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  1. 1 hour ago, Matt.Cross said:

    I'm just outlining the shoe size, whether or not you wear it is your choice. It is well known to most of us here that "AR-10" is common use phraseology, it's also well-known to be erroneous and irritating. My point all along has been that if you are going to indulge the erroneous and irritating behavior, don't expect it to be well received. 

    There's actually a broader impact than just the annoyance of using the wrong nomenclature. Folks who are taken in by the erroneous use of the phrase suffer the inconveniences of purchasing incompatible parts for their "AR-10" because unscrupulous vendors don't care about the nomenclature. After a decade or so of helping those folks out, we don't have a real sunshiney outlook on the defense of it's improper use.

    If you aren't prone to using the term incorrectly, that shoe doesn't fit you and you aren't compelled to wear it. Now that you've been informed on the issue, it's up to you whether or not the label applies.

    Do you want to be part of the solution, or part of the problem?

    People who call Aero's M5 platform "AR-10s", I call those people "idiots".

    You determined my shoe size for me because that's exactly what I did in this thread.

    I've been called a lot worse than "idiot" so take a number.

    I even posted a link in this thread that shows in PICTURES the Difference between Armalite and DPMS Large Frame AR Platform Upper Receivers.

    I'll leave this Forum in the hands of all the PERFECT People who never use generic terms in any of their language.

    Say hello to all the AR Police for me.




  2. 25 minutes ago, Matt.Cross said:

    I call Freon "Freon", refrigerant is referred to as "refrigerant", Kleenex is called "Kleenex", and tissues I call "tissues". People who call Aero's M5 platform "AR-10s", I call those people "idiots". It's really quite an easy system to grasp, which is evident because I have mastered it.

    Thank you for the very nice compliment. Hope you have a great weekend.

    Its really a shame you have to resort to name calling to make a point.


  3. 9 hours ago, jtallen83 said:

    People commonly beat their wives, doesn't make it right, seriously though it is important to differentiate these platforms with the proper terminology, lack of standard specs for these large frame AR's causes enough problems for those of us assembling them. Way to many parts sellers and manufacturers get it wrong, many on purpose to increase their search results. The grief this has caused the people that bought the wrong parts is real. We just try to do our part in bringing clarity to the subject. 

    To most gun folks there are 2 AR platforms =  AR10 and AR15 regardless of the variations within each platform.   I guess if the moderator does not like me using the "generic" name for a large frame AR then they can ban me from the forum. Have a nice weekend.  


  4. 6 hours ago, Matt.Cross said:

    A Corvette and a Mustang are both sports cars, but you don't refer to one as the other just because they are both sports cars, unless you are a moron.

    You are welcome to continue calling your M5 an AR-10 if you like, just don't get upset if people start to treat you like you should know better, because you shou.

    LOL!     "Is it my rifle or is it my gun" ?

    Never got upset just pointed out the facts.

    I bet you never called adjustable locking pliers Vise Grips  or Refrigerant Freon.     HA HA HA !  





  5. 5 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

    Nice looking setup, and well done.

    Just so you know, though, and it's discussed as common knowledge here - that's not an AR-10, not even close.

    Armalite makes the AR-10, and it's a completely different platform that the DPMS LR-308-based Aero M5 that you have.  For example, I'll say this - pin an Armalite AR-10 upper receiver to your Aero M5 lower, and see if it fits.  It won't.

    There are 3 basic platforms for these "larger ARs," and they are Armalite AR-10, DPMS LR-308, and Rock River Arms LAR-8.  There are tons of different specialized platforms as well, but those are the three main platforms.

    So, just so you know, you don't have an "AR-10" in the least.  Confusion amongst the platforms will only screw you over in the future, when you're looking for upper receiver parts and such. 

    That's the entire reason that this site is named ".308AR.com" ...

    I realize that I have a DPMS LR-308 Style receiver and I already have the upper receiver which is a DPMS LR-308  Low Profile model. 

    I recently posted on this forum a picture link showing the difference between a AR-10 and LR-308 and also shows the difference between low and high profiles.


    These rifles are commonly "called" AR10's just like adjustable locking pliers are called "vise grips" although there are many different styles of locking jaw pliers with variations.     

    Armalite is a Brand just like Vise Grips is a Brand.

    Lots of things are referred to by their brand names instead of what they actually are.   

  6. 2 hours ago, unforgiven said:

    Hahaha Lucas's had a rep and it wasn't good..

