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  1. Today
  2. You talked about a gun you've had since March - and there are NO SIGHTS in it. You talked a game,but gave a pic of a non-fuctional gun, as far as shooting goes. THAT WAS WHY I WAS LIKE THAT. Does that make sense to you?... I didn't post the pic of your gun for you - YOU did that. The questions arise, based on what YOU posted. Are you getting any of this yet?... Or are you still the victim, here?...
  3. 98Z5V


    I can talk a woman in white gloves into buying a ketchup popsicle, brother... Won't feel guilty, either...
  4. LOL... You think you did it on purpose, so there's some hypothetical possibility here that you are in fact not completely to blame for your subconscious self being animalistic in much the same way as your conscious self? Any oceanfront property on the back 40 you want to sell me while we're at it?
  5. Yes!! Why are you being like this??
  6. Once again... have you shot it yet?...
  7. Anyone here a fan of Skullsplitter?? (Here's how it looked in the old label)
  8. I have a scope on it, but I'm not sure what I did with the pic of it with the scope... Gotta look on my computer & see if I can find it.
  9. Have you shot it yet? Is that a current pic of the complete gun?
  10. I got me some of that DPMS action back in March; I'm settling into using it now. Just ordered a box full of 25rd 7.62 Pmags to get going, need more ammo. I'm modding the rifle beyond what I currently have; scope, foregrip, lower receiver plate & buffer tube (commercial to milspec), etc. so I can run it the way I want. I'll post again on this soon. PM me if you're a DPMS .308 fan.
  11. 98Z5V


    That earned me an ex-wife, right there... She said I'd turn like an alligator... Subconsciously, I think I did it on purpose...
  12. One good turn gets all the blankets.
  13. to funny mac! this is also a rexing thred but who fu's a .458... fun vid! https://youtu.be/FPsIx8GmKxg
  14. @jtallen83 difference is, I don't critique your style - don't know why you think you can critique mine. Enjoy.
  15. Good to know. I found a receipt listing them as DPMS LR-308 Rifle Buffer part number 308-BS-11 and DPMS LR-308 Buffer Spring 308-BS-10B. Also found this photo from a range day. I have a photo someplace at 300 yards as well and will put it up here if I can locate it........
  16. Won't matter much where they came from, Cliff - .308AR rifle buffers (DPMS-based and Armalite-based) are 5.200" long and weigh 5.4oz. The rifle receiver extension is 9 11/16" internal depth - it's the same extension used in AR15 rifle-stocked guns. Companies don't mess that up too often, but we've seen one or two here that didn't hit those numbers. It's an oddity, not common.
  17. DNP

    Pic Of The Day 2

    How could you possibly ask that? You know...even though we credit evolution as the existence of all, we still have to treat all other creatures on this planet like “we” stole “their” habitat. Which is it? Are we all here from the same amoeba or not? Sorry some of the delicious animals didn’t take the same steps we did. I guess we were meant to be above them in the ever evolving ecosystem we live in now.
  18. Yesterday
  19. I'm up to 4 PA-10 builds at this point with zero function issues with any of them. Among the first was the rifle pictured below. I didn't try to run any of them with the 6 position stock and buffer system PA supplied, all of them got A2 stocks and the buffer/spring shown. I did all this WAY before finding this sight, so pretty much it's like the blind squirrel who found a nut. I've ran half a dozen factory and Military loads thru the one in the pic, which is my personal weapon and taken out West every Fall Elk hunting. It's a 14.7" barrel (released only once by PA far as I know) as I'm been looking for them to do that again and to date haven't seen any made available. I settled on 175 grain Barnes bullets back by 42 grains of Varget (going from memory here) or something close to that. I throws the brass very consistently and no witness marks showing that it needs any shimming or other buffer system or gas feed hole modifications. As far as accuracy goes it's better it's very acceptable for this type of weapon. 100 yard groups will go under an 1" and 300 yard groups fired like I'm hunting with it hover around 3-5" without much effort from me. It doesn't do as well with a some of the commercial ammo, sort of liked Winchester 150 grain soft points but not very fond of some Fusion loads I ran thru it. It actually shot just a tad better with some old 150 grain Sierra bullets I had left over from reloading for my 30-06 back in the 80's-90's pushed by some pretty old IMR-4320 in new Winchester cases, but I settled on the heavier Barnes bullets since it's pretty much a dedicated out West hunting rifle. Just my experience with this platform. I'm not completely sure where I sourced the buffer and buffer spring for the A2 stock conversion but I'll look into that a little further and see if I can find out what they are and where I sourced them from?.........Cliff
  20. washguy


    Doc...if that's lunch...whats for dinner? Wash
  21. That's a pretty damn great job, with that ammo, at 750 yards - well done. It's tough to get a 150-ish grain projectile out that far, with no wind, let along 2.5 MOA wind hold. Well done.
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