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Posts posted by 98Z5V

  1. 40 minutes ago, Magen24v said:

     I’ve got Fed cases, Fed 210 primers, Sierra 168 B T H P bullets, and IMR 4895 powder. I’m thinking about starting my load at 43 gr. What do you guys think?

    Have you been reloading for more than a minute?  Experienced, is what I'm asking.   1st post, no background, and no info on your experience with reloading mentioned.

    Please elaborate.  Maybe hit the Intro Section, and tell us about yourself.  Before we give out load data that will blow up in your face. Hope that makes sense. 

    Questions about your gun hardware will be inbound, shortly. Recoil system details, gas system details.  The usual things we ask of people.  Might as well just give up those details right now, and shortcut the process.  You might not even have a load problem - but a gun problem.  You always have to fix the gun, first.  Otherwise, you're wasting your time pissing around with loads tailored to a gun that doesn't work, just to try to get it to work.

    Rip up the Intro Section.  :thumbup:

    In the mean time, check out this thread right here - this is the "usual" thatwe need from people, just to figure out the gun, first, which is the most important step.  Working gun, THEN, working loads for a working gun...  If we have to waterboard you for information about your gun, we become quite pissed.  Hope that makes sense, too. 


  2. 4 minutes ago, DayWalker said:

    I love the smiley face on the target, that’s one seriously accurate weapon. 

    Day after I took that pic, my truck was stolen, with the targets in the back - so I can't even prove it and show it to you...   :laffs:

    We'll get it done, brother.   The barrel, cartridge - and your good trigger - we can't fail.  You're gonna LOVE this platform, big time. :thumbup:

    Sidenote - I just led you down the Mk12 Rabbit Hole, too...   :banana:

  3. My brother - you've done very, very well.  You will love this gun, maybe more than any other.  That's not because the caliber is badass, or this or that - but, because you set a vision in your head, and you stuck to it, and waited to make it happen.  This gun had YOU behind it - not just some purchase off a shelf.

    Now, don't get me wrong - 6 ARC is a baaaaad motherfucker.  BAD!!!  :thumbup::hail:  You are gonna LOVE THIS THING...  

    The trigger is badass, the barrel is capable of incredible accuracy, and the cartridge is something that we haven't seen in a long, long time...   - It's innovative, and it works very, very well. 

    You're gonna love it when you shoot it, and I only hope I can be your spotter when you touch it off for the first time - I'll drive to make that happen.  No kidding.

    You don't paint a smiley face within 10 rounds of zero-ing that scope, though, and I'm gonna fuk with you endlessly...  :banana:The barrel and ammo is capable...  Ratchet down that loose nut that's right behind the trigger, because that's all it's gonna take.  You gotta do this, and that's why I wanna be your spotter... 



    I can't WAIT to see you Yank Trigger on this thing, man.  You WAY FULFILLED your call-out on The Rule.   :thumbup:

  4. Worked through 180 6.5 Grendels this morning, 123gr ELD-M loads.  Working on the 190 .260 Rem 147gr ELD-M loads right now - halfway through those.  After that, it's prepping 9mm cases for some Berry's 115gr copper plated range ammo.  I had a 1k round box that's about half full, so I'll load those until I run out of them.  That should cover me for the shoot in a few weeks, with what I already have on-hand.

  5. Carbine Recoil System - the depth is right on the extension, so hang on to that part. Buffer is too light, needs to be close to 5.4oz, and the spring needs to go.  The spring of choice would be the Sprinco Orange spring - it's made specifically for these 7" .308AR carbine recoil systems.  KAK make a stainless-bodied buffer that weighs 5.3oz, and that's close enough.

  6. Interesting note on the LaRue triggers - remember when the cans disappeared?  I bitched about it, because I threw a can away and should have saved one.  The triggers came to you in a parts-bag, for a short period.  I was BUMMED. :embarrassed:

    THE CANS ARE BACK, AND BETTER THAN EVER!!!  It's not a can, with a foam cut-out in it anymore, it's an actual injection-molded custom-fit FDE plastic can!!!  

    FDE!!!   :banana:

    I'm so excited, I don't wanna give this one to Doc!!!   :laffs:  He's LONG OVERDUE getting this trigger, though.  Like 2 years overdue...  :bitchslap:



    @Armed Eye Doc -that's your box o' goodies right there, that I took this picture on...   :thumbup:   Those of you that are showing up for the Fall Shoot will understand what that means, once we get to camp, and the sun sets... 


  7. 12 hours ago, shrade said:

    Got a shipping confirmation and a UPS tracking number, hopefully here early next week. Was afraid it would be back ordered.

    Talked to them Monday this week - LT-158 mounts were in stock, and the lady was checking on triggers - said they were 2 weeks out on the triggers, but if one was there, she'd put it in with my mount.  Those were two items that I added to my Ultimate Upper order.  She broke those two items off my original order and sent them to me.  I got the mount and trigger yesterday.  @Armed Eye Doc will be happy, because that's actually HIS trigger...  :laffs::thumbup:

    4 hours ago, Radioactive said:

    Don’t tell 98z he’s still waiting for his LaRue stuff.

    If he gets an 18" Grendel Upper kit before I do, that's when I'll get pissed...   :lmao:

    1 hour ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

    You took @98Z5V's chit? Oooh-oh!😲

    Nah, LaRue is keeping up as best as LaRue can right now, with all this Crazy Sheit going on.  I get it.

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