    All joking aside the Brits have given us some great inventions such as the RR Merlin V12 Engine -

    The Jet Engine - [Frank Whittle - His design and idea]  WWII Germans built first operational Jet Engine


    The most widely used turbo-prop engine-  PRATT & WHITNEY PT-6 - [Mr Gordon Hardy- via Canada] 



  7. Just Completed my AP AR10 LOWER. 

    1- Aero Precision M5 Receiver 

    2- Aero Precision Lower Parts Kit

    3- Aero Precision Rifle Buffer Kit

    4- JMT Saber Trigger  3.5 - 4.0 lbs

    5- ATI  X-1 GRIP  

    6- MAGPUL PRS3 Stock


  8. 2 hours ago, Sisco said:

    This jewel is a 1936 Epiphone electric guitar. My Dad made a living in St. Louis in the 30’s as a band musician. Had the opportunity to play behind a lot of famous people including Tommy Dorsey and Louis Armstrong. Our family treasures this beauty and it is kept in a safe place by a trusted family member.


    Very Nice Instrument.

  9. "You are adamant that this thread is about Aero Precision."

    The facts are :

    Aero Precision M5

    By Albroswift, July 12 in .308AR Parts 


    Don't care what DPMS or anyone did first because this thread was started about Aero Precision M5 Receivers.


    In fact, my first reply included a quote from Brownells website. 



  10. On 6/19/2019 at 5:13 PM, Lr-308FUn said:

    So has only one tried any of the Rise Armament drop in triggers yet, I have been looking at a few of their models

    Any feedback would be great

    Are they worth the money, I do like their price point. Thanks 

    I own 2 Rise Armament Triggers and they work very well for me. Nice trigger for the money and excellent customer service. USA Company located in Broken Arrow Oklahoma.  

  11. 1 hour ago, 98Z5V said:

    Thanks for the info - I don't even know how many AP receiver sets I have, I'd seriously have to get the guns out and count them.

    What I was stating was pretty simple - #1, the bolt catch that you were referencing is not 4-40, though you stated that.  Not true.  #2, you can do this to ANY AR lower, no matter large or small.  I was stating how to do it with a 4-40 tap, or with a 6-32 tap if 4-40 set screws aren't available to you...

    You seem to be confused, telling me all about the AP lower you got.  We were drilling and tapping these things 10 or more years ago - and finally a company came on board and started tapping them before any of you even received them, tapping them right from the factory... 

    That make sense now?...  

    the bolt catch that you were referencing is not 4-40, though you stated that.  Not true"

    I guess you have never made any mistakes.


    Regardless of size the bolt catch is threaded which is much easier than driving in a roll pin. 


    BTW this thread was named AERO PRECISION M5  and my posting was about Aero Precision M5 Lower Receivers.

    It does not make any difference to me who drills and taps what and when because it is already done on the Aero Precision M5.

  12. 4 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

    The threaded SS pin that is used for the bolt catch is not 4-40.  Only the takedown pin setup is 4-40. 

    You can do this (for the takedown pin modification) on any AR lower receiver, small or large frame, doesn't matter if the takedown setup goes in from the back, or from the grip area (only on some .308ARs).  I use 6-32 as well for this, because 4-40 set screws aren't always easier to find in local hardware stores, but the 6-32 are everywhere.  There's a write-up that's about 10 years old on this mod, somewhere on this site. If you have the 4-40 set screws, you just run a tap in the hole that's already there.  If you can't find 4-40s, and you do the 6-32 setup, you need to run a hand-turned drill bit through it first, before you cut the 6-32 threads. On some (all AR15s), you have to cut down the spring length.  On .308ARs that go in from the bottom, you have to cut down the spring length.  On .308ARs that go in from the back (like an AR15), you need to come up with a spacer, and you DO NOT cut down the spring.

    The Aero Precision uses a 4-40 threaded hole in the grip area aft of the safety selector detent spring for the rear take down pin. The local ACE Hardware had 4-40 x 1/4' L set screws in their specialty hardware section. Saved the extra steps of drilling and tapping. Simply cut 1/4 " off of the spring [length of the screw] and set screw screwed right in and pin works great.Watched the CMMG 308 Lower build and the person had to deal with 2 springs when installing the grip.

    Aero Precision makes it an easy installation for rear take down pin. No drilling- No Tapping  

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