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  1. Ravenworks


    We've all been there. In 2008 while ex-wife was at work she got served papers. At the same time,the movers emptied the home,locks were changed and ALL utilities were changed. She broke into my new home,cut the pockets out of every pair of pants shorts etc-WTF who does this. But what made me the maddest was the kunt stole my Golden retriever that I had for 12 years. That is unforgivable.
  2. Proudly made in the USA,I have many many pairs of Roundhouse Bibs and Jeans. You simply cannot destroy them.
  3. I must be getting old because anything closely related to "Metal" makes me go duh and will hypnotize me thus rendering me useless. Humm,maybe I always was useless and just never knew it. Carry On
  4. Come on up to Norwalk raceway for an old fashioned weekend of run what ya brung. There's a lot of butt hurt people,but they play by the rules and have good sportsmanship, something made for TV will never have. And in my mind that is the whole thing in a nutshell. Run and lose your car, thems the rules,no drama.
  5. SP-101 is a hell of a nice wheel gun
  6. I retired from the operating engineers last December,the border wall could be built in less than a year. Second to last job I worked on before retiring was 480 miles of dual lay 46" pipeline. From start to finish, we cleared a 250' wide right of way, laid the pipe,did thousands of road bores,creek crossings and had the job planted in grass seed in 6 months. People are high on crack if they think we can't do it in less than a year,ALL OF IT!
  7. As usual when all else fails blame Matt. Where have I heard that one, oh there's a whole thread about it.
  8. Rob,Brownells said they sold over 380,000 mags in 6 hours. I'm still good,I came across some new USGI and Okay mags a few years back $4.00 ea if I brought them by the 100.
  9. ^^pay attention to what he said.^^ Nooks & Crannies
  10. Good for you, welcome to the life
  11. I think I paid $300 or $400 for mine
  12. I bought one of those back in 88,should have never sold it. One heavy shotgun
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