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I need help with hand guard ID


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 I did get more today, even found a couple of barrel nuts to use as patterns. I'ii get more pics tomorrow so you can pic what you like, most of the uppers have a small offset where the drills met when the drilled the main hole thru, some are near the front, some near the back. ill try to get a pic of that but I really doubt it is enough to be a issue. I will put a barrel in the worst one and see how the bcg works and how the bolt closes.

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7 hours ago, texas30cal said:

EXACTLY!! I was told that they get this almost weekly, I never worked in a machine shop that would tolerate that kind of scrap rate.

We got called into the production office quarterly, with management asking what was wrong that we scrapped a(some) part(s).  Proud to say my rate was zero percent.

Savage for many years was the only major manufacturer to use an in-process QC.  It was how they supplied gnat's ass accuracy at half of what Remington and Winchester did.  No scrap, no waste to buy over and over again.

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Hey sorry I've been absent, work here at the shop has been crazy, now we had all this flooding. Well over 30" of rain in 24 hrs. About half the house got flooded, when I was waiting for water to go down so I could get into my house a guy tried going trough water over his hood about 150 yds from my house, got washed away. Two days later I was driving a ranger down there for body recovery:((. I promise I'll get pics and a list up when things calm down.

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I have a Rock River Arms AR10? LAR8? 16", Thought I'd put a Low Profile gas block and slim clamp on forearm and man! I cant find a forearm with the right treads. Don't know the different patterns and also purchased a tubular 12" from RRA,then the barrel nut is made in the dang thing so, cant use the low profile gas block and gas tube unless there is some voodoo to get the gas block on after the forearm and gas tube is in place! all I wanted to do was change out the Factory forearm to a slim 12" clamp on and now its a guessing game or gamble if I buy a Forearm with the right thread pattern !!! any help would be great!!/anyone!!


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Welcome from California, feel free to introduce yourself here:


This thread hit a "dead end" - long story - might be a good idea to post in this section:


I'm not sure what the RRA barrel nut thread is -  it may be unique to that brand - there are a few here familiar with that platform that should be able to shed some light on things

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