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Armed Eye Doc

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  1. 4 minutes ago, DNP said:

    And cook a poop-pot quicker too!

    Yep, I have cooked them on everything from a pellet grill to an open fire pit over mesquite wood coals.  They have always been good.

    This is what I use when I am lazy, which has been most of the time lately. I usually repackage them into a freezer bag and pour some of this into the bag before freezing.  It gets marinaded while freezing and when defrosting.



  2. 5 hours ago, LEAD PIPE said:


    i finally got around to shooting this rifle. IlI was very happy with everything except that the slide wouldn’t lock back after the last round about 50% of the time. 

    Thanks for the update.  How many rounds have you fired through it so far?  Sometimes, it takes a bit to run correctly.  Also, are you running it with lots of lube?  That is frequently an issue with new rifles.

    How is the accuracy?  I hope it is better than the 2MOA you were asking for in the beginning.

  3. 1 hour ago, Traveler said:

    I tell ya - you are all a bunch of slow learners!!! 61 and still perfecting the process!!!

    Over the last ten years I have learned to moderate enough to keep a good buzz for most of the day, I do not prefer any commercially available whiskey or whisky or bourbon. I kinda like Maker's and Jamison, most big name bourbon you can pour back in the horse, but I have had some (and bought for the cabinet) fabulous small batch bourbons!

    My booze of choice is unregulated whiskey, mostly out of "middle-of-nowhere" Georgia. All copper distillery, no additives - the taste is all from the starch medium. In over ten years I have not had a hangover or a bad next day - well, I've been still inebriated, but no ill effects. No kidding, best stuff I've ever had. 

    shine jar.jpg

    That sounds good.

  4. On 3/21/2023 at 10:25 PM, DNP said:

     being his bitch

    He did say that...

    2 hours ago, shepp said:

    I only pitch soooooo

    It sounds like that is what he had in mind to begin with.:lmao::hornet:

  5. 3 hours ago, Rsquared said:

    I wanna give a big ol Happy Birthday shout out to the Cosmic dick slinging, green broad banging, one and only Captain of the USS Enterprise. William Shatner is 92 today.

    Keep on gettin up Cap'n.

    So that's why it is Talk Like William Shatner Day.  LLAP 



  6. 50 minutes ago, StarWolf said:

    6.5 Grendel ammo was still $35+ per box of Hornady Black last time I found a couple boxes. They only had two.
    I did pick them up. I owed a friend: I gave him a barrel and upper in the caliber.

    It sounds like he owes you if you gave him an upper and barrel.  There is no more Grendel ammo at the moment.  They have craploads of 6mm ARC ammo.  Match ammo is $25/box and Hunter ammo is $35/box.  They had 15-20 boxes of each this evening when I was there. @98Z5Vwant any more?

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