 1895 in 45/70 with a 1-4 Leupold scope but left the iron sights on it. These days I use my 308-AR and can remove the scope and install the sights in seconds. You will also loose your sling swivel with most replacement set-ups, but with a rail system it's pretty easy to put one on it. Below are pics of my 450 Bushmaster, with the ugly factory free float tube, then the replacement USA made free float hand guard I replaced it with. There are a LOT of offerings out there, and most came with a new matching barrel nut.......Cliff
  19. I took a class on reading wind as mirage. It was taught by a gorilla and a redneck. Funny thing was I remember it well and can still judge wind through the scope!
  20. Interesting, that you brought it up. GP Johns 6.5 Creed. I had my dope on the .260. I asked him to get me his load info before the shoot. He didn't, and I didn't bug him. He was busy running the shop, and mounting and leveling his scope on Saturday. So, okay... I didn't make an initial dope chart for him. The .260 and 6.5C are close, almost enough to be ballistic twins, some say - but that didn't work out, on Sunday. I was 6.5 mils of drop on the 850. He was another 2.0 mils (8.5 mils) of drop on the 850. He was also shooting 140gr factory loads - I'm shooting 147gr hands loads jamming 2650fps. If was different for both of us. Once I confirmed he was 2.0 mils different on the 850, I guess-timated for him on the 1k and 1100, adding 2-ish mils to my drop info, and spotting for him. He got on - he hit them, too. He logged his hits, and drop info, but we need to confirm that on a no-wind day to rely on it. Dial-Fire-Bang. 1 MOA at 1,100 would be 11.517". That's an 18" wide target, 26" tall.
  21. The question is answered. I just didn't want you to buy something that didn't work.
  22. t They were in target, but at different times. I'd take 5 shots at that 1,100, then move to the 850 for 5 more - then spot GP John on the 500, then spot again at 1,000 for him. It wasn't consistent shot after shot on that. We had the targets out there, and we moved to each, alot. Everytime you went back to one, it was slightly different, so you had to start the process all over again. Settle, set NPOA, confirm NPOA, read wind, dial, confirm level, reacquire... Fire. As soon as you saw an impact or a dirt burst, you knew what was up - second shot was usually right on, and you stayed on unless you rushed the next shot, or something changed. ^^^ There's truth in this one. It applies at 600 yards on a .308 Winchester cartridge. Below that distance, wind really won't affect you too much, unless you're shooting in a hurricane, or you're only aiming for the Xs. Beyond 600, it makes a big difference, and that only increases with more distance. On the 500, if you know your drop, you're gonna hit it, wind be damned. At the 850, you definitely have to account for it or you will NOT get on target. The further you go, you only hope for a calm day, no wind. If there's wind, you suck it up. You can read it accurately (enough), or not. I'd rather shoot a 10mph full-value wind at 850 than a 3~5mph variable wind at 1k. For wind practice, on the cheap - if you can shoot a .22LR at 200 yards, and account for the wind, and make hits - that's about the same as shooting .308 Winchester at 600 yards - as far as wind goes. If you can apply that at 200 on .22 - you can do it at 600 with .308.
  23. What unforgiven said plus I'm house broken... To show you how stupid the laws are for classification here in Canada, AKs and off shoots are prohibited firearms unless it's a Valmet Hunter(Finnish rifle based on AK47 action)
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