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Anyone Own an LMT-MWS-Sharpshooter-L129A1?


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m1911, 308AR is a truly unique forum on the Internet. Part of the reason is that a lot of the trolls and fakes that populate a lot of forums and cause them to blow up aren't tolerated here. I am not saying you are one, but a common modus operendi of those types is to come in and overwhelm people with all the wonderful stuff they have, and /or how much they know. I don't know how much you know, probably quite a bit. But a lot of the people on this forum know more about firearms and specifically 308AR's then I will ever know. If I have a problem with mine, I trust them to help me solve the issue, and they have always done so in the four years I have visited this forum. The point is, I have learned that no matter how great my stuff is, or my accomplishments are, somebody on the forum has done more, knows more, or has better. While it is good to like your equipment, and tell people about it, and by the sounds of it you have good stuff, it is a fine line between that and boasting, which doesn't float here at all.

My advice as another old guy who loves guns is to step back and read some of the old threads, and ask questions that are truly questions and not reaffirmations of what you might already know. The level of knowledge a lot of the forum members have is truly awesome, and a huge help.But people who jump into the Forum with both feet right away are taken with a huge grain of salt.  I do sincerely hope you will hop on the service rifle thread and talk about some of your experiences with your M14's, I am a neophyte with them as opposed to the AR10 and I am always looking for some good ideas.

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17 minutes ago, Matt.Cross said:

Ball-busting is a regular occurrence and is not to be taken as personal dislike, it happens from top to bottom with complete disregard for seniority or status. 

Don't take ball-busting personally, it's a culture thing here.

I'd expect a comment like that from a pancake balled person like yourself.:hornet:

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Welcome to you Mr 1911, from Texas where we like to shoot about anything that goes BANG!

Well I must of learned a mess of stuff off of this thread, but I'm confused as to what exactly?

1911, What about you and your Colt 1911? I guess you have more than one? what? and  Why?

You shoot an M14, is it 100% USGI?  but never shoot out past 300 yds, strange that you would need a scope unless you have bad eyes?

What ammo do you shoot in your M14 I use a lot of Federal factory loads mostly 168 OTM and 175  Matchking  in my one and only M1A, it is scoped with an inexpensive Bushnell 4x18 .308 BDC, so far, I like the way it shoots. I don't reload any more.

I learned a lot about AR308s from these guys since I started paying attention back in 2014. 

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18 minutes ago, Sisco said:

R Squared shoulda got new shocks on his truck before christmas.


Nahh. We were good. She only had about 7000 miles on her before I left.

And +1 on the ball busting that goes on around here. That's a target that's constantly floating. We all take our turn in the barrel.

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