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Posts posted by 98Z5V

  1. 11 minutes ago, Old Place said:

     as I just dumped money on the Gibbz.


    Thanks for your concern, but I might not have been mistaken at all - if you had researched here before you dumped that money into the Gibbz.  4 out of 4 reports here that it doesn't work, and problems reported here.

    Check that out, when you have the time.  You only need to search on "Gibbz" and it will all come up, here.  Use the quotation marks in your search.

    Just so you know, there is one maker of a left-handed BCG, and it's for an AR15.  Stag made it.  Here's a picture:


    Here's the link to it:


    No one else has done this for any other AR15. And no one has done it for the .308AR platforms.

    I think you're the one that's mistaken.   Maybe I'm wrong.  Prove me wrong.  :thumbup:

  2. 1 hour ago, 392heminut said:

    You are right about the pendulum swinging the other way though, wait it out and the street prices WILL drop below MSRP. I kind of figure it will probably be around the middle of next year when that happens.

    It'll be sold out before prices drop.  Hell, it's almost sold out right now, and you can't find them.  Smart marketing.  :thumbup:

  3. 23 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

    If you bought this for what's being asked, what would you change on it?...


    12 hours ago, flyingfinn said:

    If it shoots fine and ejects brass fine, probably nothing.

    At least that is what my limited experience on this platform is leading me to think.

    Reason I asked that was...  If you'd change the trigger, free-float it with a handguard, change out the furniture (grip, buttstock), maybe have to sink some money into the recoil system - then it's not a good deal.  You could build for cheaper than "rifle-cost-plus-upgrades."  If you'll take it as is, and not change it - that's not a bad deal, right there. It's a terrible deal if you work it over, though.

  4. 2 hours ago, 392heminut said:

    Back in the day we used to do the PD firearms qualifications in a pit that the city landfill guys had dug out. One morning I'm running a firing line and the whole dirt bank colapsed, exposing two of those burrowing owls! Those birds were PISSED!

    That's one badass little package, right there, brother.  They do NOT fuk around. I have absolutely ZERO intentions of ever thinking that "they're cute, let's keep one as a pet!" :laffs:

    Yeah.  Fuk that. 

  5. 14 hours ago, MiddleLuke said:

    @98Z5V @Sharpshooter Enough said! I’ll give it a whirl, didn’t need much convincing. I appreciate the input 98. 

    Yep, go rip it up, man, see what it does.  If something happens during break-in, try to gather as many details as you can, report them back.  There's nothing that we can't figure out, that's for sure.  :thumbup:

  6. I'm not upset with this guy, in any way.  Not even a little.  I just wanted to use this as an example of "people need help solving an issue" and us here, not having enough info to go on.


    OP, sorry if you feel like that was a personal attack on you, and I never intended it that way.  I just used this specific situation to highlight that - it ain't easy trying to help people fix things on the interwebz, and "too much info" is actually something that doesn't exist.

  7. I fuckin' hate it, feeling like you have to waterboard someone for details.  We here GIVE details. Freely.  It needs to go both ways.

    I'm tired of waterboarding people for info - when most people come here demanding info... Not you, in this case, OP, but we have those fuckheads show up from time to time.

    Out the details on your recoil system, or else watch it when you make a move on your fridge, for a midnight snack. If we don't get details, I'll be in your fridge one night, waiting for you to open that door, all sleepy and hungry.  Then, it get's real, once that door opens and that light inside turns on and wakes me up.  I'll leap outta there and climb up your ass like a Spider Monkey, and spread out...



  8. 15 minutes ago, Gofst62@aol.com said:

    Thanks for the help. You guys were right. They sent me the wrong buffer!! Changed it out and it works great😁😁😁

    Well... Give up the details on what was wrong, already.  If what we said was wrong - what was it that was wrong?  You've still never stated whether you have a carbine or rifle recoil system, and what was wrong with it.  If it was a rifle recoil system, and you were sent an AR15 rifle recoil system - and they only sent you a buffer to change it - then it's still wrong, and is running an AR15 rifle buffer spring.  Not good for a .308AR, by the way... 

    Spill the details...  :popcorn:

  9. Anybody here ever buy a new motorcycle, and immediately take apart the engine, measure piston ring end-gap?  Check combustion chamber volume?  You buy a new bike and test the fuel pressure right out of the pump, if it's EFI?  You know, to make sure it's in spec? 

