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Funny thing about springs

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       I looked at my 308AR rifle stock Buffer Springs to see what coil count & Spring length they were to see how they compared to what a Member KnewB had in his rifle & I find that the New 18" build has a strange spring in it , well not so strange , its an AR 15 Rifle stock size , Buffer Spring , by length & Coil count . 

         Now this Buffer Spring is in a New build as said , which I'm having strange issues in & if you go to 308, Parts & under D.Wilson Bolts , you will see what I'm talking about , Rifle functions flawlessly with all the other Bolts I have tried in it , but his & its not just one of his Bolts , its also a complete BCG , acting the same way , odd , for sure . So me installing a AR 15 Rifle Buffer Spring , which was ordered , not sure who yet but will find out because , I have no doubt I ordered the correct spring .

         The thing is , I took it for granted I got the correct spring & to be honest , I , until the other day didn't know what the spec's were for the correct 308AR rifle spring for a DPMS LR . MY Bad !  Now I know & I have uncovered , at least to me , some interesting measurements on the group of springs I have on hand . 

         I will be installing the Tubb's Flat wire Buffer Spring I have in the 18" bbl'd rifle .

         I have a DPMS, 308AR Carbine Spring , the Spring that came out of the 18" Rifle & two AR 15 Rifle Stock Buffer Springs .

Top to Bottom,- 308AR Rifle Buffer , DPMS (from my 18"Rifle ) - AR 15 Rifle Buffer ,- AR 15 , Rifle Stock Buffer Spring , Buffer Spring from my 18" Rifle , DPMS ,308AR Carbine Buffer Spring ( correct ) 



DPMS Rifle Buffer - 5 1/4 " long

AR 15 Rifle Buffer -  6 "

AR 15 Rifle length Buffer Spring (# 1 ) - 12 3/8 " long , 43 Coils + ( # 2 )  13 1/8 " long , 44 Coils .

Spring from my 18" Rifle - 12 1/4" long , 43 Coils .

We have plenty of Carbine info around here , so I will keep this just Rifle length stuff , but I will say that all the Springs had a Wire Diameter of 0.071" , Now, I know they can make Springs with different Tensions , but this measurement surprised me .

CS ( Tubb's ) Flate Wire Buffer Spring ( Rifle or Carbine ) 18 5/8 " long , I didn't bother to count the Coils or their thickness , this Spring is a Bear to get in a Carbine , but not all that bad in a Rifle length Receiver Extension.

    We have seen others who had AR 15 Rifle Buffer Springs here before , I did' think I would be one , you can't take anything for granted with these builds . You are at the mercy or the Parts you are shipped I thought I was doing a good job weeding the incorrect ones out & this time I got bit for not knowing & checking the components out .




  Just so you know my old 20" 308AR with DPMS Lower , has the correct Rifle Buffer Spring , 12 1/2 " long , 39 Coils .    

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1 hour ago, wetncold said:

I agree. I have the Tubbs spring in my carbine length rifle and I thought I was going to have to hire a crew to get it in. But once in, I love it.

Wet...yeppers they work pretty darn well     Wash

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   The Tubbs spring worked well , my 155 gr. Hornady Amax loads were ejecting at one o'clock , but the rest just lobed into a neat pile about two foot away at three o'clock .Too bad the D.Wilson BCG started to have the same issues when warm . I gave a full account in the 308 Parts section , under D.Wilson Bolts  

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Nice find.    I think those two parts right there (along with gas block)  are to an AR-type rifle as a 4-barrel carb and ignition timing are on an old small block lol

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