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Posts posted by 98Z5V

  1. Won't matter much where they came from, Cliff - .308AR rifle buffers (DPMS-based and Armalite-based) are 5.200" long and weigh 5.4oz.    The rifle receiver extension is 9 11/16" internal depth - it's the same extension used in AR15 rifle-stocked guns. :thumbup:  Companies don't mess that up too often, but we've seen one or two here that didn't hit those numbers.  It's an oddity, not common. 

  2. 15 hours ago, Rabid Dog said:

    I just completed an Aero M5 build with a PSA upper, minor modification ,milled out a small amount of material from the back part of the lower because the charging handle was preventing the upper from setting down properly on lower, runs great.

    I tried a PSA upper on an Aero M5 lower - and it didn't fit.  The PSA parts are not "DPMS LR-308" based - they're proprietary, to PSA... 

  3. 1 hour ago, jtallen83 said:

    @98Z5VI'm sure he will want to stay now with that encouragement......getting those pics for us as we speak I'm sure.

    @Popeye51 , Hang around and help us all learn a little, some of us are very interested in even a chance to learn something new, there is very little info out there on those lefty 308AR's.

    Help was offered, help was completely ignored.  Questions were politely asked about the situation - and were completely ignored, instead with a reply that he heard an adjustable gasblock is the cure.  Then he stated that he quit - and that wasn't from anything that I said.

    If you don't approve of my methodology, Jim- you can just ignore me.  If you have a problem with how I handled myself, based on the questions and the details I asked of the man - and got no response to the questions and the details I asked of the man - straight ignored - if you have a problem with what I said or did, based on the information I asked of him...

    Then just say it. 

    I think I was pretty polite with what I asked, initially - just trying to get the details on what was going on.  I think I was pretty straight-forward with what I was asking - trying to solve a common problem...  

    If you didn't like my response, Jim - you can just block me.  :thumbup:

  4. 10 hours ago, Popeye51 said:

    Not according to the guy at Sprinco and two other barrel vendors.  Gas block is on the way should be here Monday or Tuesday.  Need one anyway he is getting suppressor. Ejection is at 11:00

    I know Sprinco, and some guys there, so tell me about it. Describe to me that conversation that you had with them...   Ejection at 11 o'clock doesn't necessarily mean that you're over-gassed  - if you've been looking at that "AR15 Ejection Pattern Chart" that's all over the web- this ain't an AR15.  It's 30% larger, in all aspects.  

    5 hours ago, Popeye51 said:

    Sorry If I offended anyone thanks for the effort.  I have built a couple of Ar's myself I will resign from the forum

    There's no need to be a bitch about it, none at all - butthurt helps no one.  You're obviously butthurt.

    YOU posted about ejector swipes, period.  That's what you posted about.  I gave you information, specifically asked you for pics of the ejector in your bolt - no pics.  Nothing from you but words that don't mean anything. Zero pics of the ejector.  I can probably FIX your problem for zero dollars - depending on that I THINK you ejector looks like - if you want to invest 30 minutes of manual labor to fix it.  You're running a left-hand eject gun, man - fucking fix it. 

    If you wanna leave, then don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  That's what quitters do - they quit.  If you wanna FIX YOUR GUN, then get the damn pic of your ejector up that I asked for - THAT EJECTOR is the reason for your brass swipes, I'll bet 50% of my next paycheck on. 

    But, crickets, when asked for information...  Nothing from you...  Instead, you are "so proud of you" that you ignore requests to HELP YOU.  I get it - your balls are buigger than everyone else's here, that help people fix guns everyday.  More power to you, on that, too.  Bandaid that shiit with an adjustable gas block, join other forums, and tell them all about what you've done...  Just know - you put the bandaid on the wrong cut...  

    The other option here, is to just get the requested info out- and quit letting "pride" fuk with you.  That's what this is really about, here - because you've already built a couple ARs, you know it all...  Pride is kicking you in the dick right now, man, you just can't admit that.

    Leave if you must - stay if you REALLY want to fix that Stag Leftie.