    No, you buy a new bike, fill up the tank, and you go rip that thing.

    OP, if you don't obviously have something wrong with your gun - then go shoot it.

  10. On 3/26/2020 at 6:37 AM, Jcunning19 said:

    Yesterday I shott some Barnes Vortex through it. It cycled the first two shots then double fed due to the shell not extracting all the way etc. 


    Just wanted to hit on this, for clarification.  As far as malfunctions go, that is not a double-feed malfunction.  That's a Failure to Eject malfunction.  A Double-feed is two live rounds, trying to enter the chamber at the same time, and a Double-feed is always magazine-related.  

    My $0.02.  :thumbup:

    This is a double-feed:


    The magazine lips, or the magazine spring, can't control how many round it's letting out during the cycling operation, and it launches two.  That same mag would launch three - if there was room in the upper to do it. That's double-feed malf, right there.

    This is Failure to Eject:


    This is BAD.  This is Failure to Eject, AND a Double-feed, at the same time.


    The only thing worse is a bolt-override malfunction.


  11. I didn't know where to put this, and I struggled over where to put it.  It's the background of a man, but the background of a business strategy in a way...  It's very personal, but very business-oriented.  It's more, to me, what they (the company) do for a certain mentality of 'Merica - and if you're not in that mentality, then get your coffee elsewhere, we don't need your business...   :thumbup:

    This is a really good interview, deep into Mat Best, but also into Article 15 Clothing, more into BRCC.  This is a good one.

    I love the title of the vid - "I'm not Sober, I've just learned to deal with it..."

  12. 42 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

    Fired up the landlords grill, caught filet mignon on sale at wally world this morning, forgot how good those things are!


    Very well performed.  (I was gonna say "very well done," but it's not well done for the meat...  :laffs:).  Definitely one of the finest cuts of meat, and flawlessly prepared...   :thumbup:

  13. 2 hours ago, A.James said:

    Awesome! Yeah I was looking into that barrel specifically. 1016S-HYR I believe the part number is. Thanks for the recommendation! Found it for around two ninety, you think that’s a decent price?

    Yeah, that's very good on the price.  Back when Fulton Armory stocked it (decade ago just about), Fulton would have their largest sale of the year on President's Day, and that barrel would be right around $275. 

  14. I'll break this down, for future historical information. 

    This is all from the Mk12 SPR Program, and the original Mk12 Mod 0 gun. And, the innovative Ops Inc 12th Model suppressor.  Ops Inc is gone, But Ron Allen from Allen Engineering was the one that made most of those suppressors for Ops Inc anyway - And Ron Allen is doing well these days.  The direct replacement for an Ops Inc 12th Model can is the Allen Engineering AEM5 can -that IS the Ops Inc 12th Model, with different engravings.  Same can.  That IS the Mk12 SPR suppressor.

    Here's what the barrel profile looks like with the SPR collar on the barrel, and the specs for that are below:



    the M4 barrel profile.  All Colt M4 (and M4A1) barrels had a 0.700" diameter, and they stepped up 0.700" back from the barrel shoulder.  To mount up the Ops 12th to the M4 and M4A1, this was the collar that you needed to make that happen - as well as the brake, of course.




    Here's a pic that shows both the Mk12 and the M4 barrel - with their brakes and collars, to run the Ops 12th/AEM5 cans:


    If your barrel is perfect on the Colt M4 barrel pattern, and has a true 0.700" x 0.700" step, then the M4 AEM5 Collar will allow you to mount up the cans, properly.

    Lots of "mil-spec" barrels out there that are not truly mil-spec, and they fuk this measurement up.  Don't expect every "mil-spec" barrel to meet that 0.700" x 0.700" true M4 military specification... 

  15. Hey man, you can still get this barrel:


    Fulton Armory no longer has it produced to their specs, By Krieger Criterion.  Criterion is not with Krieger any longer, either.  Criterion still makes this barrel, with very few minor changes - here's a link:



    It's every single bit, a true match grade barrel. That's why you see the pricetag on it like that.  FWIW, that was the original price of the Fulton Armory barrel, too. It hasn't inflated over time.

    This is the exact 18.5" barrel that I have in my Mk11 build that I linked to in this thread - this is THE barrel.  @Matt.Cross has this barrel, too, if I'm not mistaken.



    Most accurate .308 Win AR barrel that I own.  :thumbup:

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