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BDC Subtention/Range CALC Excel

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I've been playing with Excel Ballistic calculators and started writing my own for kicks. I made this BDC Calc to recalculate published scope subtentions at 9x/100 yards to various magnifications. You can then use the table on the bottom to calculate range from the various subtentions. I have Excel on my Smart-ass phone so I can run it in the field and range with the BDC reticle.


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19 minutes ago, FreQRiDeR said:

Updated moa to equal 95.5 inch instead of rounded to 1" (more accurate) and zoom/subtentions formula improvements.



Disregard this last version! I got confused. Subtentions on this scope are in inches already so no need to multiply by moa! Sorry Admins, can you delete this last post?

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