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    Iowa is home but I travel the country
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    LIBERTY FIRST! Going John Galt.........

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  1. Haze Cake DIPA from Clown Shoes in Boston, Mass. You can smell the malt up front along with a lemon zest freshness. Interesting style. The maltiness is sweet but not thick, has a bit of a boozy burn in there. It finishes with a fizzy lemon bitter with a floral note. I wouldn't buy four but I'm glad I bought one…..does that make any sense?
  2. Mustache Mania DIPA from Exile Brewing in Des Moines, Iowa. Aroma was busting out with ripe orange, smelled sweet. Flavor up front is orange cream pop but quickly goes to a citrus pith bitter that tones down the sweet. That citrus turns to a spicy green and pine. Not overbearing but loud, the head hangs in there as the name suggests, these guys are putting out some good beer…..just need a bigger bottle.
  3. I'll be trying more of their stuff for sure
  4. Glampfire Victuals Golden Pale Ale from Hubbards Cave brewed by UNE Annee Brewery in Niles IL. Has a mild citrus aroma with a sweet bread dough behind it. Has a sweet malty flavor up front, transitions to some citrus then dives off into a mild piney bitter. The finish has a floral spicy note, a touch of clove maybe. Not my favorite style but a good solid basic IPA.
  5. Welcome from Iowa, via Kansas!
  6. You won't find anyone here more knowledgeable on this platform. First time I recall him deleting anything, you should take that as a compliment, he must have thought you deserved a little slack. Hit up the intro section please. https://forum.308ar.com/forum/22-introductions/
  7. Ok, I didn't read it right before I posted the info below this is a browser that stops most tracking not a search engine but it will help. I use the duck duck go for searches but had recently heard they were bought by the Alphabet company(google) so imagine they will be changing business models. Maybe not specifically pro 2A but they do speed things up and stop the tracking. Options to accept ads that will benefit the actual producers of the content. There's a catch to all of them, if it's free on the internet then you are the product they sell, Brave is just a little more up front than most https://brave.com/ Reviews from PC world https://www.pcworld.com/article/3453376/brave-10-review-this-excellent-privacy-focused-browser-can-make-you-money-too.html
  8. That picture makes me miss my Grandmother, nobody in the family ever took up here canning habits.
  9. It isn’t real thick here in Kansas but still makes a cool picture.
  10. jtallen83

    New to AR

    Welcome from Iowa, via Kansas!
  11. King Sue double dry hopped DIPA by Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorha Iowa, my beer pusher brought this bomber out from the back, he is well tuned to my preferences, a first class pusher! Citrus on the nose, maybe some floral hints. Super fresh tasting, loads of citrus, a little mango and pineapple. Finish is a bit of pithy bitter but balanced by a sweet malty note. Get some if you see it!
  12. Dolphin Sparkles DIPA from Toppling Goliath in Decorah Iowa. Has a real mild aroma, hints of malt and fresh cut grass. Very soft, creamy mouth feel, the malt comes through up front then the hops kick in, some citrus pith, pine, and a bit of dank flavor. Another fantastic beer from TG!
  13. How many rounds have you fired? These large frames needs lots of lube and sometimes a few boxes of ammo to start cycling correctly.
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