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    hunting, pistol, trap, long range, 3 gun

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  1. ARTrooper

    Et tu benchmade?

    hmmm. maybe I will start searching every company before purchasing. lol.
  2. ARTrooper

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    yeah I like hydrostatic shock to cause further damage to the vitals of the deer I shoot. most of the time I am shooting deer at around 150 yards and often times farther. the distances you are talking, I might as well just get a crossbow. lol. good to know that it can take deer at short range though.
  3. ARTrooper

    Help me spend my money!

    couldn't find any in the size I needed from Faxon so I should just forget about the dimples and use a set screw block anyways?
  4. ARTrooper

    Help me spend my money!

    so after speaking with the manufacturer of the barrel I will be purchasing, I have found they do not dimple the barrel unless specifically asked for and I would need to send in my gas block. I have no issues with this, although shipping is gonna cost me. might be worth while to get a clamp on style gas block. So where can I get an inexpensive .875 low profile clamp on gas block? I have looked and not found much in that specific size.
  5. ARTrooper

    Lets See your 300 blackout pistols

    what range you shooting these deer at? I would be hesitant to shoot at our Wisconsin deer with subs.
  6. ARTrooper

    Subsonic suppressed 308AR

    yeah it is very cool
  7. ARTrooper

    Subsonic suppressed 308AR

    Kiwi, that thing shoots super quiet, now you just have to make the magazine quieter because loading it was the loudest part.
  8. ARTrooper

    Another new guy from Washington

    Welcome from WI and congrats on retirement!
  9. ARTrooper

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    I was just thinking that in his interview, he seems to be either talking himself up or just adding a bit of fluff to explain how the hell it was he did get so damn lucky. … and yeah he does look like the man bun hippy type. lol
  10. ARTrooper

    Subsonic suppressed 308AR

    That's a sexy looking rifle also
  11. ARTrooper

    16” barrel recoil

    Yup, Rob basically covers it all. I think some people see muzzle rise as recoil though also. this is incorrect though. I would describe muzzle rise as more of a side affect of recoil. the barrel sits in line with the bcg and buffer assembly all above the shooters grip. when the rifle recoils, the grip is basically a pivot point causing the muzzle to rise instead of the whole rifle going straight back. while most rifles are about the same in this, you can really see the difference in handguns. a handgun with a low bore axis, meaning the barrel being lower and closer to the firing hand, will have less muzzle rise and be quicker back on target than a handgun with a higher bore axis. the best example of this is a Chiappa Rhino versus a regular revolver. The Rhino's barrel lines up with the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top of the cylinder like most revolvers. There are other semi auto pistols out there currently being designed to have low bore axis. with bore axis, think of a lever in physics. a higher bore axis acts like a longer lever making that barrel easier to move, while a lower bore axis acts like a short lever making it more difficult to move. That's all fine and dandy with pistols, but in an AR you basically have the same bore axis no matter what. So how do you try and limit muzzle rise since you can't change the bore axis? Weight and gas management. With weight, if you are front end heavy, this will help with muzzle rise because takes more force to make the heavy front rise in the first place. Now this is often times seen in long range bolt actions, but probably not the best idea for an already heavy 308AR platform. You would have to add a good couple of pounds to the front, which would quickly turn your rifle in to a 12+ pound rifle. and being front heavy, it would be exhausting to carry and shoulder for any period of time. The best bet these days to deal with muzzle rise is gas management. And I am talking about how the gas is directed as it exits the barrel. Compensators have long been used to tame muzzle rise, as the barrel wants to rise up, direct the gas to give it some force back down. A simple concept of thrust. Now with many designs the downside is you have gasses going up into the line of sight of your optics or sights, which can affect follow up shots. Luckily these days many good muzzle brakes have compensator slots or holes in them in different directions to prevent all the gasses from going up where you don't want them. I recently purchased one of many such items, a VG6 Precision brake. With this one, the majority of the gasses are directed out the sides, helping with the felt recoil, while a small amount goes through slits in the top to help tame muzzle rise. but even by limiting that felt recoil wanting to push back against that pivot point, that also helps with the muzzle rise remember. 😉
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I'll keep an eye out for it. I would think that would be something Aero would replace as a defect though if it happened. very odd, never seen that happen before.
  13. ARTrooper

    16” barrel recoil

    very little difference. might feel a little snappier, but there are ways to calm that down, and a lot of people still would have trouble feeling the difference.
  14. ARTrooper

    This is THE BADASS... Travis Kauffman

    Is it just me, or did this guy do a hell of a lot of thinking while fighting for his life? I have been in my fair share of fights and I can't say I have ever done that much thinking, more of just reacting, going off instincts and training.
  15. ARTrooper


    lol. if the wife was ok with it, otherwise I would be to afraid of the wife catching and killing me. haha lol. I was thinking the same thing