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  1. Good for you, welcome to the life
  2. I think I paid $300 or $400 for mine
  3. I bought one of those back in 88,should have never sold it. One heavy shotgun
  4. You can't beat a GSD for a working friend
  5. That I don't know, however good buckshot is hardened and cost quite a bit more. But the differences in penetration is fanominal.
  6. I'm glad they got back to you. I have several of their rifles and getting someone to answer a question took patience.
  7. ^^Hardened shot is much more preferred, but it comes as a premium. I find it ironic that the military continues to use 00 buck and probably will for the forcible future.
  8. The only reason I didn't do the membership sooner because I didn't want to spend the $99
  9. Sorry the Remington Premier Match 308 Winchester Ammo 168 Grain Sierra MatchKing Boat Tail Hollow Point Is now $0.78 per round,I guess I should have bought it when I seen it that cheap
  10. Here's something to think about. I've bought pallets worth of ammo from SGAMMO over the years. They always kill you on shipping, say if you want to try a couple of boxes of different types of ammo until you find what you like. I went to Target Sports a few months ago and signed up for their Prime membership. It's paid for itself in a month. My first order was a bunch of Federal 5.56,not 223 @ $225 a thousand. Next up some CCI @ $0.03 a round. Right now they have 308 Remington match ammo @ $0.38 a round. All their ammo is at damn near wholesale prices and free shipping whether it's one box or a pallet. They also send you gifts of ammo that coincides with your purchases,that alone was almost worth the $99 yearly fee. Just something to think about.
  11. You really need to get away from the computer and seek the outdoors. 00 buck can solve a multitude of problems in a survival situation. From self defense to putting food on the table.
  12. I see a problem in the making when a new shooter buys a Ruger revolver in 9mm and doesn't read the instructions. I had one and wanted to see which ammo caused problems. 5 samples and all 5 failed after 4 shots using cheap Brazer Brass ammo. Anything that was crimped had no issue,the cheap gun really liked Ranger T
  13. That will have to wait until spring as I'm south for the winter.
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