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About Me

My resume...


Summery of Qualifications

One year working in physical security and city parking enforcement. Nine years’ experience in the firearm industry, with three years’ experience as Armorer course instructor, Fourteen years’ experience working as a team member and leader in a variety of situations and environments. Well-disciplined and familiar with basic lifesaving techniques, self-defense, and a variety of weapons, foreign and domestic. Dealt with business related travel. Volunteered with the Henry County Sheriffs’ Department.


Weapon Proficiency

Qualified on the M16/M4 family of rifles, M203 40mm Grenade Launcher, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW), M240 family of Machine Guns, M242 25mm Chain Gun, M24 Sniper Rifle, M9 Pistol, Springfield Armory XD 45 caliber pistol, and Grenades. Certified Familiarization with over fifty foreign weapons. Maintenance trained with each weapon.


Worked as a member of the Embassy Protection Detail, Responsible for patrolling work areas, parking lots, and grounds. Escorted persons in restricted, sensitive, or designated areas. Ensured all regulations were followed and that any violations were brought to the attention to the proper chain of command.


§2015 to Present  Altorfer, Inc. 
§2013 to 2015 Per Mar Security
§2009 to 2010 KASEMAN, LLC.
§2006 to 2009 Blackwater USA
§2004 to 2012 ArmaLite, Inc.
§1991 to 2004 U.S. Army


§Knight’s Armament Co. SR-25/SR-110/SASS Armorers’ Certification, 2008
§Blackwater North Training Center, HK USP / LEM Armorers’ Certification, 2007
§Remington Arms Co. Inc. Remington Police Armorers’ Certification, 2006, 2009
§FN Manufacturing, LLC. M249 Armorer Certification, 2006, 2009
§FN Manufacturing, LLC. M240 Armorer Certification, 2006, 2009
§GLOCK Perfection, Armorer Certification, 2006, 2009
§Colt Defense LLC. Armorer Certification, 2006, 2009
§ArmaLite, Inc. Rifle Armorers Maintenance Course, Geneseo, IL. 2004, 2006
§Computer Based Training Instruction, 2001
§Combat Life Saver Course, 2000, 1999, 1997, 1994
§Unit Armorer Course, 1996
§Foreign Weapons Familiarization Course, 1995
§Primary Leadership Development Course, 1995
§Bradley Fighting Vehicle Infantryman Course, 1990
§ High School Diploma, 1990

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