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The Pre-2nd Amendment File


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  • 2 years later...

For me, it's about individual rights vs. authority...

We are all created equal. Every human being on earth is equal, with the same rights. It doesn't matter if you're a king, or Pope, or Caesar, we are truly ALL created equal. Who disagrees with this???

That being said, leads to my next question..."By what right do I have to tell you, what you should have to defend you and your family"? The truth is that I do not have any right to do so. If I ever claimed I did, then I would fit into the tyrant category.

Which leads to the next question. "Where does the government get the right to create gun laws"? The answer is "The People"!

Now enters confusion. "So the people, who are all created with the same rights, give a right that they don't have to others, to decide what weapons they are allowed to have to defend their life and family"? (scratching my head)

The Constitution is an unusual document. It does not give any power to anyone. It merely recognizes the power by which every human is born with. The most important part being that "we are all equal". That statement makes us different in America. We recognize that we all have the same rights. It doesn't matter if you claim "the divine right of kings, because we reject that in this nation.

Usually when I say this, the simps run out and accuse me of being against "peace officers", which I'm not. There are truly evil people in this world, and there needs to be a opposing force to deal with it. Every day since 1776 we have been trying to figure this out. It's not easy, and freedom is complicated. However, I go back to individual freedom which should be the pursuit of every American. I'll choose "dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery" any day.

That's my rant....

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  • 3 weeks later...

Exhail, not sure if I agree 100% with your reasoning, but I do agree with your conclusion. And as for what weapons "we the people" were supposed to have the right to arm ourselves with, bear in mind there were no restrictions of any kind in the Constitution. What the Founders intended, as I read it, was weaponry suitable to oppose a tyrannical government. Or, as one of the characters in Robocop put it, "State of the art bang-bang!"

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