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New Build -- Father-In-Law's Christmas Gift

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My apologies, in advance, for a long post...

Shortly after I completed my wife's patrol rifle, my in-laws came down and stayed with us for a week or so. After handling her new rifle, my father-in-law started asking questions about the process of building an AR-15. Things like, "How much would a similar rifle cost to build?" "Where does one find stripped receivers?" "How much time does it take to put everything together?" Then, the evening before they left to return to Colorado, "What do you know about 80% receivers?"

A week or so after they left, my wife and I were discussing Christmas gift options for various family members. I remembered the conversations her dad and I had had while they were here, and decided then to build him a rifle. Now, it would have been easy to buy a stripped receiver and assemble it, then give him the completed rifle in a box. But, for various reasons, I think he'd enjoy building it together just as much (if not more than) having the rifle. So, I decided we'll try our hands at an 80% receiver. He'll do the machining, and I'll provide assistance with the remainder of the build process.

This rifle will be extremely similar to my wife's patrol rifle. He seemed to like that rifle much more than any other AR we have in our safe, and certainly better than his S&W Sport.

My intention is to use this thread as a depository for pics, etc. of this build.

So far, here's the highlights of my parts list:

1. Cerro forged receivers, lower 80% (will be blasted and Cerakoted Graphite Black);
2. Luth-AR upper, lower, and receiver extension parts kits;
3. Faxon 16" Gunner barrel, 5.56 chamber, mid-gas;
4. Troy SOCC Battlerail, rifle length;
5. MagPul SL-K buttstock, MOE grip, MOE polymer trigger guard, MBUS, B.A.D. lever, and Enhanced Mag Release (he likes MagPul, gadgets, and doo-dads...);
6. LaRue MBT; and
7. ToolCraft phosphate BCG w/ C158 bolt.

With the exception of the MBT -- which will be ordered later this month -- I've got everything needed to make this a rifle.

Parts-only cost is a hair over $800. My Excel spreadsheet (I know, I'm a nerd...) shows this rifle should tip the scales at 5.86 lbs. without sights, 6.02 lbs. with sights.

For comparison, my wife's rifle cost me right at $1,200, because (1) I was in a hurry, and (2) I used all Fulton Armory small parts (same parts, higher price, as far as I can tell...). With a Criterion Hybrid barrel and MFT Minimalist stock, my spreadsheet showed her rifle should weigh 6.45 lbs. It came out to exactly 6.25 lbs.

Gill Rifle 2 Cropped.jpg

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That will be a great project - for both of you!  That's awesome.   :thumbup:

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