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Posts posted by unforgiven

  1. 1 hour ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

    Just had surgery this morning on torn rotator cuff,  torn tendons from front deltoid to bicep belly, torn tendons from shoulder to pec,  & torn tendons from elbow to bicep. Other than that,  I got no real excuse lol. I cleaned & got the gun ready to go last night, with all weight rearward,  I know I can fire it one handed. Once the pain subsidies in a week or so, I'm gonna try like he'll to squeeze off a few rounds.....I hope

    Get well soon brother had one replaced and one laced up. Replacement was an easier rehab.

  2. I have to say that doing those large chicken breasts @180* for 5 hrs. had a nice smoke flavor. I used mesquite pellets. I'm done with Cabela's type,using up the rest. Going to Rec tech. Thighs,wings, and legs work best for smoking. Breast was dry. I usually do them on the Weber bone side down till 160* internal. GM runs like a champ, good for another 10 yrs. Just my 2 mags

  3. 3 hours ago, sketch said:

    I did a thing you enabling bastards! @shepp @washguy @unforgiven and the rest of you smoking suns a !! The ol gas rig finally died.... minor guts rot. So I says where do I get one of those GMG smokers? WTF! right next door to my gun pusher shop. Well to be honest he will not be happy I spent the money next door but I sure will. Daniel boone wifi grill/ rotisserie ready. Fine print doesn't do well in rain   crapp!



    Sweet brother get the GM cover you are GTG. Break in 4 chicken breasts and a rack of baby back ribs cut in half 5.5 hrs @ 180* 1 hour @ 250*  I'm done with Cabela's pellets heat is up and down finishing it going to Rec tec.




  4. 11 hours ago, Rsquared said:

    Damn brother. Matt jokes around callin me the terminator robot. But you NEVER stop.

    Keep on gettin brother.

    Can't just wait for the ride to end.🍺 Tiny screws were a PITA but it's easy to work on.

  5. 9 hours ago, shepp said:

    @unforgiven that’s the same defector I got! Congrats on the upgrade 

    After I put the deflector in it was running 100* hotter you than set temp. Call GM tech support and he told me to slide it over to the right. That helped. If you call tech support and leave a message they do call back.

  6. Gave my GM a overhaul started with the igniter that quit, changed to newer SS heat exchanger from older 3 piece, thermal sensor, combustion fan and hopper fan. Only thing left is the auger assembly. Good for another 10 years.




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