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What are you listening to?


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7 hours ago, shepp said:

I’ve listened to a few pods with these guys and tac p’s I can’t imagine the stress of being in the poop calling in for air support and you needed that poop like yesterday. But then it finally and you have A front row seat to a very large can of whoop ass on the enemy 

It's pretty fucking impressive watching them work, brother.  Can't really describe it, but it's like they're on a phone call, just complaining about overcharges on their internet bill or something.  :laffs:

They're just calm, cool, collected - and getting it fucking done. 

There are so many facets to the AFSOC game, and almost nobody knows about them, the differences, what they do, how they work...   The aircraft are cool as fuk.  But those ground guys are some of the toughest motherfuckers in the SOF game.  Their training pipeline is so long. 

Short story - went to a close air support course in 1995, at Hurlburt Field, FL.  We spent 3 weeks hitting the beach everyday, and all night running AFSOC gunship call-for-fire training and missions.  What a sweet course to go to.  MH-53s and AC-130s, call for fire, on the range, fucking shiit up downrange.  3 weeks of it gets you pretty good at it, but not like the real AF dudes that do this for a living.  It gives you a certification, and the proper training, to pop up on their frequency, and request fire to get your ass out of a bind.

We had 2 guys assigned to us from the unit there, attached to us for the training.  There was a young kid, just came in.  He was enlisted grade E3, Airman First Class.  Young fuqr.  We talked, and he was talking about getting out after this first enlistement.  I laughed.  He was already airborne qualified, HALO qualified, SCUBA qualified (Combat Diver), and was about to make rank to E4.  He was in training for damn near 2 years, and he's talking about getting out.

I said, "Look, man - do you have ANY IDEA how long it takes an Army guy to complete the qualifications and schools that you have?  Those are necessary for your job, so it's automatic - but you've already accomplished a HELL of alot in 2 years.  You're set for life, if you stay in the Air Force..."

I don't know if he ever stayed in, got out, or what...   That kid was SET...

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Check this one - Shrek McPhee.  When you start listening to this one - think about what you're hearing.

This is what we do.  What he's explaining it WHY we do what we do.  It's not specifically a Shrek thing - it's the SOF mentality that is what it is - they're on a shoot right now, during this interview.

This is why I do what I do, why I know those of you that I know, and why we've shot together when we have...

This blows it out.



"If you need a place, to let it all out, then this is the place, right now.  "  Pay close attentuon to 56:02 in this, or very close to it.  It'll haunt you, if you've been out here to the SDTF before.  Not my words, I didn't carry it - 10 years ago...

Shrek lets it out.  That's MY mentality.

"Have a community that I consider family"

You motherfuckers are that community.  :hail:


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I know this song has been posted before , but I just recently listed to the lead singer tommy vex on a podcast called Citizen. Dude basically gave up a multimillion dollar career or had it stripped from him because he didn’t believe what went on during the pandemic was right. 



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16 hours ago, shepp said:

tommy vex

He's a badass, man.  Love that guy, for how he works, what he stands for, and what he went through because of his beliefs. 

He's money to me.  Legit, real person, with real morals and convictions.  That he stood behind, no matter what.  Complete stud.  :thumbup:

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@shepp, I watched all that close, when he was splitting from Bad Wolves, and why, and watched all the fallout.

Not long after that, he was in this song, which I dearly love.  There's some fuckin' LEGENDS in this one, and it's pretty touching, when you read the lyrics and listen to it at the same time. 

I know I've posted this before - but this is still a good time to repost it. 


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Going back a page to @98Z5V talking about Robert’s Ridge…that one was free on Audible if you have that service. A little over halfway through it right now. What a complete clusterfcuk. I can’t believe how many bad decisions were made in succession that just kept leading to worse and worse. Credit to the guys who were doing what they were asked to do, but 99% of that was avoidable if they’d had competent people making the initial calls.  



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56 minutes ago, DNP said:

Going back a page to @98Z5V talking about Robert’s Ridge…

CPT Nate Self - on Robert's Ridge.  I worked with him in Afghaniland the next year, same area.  That guy was a goldmine of information, before we ever went in, Day 1. 

On the ground intel is invaluable.  Kept us alive.

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Here's some Jack Carr shiit, with Kyle Lamb on there in the interview - pretty damn good. 

At exactly 6:32 in this interview, you'll see some shiit come up.  It's a BRCC coffee cup.  They get into that real quick, and the hate that BRCC has seen, and thy dismiss it - pretty quick.

BRCC ain't bad, no matter what you read here, or who hates them, or who's hating on them, when they're doing it.  I'll stand behind that, no matter what gets posted about BRCC, Evan Hafer, or any or those guys.  Fuk the haters.  Because they're whiners.


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Looking for the next “book on tape”. Finished up Lone Survivor today - that was pretty damn good actually. Marcus had some serious Devine intervention schit going on - like way more than Jules in Pulp Fiction. The guys that didn’t come off the mountain sound like true warriors and amazing heroes we lost. All because they made one bad decision not to execute the goat fukers that found them. 

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This one is pretty badass, because this covers the same timeframe that I was in 1st SFG(A).  It's pretty cool, hearing this.  What this guy is describing and talking about - some of the people - I worked with them.  I know some of the dudes he's talking about.  Pretty much mind-blown listening to this.

For the record, the 1st SFG(A) CIF Team is (was) C/1/1, stationed in Oki.

He talks about one of the guys that got his eye shot out during a training rotation - that was one of the guys that I worked with for a long time, talked him into really doing the real job, and getting Ranger qualified, as a support guy - like we're supposed to - and he did.  He took that eye loss pretty hard.  I get it - I know, and I talked to him for many days and hours about it, on the phone, after it happened.  Potentially, you're out of the Army, without one of your eyeballs.  I gave him possible options, all things considered.

He stayed in, and went on to do greater things, with one eye.  He turned into a Terminator Badass, with one eyeball, and went on to do great things for this country.  I think I talked about it before, but he had a fake eyeball, battery-powered, that he could pop in, and it really was a Terminator eyeball, glowing red when it was turned on...  Scared motherfuckers in a bar, when they saw that shiiit...  :laffs:  His first name was Melborne, his name in Group was Meb.  It was just easier that way.  I won't give his last name, because I have no idea if he's even working in this field anymore, or with any agency these days.  He was crippled, potentially getting kicked out for disability, but went on to achieve more than any of us did, with the direction he went.  Badass.

Listen to this one, it's pretty cool.  It's REALLY cool for me, because I'm recognizing names, dates, deployments...  What a ride...


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I'm telling you, in Afghaniland November 2003, 2/75 deployment - we were on a refit back at a mountain base, and it was him and another dude with guitars in a mud hut, singing about alien ass-ravage...  :laffs:  I seriously need to meet him, and ask him about that...   :lmao:

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