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Alan Waters

Natural point of aim

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There's a big piece of Natural Point Of Aim that missing from that entire video.  The military definition of it is : Natural Point of Aim = Where the sights fall after recoil.

They went over and over adjusting the body before the shot, loading a bipod, closing your eyes in the final shooting position, and opening - to see where the sights fall.  If they're not right on target, you adjust body position. Great vid on everything leading up to the shot, and that's 75% of the whole NPOA process. 

The biggest part of NPOA was left out, and that's trigger control, and trigger follow through.  NPOA = Where the sights fall after recoil.  So, trigger follow through - you hold the trigger to the rear after you break the shot, you have the same tension on the grip as when you broke the shot, your body settles - where are the sights now?  THAT is your NPOA for that shot.  If you're off target, you adjust.

That's the primary reason trigger follow through is so important  - if you just jerk the shot and let up - and don't follow through - you will never be able to check your NPOA.


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