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Posts posted by 98Z5V

  1. 1 hour ago, NightStalker said:

    I was just on Aero’s I’m confused do you need an enhanced receiver and a special barrel nut to use the HG?

    They have the "enhanced" receiver that takes the special setup, and they have the standard M5 stuff.  The rail bolts to either one - it's the same rail. 

    What you ORDER is what matters, because if you order the rail for the "enhanced" is doesn't come with a barrel nut - because the "enhanced" doesn't need one.  It bolts directly to the upper receiver on the M5 Enhanced. 

    What doesn't your upper look like?  It's either "this" or "this", below...



    "regular" or "standard"


  2. 1 hour ago, NightStalker said:

    I’m in Surprise 

    You're fuckin' LOCAL then.  We need to get out and smash some steel.  I've got the steel, and the distance.  You just need to drive, with guns.  I'm about an hour away, if you drive like a snowbird...  :thumbup:

  3. 1 minute ago, NightStalker said:

    Thanks I didn’t know about the weight, Aero rec might as well get the HG as well. 

    If it wasn't good, I wouldn't have put it on my own gun.  I'll never change it out.  15" Aero M5 rail on a 20" barrel.  Perfect on this gun.  :thumbup:



  4. 11 hours ago, NightStalker said:

    I’m using Aero Precision upper and lower in my build, looking for free floating 15” HG that won’t break the bank. Thinking about carbon fiber as well with weight in mind but think that will be to much $.

    I have to many hobbies my wife says, so trying to keep the cost down where I can  


    The Aero M5 rail is good, they offer a 15", it's guaranteed to fit right, and it's light.  My $0.02 on that. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Right&Duty said:

    Well most of it is now sorted out except take down and pivot pins.

    It would be best to state what receivers you have.  Chances are, if anyone here has used those receivers before, we've already sorted this out...  :thumbup:

    This quote from @mrraley is right on the money, too.

    As each vender is different, and not all pins or holes come out the same...

  6. That barrel just might not like FGMM 168s, either.  But, that's why I asked the questions that I did.  I wouldn't junk that barrel right away, just because it doesn't like a certain factory ammo, or doesn't like a handload that you have, that below-half-way in the acceptable charge scale.  On these gas guns, you usually find that the load that they like is pretty close to max recommended charge weights, maybe a little under, maybe a little over - max charge weights that you find listed.  That 41.0gr load that you listed earlier, yesterday, has now turned into a 41.1gr load, today  - and you can go up to 43.7grains of that powder, for that specific projectile. 

    Get the charge weights up, in increments, and really test that barrel...  Before you junk it...

    I have a very well-known barrel that absolutely HATES FGGM 168 - but it loves FGGM 175s.  It loves my 178gr handloads even more, too.  Not all barrels are the same, even if they're the same specs, dimensions, etc...  Two different brands, that are identical on the outside  - might like two different loads. 


  7. 18 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

    Sure doesn't appear to have solved the problem..........


    Killing him was never intended to solve the drug trade, or anything like that.  Killing him was done, to keep him from killing a BUNCH of other people, which he'd already done.  He bombed a commercial airliner and brought it out of the sky, killed politicians and govt officials, built and ran his own "prison" so he could "surrender" - and he later escaped from his own prison...  And he was killed.  While he was in his own prison, he consolidated different "Drug Families" and made an even larger Cartel.  Whilst in that prison, he called meeting, and had other cartel bosses killed - two by his own hand - while he was "in prison."  Had the bodies incinerated, right there at the prison, so there was no proof that they'd even been there.  Back in the day. 

    He needed to go.  Don't confuse his take-down as a veil or misunderstanding for some kind of an end to the drug trade or drug war - that was never the reason for him being removed...




  8. 27 minutes ago, W.E.G. said:

    It shoots about the same as 41.5 grains IMR 4895 out of my M1A.

    I don't shoot the M1A much these days, because it has iron sights, and I just can see them well enough most days to make spending a day with it worth my while.

    Give the load a try in a rifle that you shoot well. The 168SMK is for-sure a good bullet. Be sure you shoot it in a rifle with a good barrel.

    Nope, not gonna try it, it's too light of a powder charge for the 168 SMK out of a 1:10" twist barrel.

    Which is my point.

    You need to develop a load for that gun, before you write that barrel off as junk, then waste money on another barrel and shoot that same load - and call that barrel junk, too.  That load is just too light for a 168gr SMK going through that 1:10" twist rate barrel.  You need to beef that load up - and figure out what that barrel really likes.

    RamShot's own load data has a listed range of 39.1 to 43.7 grains of TAC, for the 168 SMK projectile.  You're less than halfway there, running 41.0 grains, and that barrel obviously doesn't like that load...   :thumbup:

  9. 13 minutes ago, Ravenworks said:

    I agree 100%.

    We (CIA-DEA) fuqked everything up and started things on this downward spiral when we let Escobar get killed

    At the time I think there was only one maybe two cartel factions.


    Now, every state has at least one cartel


    He needed to go, and we did a great job on that one.  He was out of control, literally.  The book by Mark Bowden named "Killing Pablo" is an excellent read on the whole affair. 


  10. @Robocop1051 check it brother...   Hit the Sawman podcast, go to 1:23 and wait for it...   :thumbup::hail:



    ^^^  That's the Mike Seeklander podcast, right there.  I subscribe to his shooting drills videos and newsletters, and have a few of his pistol training manuals.  It's great information and great training, if any of you guys are looking for something like that. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

    Yea funny that if there is a shooting it's gun that's the cause but if a drunk driver kills someone the brand of liquor or the car been driven is not responsible.

    That's the absurdity of it, right there.  There are idiots out there that try to sue firearms manufacturers because that brand of gun was used by a Looney-Tune Idiot to kill a bunch of innocent people in a Gun Free Zone...

    Where are the lawsuits against Chevrolet and Ford and Chrysler, because that's what brand of vehicle a drunk driver was driving?...   :popcorn:

  12. Damn,  that's it. Holy Shiit, is it good.  But, forewarning now...

    Do NOT combine that with Jameson, Salted Carmel Crown Royal, Hennessey cognac, or you will grow new body parts. I did that combo, and I thought I was The Hulk. I drank all of it, and I was invincible.  Superman was a pus$y, and I was WAY stronger than Kryptonite.  I ate that all in one night, and I was one bad motherfucker.  Those that were there will testify - I bodyslammed a telephone pole out of the back of my truck...  I poop you not.  After I slammed it, I attacked it with a chainsaw.  Then the bitch went into the firepit, after I went nuts with the axe and split the cut sections... I was on fire that night...  I was ten feet tall, two coats of hair, three rows of teeth, and bullet-proof.  That combo turned me into the animal in me that shouldn't be awakened. I went apeshit that night.  

    This really went down.  It really happened. It was the combo of the liquor that warped my mind, and made me lose my shiit...  I went berserk. 

    This was all on the Saturday night of the Fall Shoot, and I went Full GREG that night.  I didn't hold back anything.  Gravity is what forced me to bed that night. 

    I was EPIC when I was standing under my own power, though.  :banana:

  13. 13 minutes ago, Boot_Scraper said:

    This warrior had an antler buried in his neck from previous years of battle. These creatures never cease to amaze me. 


    WOW!!!  He fought it out, before, and was still here.  Unreal that he made it through that - and awesome that you got him.  Very well done.  :hail:

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