  5. 6 minutes ago, sketch said:

    built off an aow lower.. dont mix a lower that was a rifle at anytime! 

    Needs to be transferred to you as "pistol" and you never, ever have worries, ever.  Not ever.

    Or, stripped lower needs to be transferred to you as "other" on the 4473 paperwork, and needs to be built as a "pistol" configuration first.  I have pics of all my "pistol" builds with date stamps on the pics, shortly after they were transferred as "other."  I can prove, without a doubt, that I built all my pistols, as pistols.  Gonna be hard for them to prove otherwise, with the documentation that I have on each pistol...

    Stripped Lowers SHOULD transfer as "other" - because at that point, they're not a firearm, and neither a "rifle" or "pistol" - unless they're specifically caliber-marked as "pistol" right on the stripped lower receiver... - then they have to transfer on the 4473 as a pistol...

  6. 5 hours ago, Albroswift said:

    Yes, read that one. If a public pretender can get you off that's a pretty good indication of the merits.

    PS  I measured correctly used a framing square. With the Armalite extension the SBA is 13-3/4"+

    That doesn't matter - it's a pistol.  Pistols don't have a "Length of Pull" because they don't have a stock, which defeats two BATFE definitions.  You have to measure the stock...  doesn't exist on a pistol.  You have a pistol - which doesn't have a stock...   Maybe for an SBR- wait, that's got a Tax Stamp, so almost anything is legal on that, once you're approved and get the Stamp...

    This is a non-event.  It doesn't exist, outside of that one letter they sent to one guy that asked ignorant questions...   It's not law, and it's never been in a Determination Letter for public consumption...  What they wrote to that one individual - doesn't matter to anyone else in the USA, other than that one individual.  That was a personal opinion letter from FTB, only...

  7. 1 hour ago, shooterrex said:

    It may not be overgased it may be under recoiled. What is the inside depth of the buffer tube? How long is the buffer? What does the buffer weigh? Where does the gas tube end in the upper receiver?

    I was just getting ready to go here, when I read his reply - no kidding. 

    Square-faced ejectors will "swipe" brass, on regular guns, with normal loads - from the rounds feeding from the right side of the magazine, only. 

    Now, since we're talking about "too much gas" - the gas port diameter and barrel configuration should be discussed - to see if it's really over-gassed.  Chances are, it's not over-gassed at all, and it's running a 3.8oz buffer in there, with some weird recoil spring.  Not Enough Ass To Control The Mass...  of the .308AR BCG, right there.  Putting an adjustable gas block on a gun like that is just putting a band-aid on the wrong cut...  

  8. So, I meet up with @edgecrusher in 2011 or 2012, having already met out here in the desert before.  He's really the one that the "desert shoot" stuff started with, no lie.  So, I'd met him the year before out here, this is the second time meeting up.  We link up just outside of Tombstone at an annual HUGE Cowboy Action Shoot that his Father In Law is into - and it was badass.  Met Bob and Sherrie Mernickle there, and bought my first two holsters from them.  Wonderful people, just amazing.  Greg says, "Hey, what's this guy doing over here?  Is he making grips?..."   We walk into his tent - sure enough, this guy is from Tucson, and he makes some BADASS custom grips for the Cowboy Action Guns - AND makes them for 1911s...   Damnit.  Greg looks at this big chunk of Burl Ironwood, two-tone brown, and says, "THAT!!!   THAT!!!   It's gonna be GREAT on the Desert Warrior!!!..."     Fuk me... 

