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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Got one in a box with your name on it
  2. Mornin' Latte Imperial Coffee Milk Stout by Toppling Goliath Brewing of Dechora Iowa. Has a sweet chocolate coffee aroma and an inky black color. Taste is loud and deep, dark chocolate, rich coffee, with a creamy sweetness. There is a smoky backbone, not overbearing smoke but enough bitter to balance the creamy sweetness. Mouth feel is rich and thick. This is an outstanding stout!
  3. Welcome from Iowa, via Missouri!
  4. Is it an Aero upper? If I remember correctly the last one I did used a threaded pin on the forward assist.
  5. Atlas Shrugged and Brave New World are two more fiction books that have a political message. They had to be entertaining to sell but looking at what the Authors have said about their work it becomes obvious they meant to make a political statement. I’m not familiar with Heinlein’s political leanings but I get the impression he did understand how to craft a message with fiction. I hate to say it but entertainment in general does more to form political opinions in today’s youth than parents, a very sad state of affairs. The socialist propaganda machine has had free rein with entertainment in our western civilization for nearly a century now and they have been pretty effective.
  6. Only problem with that is the government is incompetent, managing a program of that size would be a huge effort. That and the liberals would get another 2 years to indoctrinate more socialist. Socialist programs can’t fix the problems created by socialism.
  7. Put a bit of the blue stuff on mine, never had a problem but like you I thought the fit was a bit loose.
  8. Check out the local ACE, rounded up several different types of backer nuts and washers at my local hardware store.
  9. Swapped it to another 5.56 carbine and had a 37 yard zero in no time. Worked on the focus a bit more and got a really nice crisp reticle now. The turret adjustments are stiff and fine but once you get used to the feel they adjust pretty easy. Read some articles that say the next version they put out will have covers on the adjustment turrets, hopefully they keep the same tight mechanism. On the subject of tight, the mount doesn't seem to like to stay tight. Put 20 in Lbs on it and 40 rounds I noticed it was loose. Loctite blue for now, going to watch for a quality mount to put it in. At first I thought the reticle may be too small but after some use it worked fine for me. The dot has a nice white halo when centered on 5 inch plates, put the dot in the bottom of the belly on the 12 inch plate with a 37 yard zero and it fills up the center of the steel with hits.
  10. Howdy Sir, welcome back! I got some pictures of my first attempt at putting rails on my handguard for a bipod, failed attempt in my book. I had rails from several makers, used some of the hardware and got whatever other hardware that made it fit from the hardware store. It didn't work out loading a bipod no matter how close to the front or rear, too much twisting. After trying this for a bit I bought a used Knights Armament RAS. The RAS was better but in all honesty I get better accuracy in the factory configuration, where it sits at again now. Thanks for asking this question, gave me a chuckle when I looked at this abomination again
  11. Looking at secondhand market results seems to confirm that. I follow the fleabay market pretty close and see used Eotechs in good condition selling for around 80% of new price, just like you see if you follow Aimpoint sales. All those used optics that were gonna hit the market after after the recall never really appeared. I wish the Eotech would work for me, love that big window and the reticle. Astigmatism works weird on it, looks nice and crisp for a bit then blurs a little and doubles on me, most cheaper red dots are just a fuzzy odd blob, Aimpoint is a still crisp tiny star so easy to center up with it. The higher end optics are doing something better or different for sure.
  12. Got a few red dots even though I have astigmatism. For me the better quality sights like Aimpoint show pretty pretty good but lower end versions like the Bushnell TRS 25 has a dot like Halley's comet for me. I can't say enough about my Aimpoint PRO, bought it used, swap it around pretty regular, finds itself in a side cubby in the trunk for months sometimes, gets no respect but works like clockwork all the time. The Vortex Strikefire runs a close second for clarity of the dot with my eyes, build looks as tough as the Aimpoint but I haven't used it near as much, I don't think it meets all the extreme specs for the Aimpoint. The better Primary Arms red dots are good bang for the buck, probably the best bang for the buck.
  13. That does look a little too close. I would think you will see marks from contact on disassembly. Brass looks pretty good
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