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lapping upper receiver


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Yes & no , some live by it . If the face of the upper receiver is not true ,its most likely just the Finnish put one it that needs dressing up & can be done with out special tools.

Now keeping it true by doing that is where a good tool , of some sort, would be nice .

They don't make one of them there tools for AR 308 uppers, like they do for the AR15/16 family ,so you have to resort to your own Witt's on cleaning it up , if, even needed.

There are a whole bunch of rifles out there ,that have not had anything done to the face of the upper receiver that shoot just fine & print smaller groups than 1 ".

Good Quality parts is what helps the most.

On the most part ,DPMS bbls. are good shooters . As with any large output manufacturer ,you can get a bad one , now & then.


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I am ordering the tool for the AR15. and I will use it as guide to making 1 that fits 308.  if it makes even a small difference I want to preform task on build.

would like more info on what I can do to add accuracy the weapon. and more enjoyable to shoot. 

will have 4lb trigger, eventually prs stock. not going to install anything on muzzle at this time.. 

and seriously thinking of buying 2 piece bolt on gas block so I don't do anything with set screws going into barrels.  I think you would have to really torq screws down to damage bore . but it does sound like it is possible.?

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In short, to make a semi auto rifle accurate:

free-float the barrel.

use a good trigger.

use a quality barrel.

verify your headspace upon assembly.

use the appropriate buffer.

In a nutshell, that's what you can do to make an accurate semi auto.  Everything else is fine tuning parts to make them all work together. 

There's not really much to making an accurate semi auto, besides not using crap-parts.  What makes an accurate semi auto is the shooter.  A good shooter can make a crap-parts gun look good most of the time.  A piss-poor shooter can't make a $5k custom build look good, no matter what.  Parts won't help that, if the shooter is not up to par, and it doesn't matter how much you spend, or tweak on the gun.

Bottom line - look at training first.  Assess that, and figure out what needs to be done, either gun or shooter.

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I'll go a step further here.

If you've free-floated the gun, used a good barrel from a good manufacturer (that can be a "standard barrel" from most good manufacturers - doesn't need to be an expensive "match barrel" from a custom shop), have a good trigger in there, don't have serious headspace problems, and haven't done anything drastic to mis-match a buffer...

That gun should repeatedly shoot well.  Looking beyond the "poop happens once in awhile" things with manufacturers, and a few bad parts getting out the doors on seldom occasions, there's not too many other reasons that THE GUN shouldn't be capable of (close to, or at) 1 MOA shooting at 100 yards.  That says nothing about the shooter's capabilities.  Given those basics, a good shooter should be able to get that gun at 1 MOA at shorter distances. 

When you start fine tuning the guns, and putting more money into high quality parts - and paying attention to combinations of parts that work well together, and you can shoot, that's when you'll have a gun that's capable of great accuracy at long distances.

My $0.02, for what it's worth... 

EDIT - I forgot to address ammo, most importantly here.  Some ammo won't shoot 3 or 4 MOA at distances of 100 feet, let alone yards.  Match the quality ammo to the rifle configuration, or you'll find yourself pissing into the wind trying to get good groups, provided everything else is on par... 

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what would be a good set up for the buffer other than stock DPMS for 308.  am I better to go with some type of standard set up or match something with the load I will work up.

ammo :  that will be reloaded and I will shoot batches till I find the  the best match..  unfortunately  I do not operate well in cold weather so the real testing wont start till weatherwarms up some.

I do have some slight shooting skills,  nothing worth bragging about.  I don't flinch. I don't jerk the trigger and I don't always shoot perfect.  i blame all fliers on my age and health.

headspacing at the moment I left at the mercy of the manufacturer's  I  have  the go and no go and field  from different  type of build.. I do not have full set of match gauges.  somewhere down the road when I take the next step with barrel extentions and chamber reaming

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Dude, you're asking questions that are all over the place, all over the board.  You're looking for accuracy in this thread based on lapping an upper receiver.  Other threads you've started are about ear-pro from the military, etc.  It seems like you're searching for the perfect answer to everything, from all over the place, and it's all intermingled.

The only magic in any of this is perfecting skills as a shooter, then applying those skills to different types of weapons platforms.  Time...  None of this happens fast, even if you attend a bunch of high-speed shooter courses as a Halo-Scuba-Pathfinder-Special Forces-Ranger-12-sandwich-eating-motherfucker, 10-feet tall, three rows of teeth and two coats of hair, caveman style.

Grab a damn generic .22LR rifle, figure out how to shoot that thing into a 2" square at 100 yards, and when you've got that all figured out you'll be able to shoot just about anything well - without a bunch of tricked out gear, pricey ammo, and added expense that you don't need.  Go to an Appleseed shoot.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you're asking things that are all over the damn place, and combined together - none of it makes sense.  It all looks like you're trying to find some fast way into becoming a shooting badass...  <dontknow>

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"Dude"  how do I respond,.. if your wanting to ban me just do it , don't try a bait me so you have a so called justified reason.

what make you think I can not shoot. because I don't know all the answers.  I'm not the expert that you must be.

what question would you like me to ask?

Nobody here is getting banned for anything - there's no reason for that.  The only things I know about you are what you post, nothing more.  I see you searching for ways to build an accurate weapon, and basic "accurate-weapon" answers have been given to you by various members on the board.  By asking such questions, what you're looking for in a direct answer is the secrets used by badass weapons manufacturers who have been doing this for years and years.  basic analogy in that would be calling LaRue and asking them for the specs on one of their 7.62 OBRs so you can build one yourself - they're not gonna give you that information.  It's that simple. 

Gunsmithing is an art, perfected by years and years of experimentation, testing, modification, then applying those learned lessons right back into the beginning of that circle of gunsmithing. 

It's not something you can explain to someone in a post - or several - on the internet.  True, basic modifications can be explained with a few words and pictures, and that information can be grasped by many - but not all. 

All I'm saying is "understand the basics" of this particular platform - that's the one you wish to advance, obviously - understand the inner workings of the gun, then modify that based on what works for you...

Nobody here can tell you what is going to work for you.  I'm not you, and neither is anybody eelse here - we don't know.  I have no idea what range you'll want to effectively shoot at, whta ammo you're trying to use, what your intended target is, what your atmospherics are most of the time you shoot.  I don't know any of that, and truthfully, it might not make a difference if I did.  I'm still not the one shooting your weapon.

That's the reason I stressed "learn to shoot."  If you know how to shoot, and you don't need any input on that - then you're not looking for any advancement - you've hit your pinnacle, and you won't advance beyond that.  Download the Army Markmanship Manual and learn those shooting fundamentals.  There's something in there that everyone can learn.  Other than that, you're the one that needs to figure out what you need to do to your gun. Trying to gunsmith your own firearm for the first time on a new platform never works out, and it seems like you're trying to apply every trick that you can on your first build - just do the basics.  If you can install a barrel, then you can remove it and lap your upper receiver later - after the basics are applied, and if you find that it's necessary to enhance your skills. Once you're capable of outshooting the weapon, THEN you mod the weapon to match your skills.

I hope you take this the right way.  I hope I've explained it well enough for you to understand my intent.

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