    I was carrying the Tac Pro II that day, and didn't have the Desert Warrior on me - but it was Saturday.  Greg and Fam had to fly out on Sunday, but I had to go back to the shoot anyway, because I had all our raffle tickets, and top prize was a complete Dillon 650B reloading setup.  I took the Desert Warrior back there,met up with the grip guy...  Couldn't find the fucking piece of Burl Ironwood, though, that was IN THE CASE YESTERDAY?!!?  WTF?!   The guy pulled it on Saturday, right after Greg and I left the tent, because he KNEW...  He pulls it out of a pocket in his shop apron, and says, "you're looking for THIS one..."     :lmao:

    I had to literally give him the gun - he had it for 5 weeks, total, to make the grips for it.   Out of a bigass  hunk of wood.  Unreal workmanship, damn near artwork.  He cut the wood block right down the middle, and reversed the pieces, so they'd be about as "mirror-image" as they could be.  He knocked it outta the park.  :hail:

    Thanks, Greg...   :thefinger:

    This motherfucker in a brown leather Punisher holster is gonna be fucking SWEET!...   :laffs:



  9. 14 hours ago, edgecrusher said:

    Yup, just like when I found that guy and his grips......

    Exactly!   But those bitches look so good on that gun, brother...   :hail:

    4 hours ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

    @98Z5V do you mind not fuc%ing off so much??? If i wanted to wait 6 months to see the holster, I'd fuc%ing walk to the shop myself! Selfish basstard

    Haha!   I was in there tonight, right after work, too.  I didn't take the Desert Warrior to work with me, so no pic today.  I'll take it in there tomorrow and get the pic...   :banana:

    2 hours ago, unforgiven said:

    Mernickel holsters I got a gun belt from them a few years ago. There was a misunderstanding and I got a belt that was a little big. Now it's way to big so they will shorten it for $14.00.  So I sent it back and it returned to small. Called them told them my waist because they factor IMB or OMB. They just made a new one , no extra charge . I called to thank them. New owners same great service. 😁

    I swear by them.  I have a couple of their holsters, and they're fucking GREAT holsters...  :thumbup:

  10. 1 minute ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

     hey buddy, in the unfortunate event you can't walk out of the place without purchasing the holster,  & about to lose your life at the hands of your wife, I'll take it off your hands for half price! Just to make sure you are safe 🤣

    I got rid of the second wife two years ago.  The first one in 1997 for practical purposes, 1999 for real. I'm safe on that. People ask what my marital status is, and I say "Very Happily Divorced!"  :banana:

    I ain't afraid of the holster, or what it might cost.  I'm afraid of liking it, alot - and how many of the other 1911s might need one of them...  THAT is the scary part!...    :laffs:

  11. 2 minutes ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

    @98Z5V you got to get us a picture of that Punisher holster,  Even if that means you buy it!

    I'll be in there tomorrow or Saturday, so I'll take the Desert Warrior with me and park it in that holster.  That's only gonna spell bad news for me, if I do that for you fuckers, though...   :lmao:

    "Just to get a pic" right?...  I'm gonna suffer for this, I can see this bruise on my horizon right now...      :bitchslap:

  12. 7 hours ago, Sisco said:

    Just picked this custom 1911 holster and magazine pouch from a local leathersmith. I likey.


    DAMN!!!  That is artwork!!!   :hail:

    There's a local leather guy that showed up here recently- he's from somewhere else, but moved his snow-bird ass here...   and got in with my Gun Pusher.  He's got a 5" 1911 holster in the shop as a "demo" with a SWEET Punisher skull on it...   that would fit my Desert Warrrior but PROPER... I'm jonesin' on that damn holster, trying to resist...   :embarrassed:

    6 hours ago, Lonewolf McQuade said:

    Left to right: Remington R1 Enhanced, Springfield GI Milspec, Colt Government (upgraded), Para Ordinance Elite.

    Gawd Damn!  Those are some nice 1911s, brother!!!   :banana:

  13. 16 hours ago, Albroswift said:

     The ATF has advised that a braced pistol with an LOP in excess of 13.5” may constitute a re-design of the host pistol and subject the pistol to restrictions under the National Firearms Act.

    ATF sent that to ONE INDIVIDUAL THAT SENT THEM A STUPID LETTER.  This has never been talked about, from ATF, since.  The Gun-Web has blown this out of proportion, big time...  They more they talk about it - the more attention it draws.  So, my posts should be deleted now?...   They'll self-destruct 5 seconds after y'all read them...  :thumbup:

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