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Everything posted by jrtmasp

  1. Thanks and yes it did 😆. I’ve wanted to put something like this together for years though. Only thing left is I’d like to get double undercut work done on the trigger guard. That can wait. …A good gun for travel fun out west.
  2. Trigger came in and finally installed. Quick 50 rounds to test it out. What a BEAST. I highly recommend it. SRO plate came tonight so now I have to make sure everything is lined up as it should be. Don’t get me started with the lack of communication between Trijicon and Glock regarding the mounting plate. Ball dropped by both. Years of keeping the same problem going too. On an unrelated side note, not a fan of the Vickers mag release. No improvement imo…wasted money. Going to try the Tyrant mag and slide release. Vickers backplate replacement is great though. Did require modification for some reason and may not be for everyone but I love it.
  3. Sucks to hear, sorry that turned out badly. Regarding ear pro, starting to feel old af now with what I see some using. The triple flange garbage was more about decoration during my time in. Wore it during quals but barely even wore it running live fire lane missions in GER or CO…or for anything else. Guessing my ears took a beating right next to the 240s and Bradleys. Oh well, young and dumb.
  4. Nice! ….Ironic. I was thinking about this for my SAR. Would love to test out a 7. Took for what seemed like forever for that to finally hit the market. Still haven’t seen any by me.
  5. Damn PA’s email luring me to spend more money again this month.
  6. Can’t wait. Sold my Gen 4 17 today which I wasn’t expecting to go so quick. So far it will be the 17MOS with those parts and a Trijicon SRO. My understanding from Battlewerx is it will need suppressor height irons with that optic. Not a fan of doing that but sounds like it’s needed. More research needed. Prob going to go blackout Ameriglos but I’ll look around.
  7. Zev Pro Plus Magwell and Timney Alpha trigger en route. Better deals from the manufacturers which was surprising. Glock Gen 5 17MOS will be ordered Monday and then I better slow it down.
  8. Wore it today for the first time. Very comfortable but I’m not a fan of the cheap metal belt clips. I have two other attachment options with it I can swap out. Betting the polymer type ones will be better. Their holster quality has improved since I first bought a CB many years back.
  9. New holster arrived and was finally able to grab an SRO in stock on sale for a different handgun (of course). Can’t wait to get it.
  10. Too much in that response to love so I won’t shorten it… I’m sold. I’ve been looking to upgrade my gen4 17 for a while. Only problem is I’ve thought about buying an optic for it so I’d need to get rid of it and probably go with a gen5 17MOS. I’ll decide this week. Not worth it paying for my current one to get milled out and coated
  11. Anyone have any experience with this Timney alpha trigger? https://timneytriggers.com/alpha-competition-series-for-glock-gen-3-4/ Seems like a good upgrade with more features than what Apex offers and far cheaper than Zev which looks great but nearly twice as much with a 120+ day wait.
  12. Time to revive this thread, @98Z5V saw this in my favorite aisle and couldn’t resist!
  13. @Matt.Crossyou’re too kind, thank you. Thanks to @Armed Eye Docfor letting me shoot such a great revolver and @98Z5Vfor that Kimber time too. More than just guns. I’ll work on getting a hard case and bringing a few of my own next time. Pretty sure I’m sold on getting a new Sig…among many many other things now 💸
  14. Not many other pics to add but… My two babies that did the job on distance 😉 Rob laying into the instructor role a bit too much. Some more swing action. …and Matt trying out the crane shot with his usual precision. Great times. Happy to have been there this year.
  15. jrtmasp


    Absolutely. One thing after another. Seems like I never sit down and relax in my office and just read so much of the great stuff here. Thank you! Would love to visit again real soon. I think about it quite often. Most fun I’ve ever had shooting. Already know there’s a lot more than just beer 😉
  16. jrtmasp


    I’m lurking around 👀. Lots going on personally and I always regret not jumping on here more often. It’s all good though. You guys rock.
  17. If you call, I come a-running. All is well. Just doing a bunch of renovation stuff around my house so that eats up a lot of my free time. Recently bought my first 1911 so I’m happy about that.
  18. Sorry, brother...I’m a sh*t when it comes to keeping up online. The dog from Up..that’s me. If I lived close to many of you guys, we’d probably be grabbing a beer and grilling all the time.
  19. We should have brought watermelons out! A little love in honor of the Desert Eagle. 0BA1FACF-B4CD-427A-B198-26CD858C620D.MOV
  20. Not sure if this is a game changer as the video suggests but it's an interesting option, especially for red dots. Thoughts? https://www.full30.com/video/9652c5d1494290b9b05f3be3c41a8fba http://axeonoptics.com/second-zero/?gclid=CjwKCAiAt4rfBRBKEiwAC678KRBS7CsBoEzbOPolp8EH2Q4h0Lr8uvlvhj0OHreCvkORvDRTTZZfWRoCw3MQAvD_BwE
  21. Some more pics: The Precious...one will be mine soon. Mosquito breeding ground @98Z5V you spent more time with your toy than any firearm! That bipod....
  22. I was raised near a nuclear power plant so that might explain a lot. Robo can put me in his first magazine article to sell that beast as a compact rifle!
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