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  1. Wurger, you gotta admit it, this is more entertaining and informative then just stating a good price on Serbian ammo.
  2. Put it all together and try some rounds through it before messing with any thing. Maybe they have finally gotten it right. Just lub the BCG heavy. Find out soon enough if you have to trouble shoot.
  3. Duluth Trading has a 40% off sale on their work pants and cargo pants right now.
  4. Sisco


    Truer words were never spoken.
  5. That looks like great country.What were the temps at that elevation?
  6. I can see our story telling is in good hands.
  7. Cheap scopes can come in FFP as well. I have a Foxfield lit recticle 1x6 FFP. Cost me $168. Is it great? No. Is it decent? Yes.
  8. I would call Armalite anyway, just to see if they can or will help. All they can say is no. Eagle Arms is Armalite
  9. Accuracy Systems in essence sell Armalite Rifles. I do not know what level of modification they do on them. If none, then the Armalite lifetime warranty should be still valid. Did you send it to AS or Armalite last time? If AS, you may wish to contact Armalite to see if the warranty is valid and have them troubleshoot and fix it.
  10. Red, do you have a Starship graphic in your house? Do you like to drive a long ways with few restroom breaks? Do you like Armalite AR10 B’s? Now we gotta get to the bottom of this. I see it now, a story about two doppelgängers, one in Maryland and one in Florida, who are rescued by a crack 308AR team from a canned chicken torture facility and finally brought face to face to prove they are not one and the same.
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