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  1. I'm gonna trust the Eye Doc on this one
  2. you know Shepp, you are always welcome at my house, especially if you are cooking. lol
  3. Until a country made up of a lot of hardasses, from having to deal with basically everything that can kill you, decides to stand up to a bunch soft greedy politicians.
  4. Looks like the unicorn died well and will be remembered always. nice looking rifle
  5. I'll be honest, I drink a lot of those now. I don't buy them, but all my neighbors drink it and I won't turn it down. haha
  6. Buying one already built can be great if you have a good warranty for it and any issues come up. 308ar can be finicky because everyone builds them different, no set standards unlike ar-15s. but even if you get a finicky one, a little reading or questions on here, can get you up in running in no time. building one can be good if you don't have the money to throw into a rifle all at once, or if you just want to save a little money by finding really good deals. Plus you can't beat building a rifle that is exactly what you want from the start. and you will learn more about the rifle from building one than you ever will from owning and using one for 10 years. Either way you chose, good luck with a great platform. You can't go wrong with AERO and many other companies. 🙂
  7. it's about the time of year for boating accidents
  8. Than he is a traitor to wisconsin! @shepp
  9. Those are fighting words in Wisconsin
  10. oh is that what you call it? 😛 I doubt it is an 8 though, maybe a 5 or a 6
  11. ARTrooper


    I should add, we do not "purify" it. we do run it through a basic cooking strainer. some people run it through coffee filters, but that takes a lot more time and I don't think it is necessary. there are some small particulates that settle on the bottom, but the way I see it, it is no difference to what settles at the bottom of a coffee cup or tea cup.
  12. ARTrooper


    I'll have to see about sending you out a jar of some real stuff. I didn't realize how much crap is really in the stuff you buy at the store until we started doing this. A lot of it isn't even real maple syrup, it just has "maple flavoring" in it. real maple syrup is 100% from the tree, no need to add any sugar or anything else. I'm sure it is a lot healthier too. lol.
  13. sadly we didn't have one near us. my wife got a tent mislabeled for $25 which was a 6 person 🙂
  14. nice, someday I would like to build one, but that build is not at the top of my list sadly.
  15. ARTrooper


    idk about mild maple flavor raw, but it is like sweet water right out of the tree. I have never purified it or microwaved it. we just boil it down to syrup. idk where maples grow elsewhere in the continent, but you can get maple syrup from all types of maple trees, not just sugar maples. also you can get syrup from some pines and other trees, it just tastes different. like hickory tree sap I hear has a smokey, slightly bitter taste. you do need cold weather for the sap though. we tap the trees when temperatures start to get above freezing. but freezing at night helps create this pressure in the tree that pushes out the sap. so freezing at night, above freezing in the day.
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