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    Fishing, shooting, hunting, reloading, stirring up the political pot.

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  1. The other thing, you didn't buy HSM M118 LR, did you? Also called " Hunting Shack Munitions"? That does not have a good rep around here.
  2. You have some good powders there. Can load the RL15 a little faster then the Varget because it is a little faster burning so the pressure curve is a little flattened. But Varget is tried and true. Haven’t used 4064 except in bolt guns so can’t comment on it.
  3. 98 nailed it. Plus M118LR From 1979 translates to 41 year old cartridges. Did not realize that cartridge was that old. Most ammo gets a bit hotter as it ages, and the M118 was a max load to begin with. Like I mentioned in a previous post, even the newer M118LR is 100 fps faster then the FGMM according to my chrono.
  4. Who is gonna pick the wood ticks off her?
  5. Didn’t notice that. On second though, I might not want to see EVERYTHING!
  6. Her best weapons against man aren’t in her hands. I’ll answer for Mags Hell Yeah!
  7. Beyond my knowledge base. Besides she already had me at the four cans and the FNX 45. It was all over but the shouting.
  8. Nice set of four cans plus a FNX Tactical. Never mind the Glock or whatever it is.
  9. Used to live in Victoria.
  10. This thread is gonna cost me some money.
  11. Go back and you should find quite a bit of conversation about this in the Forum’s reloading archives. I will PM you another source as well.
  12. No, but for a Minnesotan, you are decently prepared. Would not pass muster in Texas, Florida, or any of the western states, though.That M118LR is a good round, though. A lot of people think it is an exact clone of a Federal Gold Medal Match 175 SMK BTHP. I found it was about 100 ft/second faster on my chronograph then the FGMM. My shoulder feels the difference when shooting it as well.
  13. Got it PPal tonight
  14. My Dad had a Remington 700 from 1952 I inherited when he died. Ended up trading it in on a brand new Preban Colt AR15 HBAR, because I was a lefty and didn’t have any kids at the time. 8 months later I became a Dad by adoption. As much as I like that HBAR, I wish I had kept that 700 to pass on to my son.
  15. Cut my teeth on 30-06 from the age of 12. Still my deer hunting round and my son's, only in a pair of Savage Bolt Actions.
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