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Light primer strikes

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1 hour ago, Kyblue82 said:

Will the h3 buffer still work with my tubbs flat wire spring?

Yes, never heard of an issue with that spring.

If it doesn't work for you I'll swap you for an Armalite spring or just buy it.

Edited by jtallen83

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So I got the offset buffer retainer very quickly, I ordered the armalite RET and h3 buffer, should be here Monday, once I get it all together I’ll give a review of how that offset retainer works out, my larue trigger is on backorder, might be a while before it’s here.

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6 minutes ago, Kyblue82 said:

So I got the offset buffer retainer very quickly,

I'm glad you did, too - that's an easy answer to a hard-to-overcome issue. Brilliant.

For those that didn't catch the linked article that was in that sale link, here it is:


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A quick look at this 'offset' retaining pin.. i suppose.. gtaw + er70 and a little time with hand files..

I understand the purpose of this item. That many out of spec receivers circulating for such a part? Alternatively, why could a person not take a large bastard file and slowly remove material from the receiver extension tube itself? Even filedriving should prevent buggering threads. A triangle file at most would be needed for pointing the end of tube threads again.

An overly long tube could also cause the carrier to crash against lower receiver?


I skimmed the topic. It seems the recommended part may correct misaligned bore for buffer retainer pin or alternatively an overly long receiver extension tube?

In more than twenty rifle builds with small and large frames.. never have had this issue. Perhaps Lady Luck has smiled on me so far.


Not trying to insult, naysay or otherwise.


Am I understanding the part swap solution?

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Ok so I love the offset retainer, and yes you could file a retainer down to achieve the same goal but since mine was completely gone and I had to order one that’s what I chose to go with. Got the armalite length carbine receiver extension installed and it screwed up perfectly where it should be, no more marring, also got my mbt trigger installed and just got an xh buffer and 308 spring from slash(shout out slash, good dude, great fast service.) haven’t had a chance to put any rounds through it yet since all the upgrades but looking forward to giving you guys some feed back. Gonna try the xh buffer with both 308 spring and tubbs and see which one I like better. Thanks for the help gents!

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Thanks for the update on that offset pin, man - right on.

I'm pretty sure that the 308 spring that Slash provides is the Armalite EA1095 spring; same spring works in both rifle and carbine 308 recoil systems.

Edited by 98Z5V

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