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Winchester USA Forged 9mm Ammo Review

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Saw a 150 round box of this at walmart for $23 so I thought I'd give it a go. No malfunctions or fliers but it is hands down the dirtiest ammo I have ever used. The "Clean-burning powder" left the inside of my MK25 caked with gray, clay like gunk. I'm not sure what comparison they used for the clean burning claim but it is by far the worst I've shot. The " proprietary surface treatment" on the cases leaves your fingers and everything you touch a dark gray. Looks to me like they tumbled the stuff in moly then it went straight in the package. At 16 cents a round it is cheap shooting but I think I'd rather pay a bit more and shoot the Federal aluminium case from walmart or wait for internet sales on good brass cased stuff at 20 cents a round. I'm thinking the little I saved will be spent on extra brake cleaner and hand soap!


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