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  1. If you are interested in advertising on the website or forum please use this contact page and Rob will get back to you. We handle each potential advertiser personally and on a case by case basis for a package that suits your needs.  

    We also have additional websites both shooting and non-shooting that you might find beneficial please inquire. 

    Please do not contact me directly through personal message. 

  2. Guys I had to set the forum to the latest default theme. Whatever customization's were on the previous theme were causing the issue. Im not sure what those customization's were so shit might look or act different in some places. 

    I tested with this post by pasting a link from Tom's public Nest camera




  3. Tom, knock it off. I put hundreds of hours and buckets of money into all this and ask for zero in return. Im on about 6 hours of sleep since Wednesday with days and and hours of support with Invision and Liquid Web. Unless your post is the location of of the treasure of oak island and there’s enough treasure to cover the costs of forensics to piece together overwritten data stop your bitching and consider your first attempt a fucking practice draft. Don’t poke me or anyone else trying to help. I swear Ill drive to wear you live, chloroform you, hog tie you and shave your chest and back to say you love me..



  4. 13 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

    Where ya been, you rat bastard?  Glad you liked the pic.  I was hoping you'd make it a seatcover...   ?

    Great job on the emoji-explosion...

    So you want me to sit on your face? Good thing I "Shaved" last weekend ?

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