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98's .260 Remington

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6 hours ago, suzukiray said:

How did these shoot Tom?

Fucking rained out last weekend.  Rained like crazy before the weekend, and the wash was flooded - got to the end of the res, and couldn't get out there.  Rained hard as hell again today,soI don't know if that wash will be flooded tomorrow.  I'll try, tomorrow...  Driving me nuts, brother...

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Well, the normally-dry wash was a river again this morning. No crossing that.  Next chance to shoot is 6am Wednesday morning, get it done, get back, pick up Matt at the airport, then load ammo.  Damnit.

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.260 Rem load workups with Hornady 140gr ELD-M and 147gr ELD-M projectiles.  Distance to target from the gun was 105.4 yards.  Here's the 140gr targets out there - They didn't do well, and I'll talk about those later...


147gr ELD-M targets.  Camera focused on the gun, I should have zoomed...


This gun LIKES the 147gr ELD-Ms and RL-22 powder!!!   Load data follows:

All projos are Hornady 147gr ELD-M, powder is Alliant RL-22, COL for all loads was 2.785".  Once fired Hornady Match .308 brass, resized to .260 Remington with RCBS dies. CCI 200 Large Rifle Primers.

#1, 42.3 gr (4 rds) 0.955"

#2, 42.6 gr (3 rds) 0.862" = 2550 fps

#3, 42.9 gr (3 rds) 1.699" - I think I screwed this group up.  2 of them bug-holed, and I flew one - worth looking at later...

#4, 43.2 gr (3 rds) 0.927"

#5, 43.5 gr (3 rds) 1.025" - 2600 fps

#6, 43.8 gr (3 rds) 1.931"

#7, 44.1 gr (3 rds) 1.264"

#8, 44.4 gr (3 rds) 1.508" - 2650 fps

Groups 1~4 cycled the gun fine, and had last-round lock back.  Groups 5~8 cycled the gun fine, but the BCG did not lock back in the last round - it's going too fast.  The brass doesn't show it, at all, but 5~8 are too hot to catch that BCG, and the cyclic speed is up there.  So, #2~#4 are doing it well - worth loading up more in the 42.6gr~43.2gr range, in smaller steps.  I'll load them in 0.2gr steps, 10 each, and really test it out.  That'll be the next 40 rounds through the gun. 



That VG6 6.5 Brake...  Damn, man, between that thing, and the recoil system (5.7oz modified Slash RRA heavy buffer, Sprinco Orange spring, AR15 mil-spec carbine receiver extension)...   The scope doesn't even come off target.  :thumbup:



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Where the accuracy comes in is at 2550 fps and a little north of that.  My load #2 above should be 2550, and I'll work up through load #4.  Load #5 would be at 2600 fps. I'll be between 2550~2600fps when it's all settled.  Here's a drop chart based on 2550 fps with that projectile.  G1 BC of 0.697, G7 BC of 0.351.  This projectile is the sheit for this caliber!

Supersonic to 1400 yards...


Edited by 98Z5V

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Based on those impacts on target, with a direct center-hold, I'm moving the turrets down 1.0 mils and right 0.5 mils. During the next round of load testing, I'll be pretty damn close to POA-POI. 

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