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LC Brass , Starline , IMI , there are many with heavy Base Webs . I use once fired LC Brass for my 308AR's& M1A SOCOM , some reloaders don't like once fired Military Brass because it was shot out a a Machine Gun , proper inspection & Brass prep for me it has worked fine for so many years , I lost count .No Brass , even the expensive stuff is really not meant to be reloaded & its not the Brass make up , some are better at repetitive reloading , but with semi auto Rifles , they abuse Brass , Annealing is necessary to keep proper neck tension & even then 5-10 reloading's are normal ( & with the M14/M1A , maybe less ), which is not bad . To me its better then paying for loaded ammo & not reloading . 

That ring at the top of the Base Web is from pressure from a weak Case because of its stretching from repeated firing/loading /trimming cycles , when you process your brass , after a light cleaning , any showing that ring , should be retired from service . From lots shot from my SOCOM , I had a lot that had four out of fifty that had the rings , then another lot had four loading & had none , so its a crap shoot .

I use a Full Length Bushing Die the last couple of years & got away from my Small Base Die ( over thirty years in service , so it was time ) , with a FL Die , I have to Trim less off the Case , about half what the initial SB would & to me that has proven to permit the Case life to be extended with most cases .The loaded ammo works fine in all my 308's , so the FL Sizing is not a factor .

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As far as reloading for the 7.62/.308, it simply isn't necessary to use a small base sizing die, but if it makes you feel better, go ahead. I've used an RCBS standard sizing die for 5 different semi auto rifles, and all function just fine. Just make sure the resized brass fits into a case gauge properly. 

I've used lots of different brands of brass (still using some IMI 30-06 brass I bought in the 80s. Fantastic stuff!) and have never had a problem using 1x-fired military brass, even if it was fired from a machine gun. I'll continue using it. Just follow good reloading procedures and you'll be fine.

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