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gas block roll pin size


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I have heard the same thing.I have 3/32 roll pin to try tonight after work. plus a homemade roll pin installment  tool.

just a rod with hole drilled on end....drilled next drill size bigger than roll pin  made 1 for  1/16 and 1/8 roll pins also.

roll pin fits in the end, no wobble or falling out. or miss, and I rounded outside edges so not to hit anything and leave mark on gas block or what ever I use these for.

could someone tell me the correct size.  i make enough mistakes as it is..  it looks like gas block takes bigger than gas tube

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They are difficult.

Here's what I do.

1. Get a roll pin punch of the correct size. I prefer the ones with the radius.

2. I then take a piece of 1" wide masking tape and wrap it around the punch while overlapping half of the pin. Probably 3 or 4 wraps

3. Hammer the bitch in. The tape holds it in line but is no match for the hammer

Alternatively I have done the same thing with the clear heat shrink tubing.

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It can help to radius or taper the front of the pin or the end you are trying to insert.

Put the pin in a drill press or battery operated drill & dress it at about a 45 deg. angle or so with a file or stone ,just a little to give it a start into the hole .

If you look close at a pin ,it has a little roundness to it already for this .

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