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Long range ar???

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Do you usually shot long range by loading one round for each shot or do you load a full magazine of ?? rounds?

I usually use a four round magazine, it fits my prone position much better than a 20 or 30 round magazine, in the LR308.  I haven't seen a single shot magazine blanking device that will hold the bolt open after each shot, I find operating a charging handle and bolt stop after each shot inconvenient. 

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If you plan on going with 6.5 creedmoor over the .308, my suggestion is go for 260 rem. 6.5 creed has a slightly different case dimensions compared to .308 or .243 brass which adds a little bit more work. 260 rem has similar performance to 6.5 creed but can easily use .308 brass necked down or .243 brass necked up because of the similar dimensions. just a little less work with 260 for the reloader.

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NRA long range matches are all single loading, so having ammo loaded longer than mag length is no big deal. SOoooooo if you want your 308 to shoot high BC bullet like the new 175 TMK from the mag and have good accuracy at long range you need to make sure the gunsmith cuts the chamber with a short throat to get the bullet touching when its chambered.

For 6.5 or even a 260 the higher BC 123g being .500 can be done the same way and still have room for powder. My short range load for my 6.5 Creedmoor is a 142g seated at mag length for 200 and 300 yds. But at 600 they will be at the lands.  This because the 123g I would always seam to have a flyer or two out of the group at 300 yds as my DPMS barrel is a 1-8.5 twist and both sierra and hornady recommend an 8 twist barrel. The 142 is suppose to work only with a 8 twist but in my barrel it shoots just fine. I just used it at 1,000 yds and stayed with a 6.5x284 or pretty close to his score. Not bad considering a 24 inch barrel vs a 28 inch barrel and more powder and FPS over mine.

The bottom line, either 6.5C or 260 or 308 if its mag length there are plenty of options and length of bullet jump.

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Also 7mm-08 is a nice flat shooting round that can be loaded with bullets of high BC and seems to be growing in popularity, might be pushing the mag length a bit though for some loads, but still a good option.

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