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Wilson Combat 7.62X40 WT - The Practical .30 AR Solution

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I just checked and I can do custom work in flourescent orange, green, red and I even have and old can of spray on undercoating if you like the rough black look.


I'll throw in the paint for free but of course, custom work will require a bit of labor compensation.  The runs and drips I'll throw in for free as well cuz, well, I ain't no picasso man...lol

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If I wanted a odd variation of .30, I would just pick up a 300 blackout upper for my Mk1.  The recoil of a .308 doesn't bother me.  If I want a soft shoot, i'll shoot 5.56.  If I want takedown, I'll shoot .308.  And if I want stubby .30 cal, there is a little known Russian gun that has been shooting x39 for 70 years with considerable success.  But it is always interesting seeing folks try to re-invent the wheel.

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It was me.  New to the site.  Never heard of the cartridge.  Always happy to offer my half-wit opinions.  Especially at old threads.  I'm sure the round is a solid performer.  I have always been biased against oddball calibers that aren't widely used.  Not because they are poor rounds.  Just because I like widescale availability.  I especially like NATO rounds.  In case the zombiepocalypse takes me overseas.  My guns all shoot 7.62x51, 5.56x45, 9mm para.  And of course 12ga.  Plus some .22LR stuff that I inherited.  

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