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308 coupon code and forum support (possible gaw?)

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Hey guys, forum members have always had a coupon code, and yall use it! I appreciate it! The code is "7.62"

I want to step it up a bit.


In the past the code has been good for 10% off. From now, Dec 5th 2019 till Christmas, it will be 20% off, with an additional %10 sale going to help the forum.


After Christmas, it will go back to the original 10% off for members, but I will still donate 10% to the forum. That seems like the right thing to do, its not like I properly participate otherwise!



Btw, I have other stuff than slings! I also carry belt lanyards, paracord lanyards, fire kits, and my Sere Pouch- not to mention ThePreppersBunkerOutdoors patches! And I am ready to ship before Christmas, I reckon I have about 10 days to get orders in to meet the Christmas deadline, although I could do expedited shipping afterwords.


Im also thinking about doing a forum giveaway... anybody interested in a Kryptek Mandrake & FDE Speed sling?

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Thanks for the order WG! Ill get the forums portion to them asap, and get to work on the order tonight! Thanks!



Lets do a poll-


If I do a gaw sling, what colors would we all like to see? Lets vote on webbing- 

Kryptek Raid

Kryptek Typhon

Kryptek Mandrake

Kryptek Nomad


Multicam Black

Atacs Au

Atacs Fg

USMC woodland

Pencott Badlands

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