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  1. beltfed

    It's good to be back

    I just got through looking at his thread on his slings, they look really nice. I may have to get a couple of those later, those cheapie slings are not bad for 10 bucks, they will be ok on the poodle shooters or I hope they will. I wouldn't use one on the heavier AR10's. I have a Magpul and Blackhawk for them.
  2. beltfed

    Most failed parts in an AR

    For me it's been extractors. had several over the years mess up. Just recently replaced one in an armalite. have shot out a few barrels, another wear problem I've seen is the pins and holes that hold the two halves together. Don't remember ever having anything break in the lower. I have seen springs get weak. I have lost some of the small parts before. I finally learned to keep several of all those on hand.
  3. beltfed

    Fishing last summer.

    Awesome, yep you should be getting close. First couple years of retirement I wondered how I had time to go to work.lol was bust catching up on stuff all the time.
  4. beltfed

    My First AR Build

    Looking good, have fun doing it. that's what it's all about.
  5. beltfed

    Springfield XDs 9mm 3.3”

    Yours is nice, I like the red, I bought one in 45 auto a while back. it's a nice carry gun that packs a punch. I got it when they run a special too. I think four extra mags and a couple other things. they run some good deals.
  6. beltfed

    Just arrived from NC

    There is a ton of information here and some really helpful members, but were gonna have to work on that only one 308. Since you already have several AR15's, you already got the black rifle disease. I've had it for years. they're like lays potato chips, you gotta have more than one.
  7. beltfed

    Fishing last summer.

    I taught printing in a vocational school, we printed everything for the largest school district in the state. We stayed busy. I retired after 38 years. started there when I was 21.
  8. Ordered four of these to see if they are any good, They arrived today. they come with QD connections. I was worried they wouldn't lock up good. they all lock up tight. I couldn't pull it out. They also convert to one point. think they are a magpul copy. for ten bucks they are going to be ok.
  9. beltfed

    Fishing last summer.

    Trying too, i'm retired and got the time. well sometimes I do. but ya gotta make time for hunting and fishing.
  10. beltfed

    Hunting pics

    Thanks, Arkansas
  11. beltfed

    It's good to be back

    Well I had to make another account to get in again, but they are workin on it. must be some good guys running this site to keep helping me get back on. I have been a pain in their sides I know.
  12. beltfed

    Just arrived from NC

    Welcome from another newbie from Arkansas.