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Advice Needed on Armalite NM Sights

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Lucked into an Armalite M-15A2 NM upper from about 2000. Less than 100 rounds through it so it is looking pretty shiny yet. The original owner lost the front sight post after he pulled it to add his preferred sight when new, kept the post he had put in it, he preferred the little ball on a post sight. It has a hooded aperture rear sight on it which I have zero experience with. I am hoping to solicit some recommendation for a front post on this rig, take into account my eyes are getting old and were never that great. looking like I will need to learn a different system to adjust these sights but they sound like the schit for irons. I have seen some sets from KNS with 7 different posts, leaning that way but wanted to see if there are other recommendations first. 

I don't have it in hand yet as I had it shipped to my house, still trying to sort out what it has for a barrel, they could only tell me it was a heavy barrel. I gather the barrel markings are under the FF tube, goggle research suggests it may be a Douglas .223 chambered barrel with 1-8 twist.  


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^^^   Yep, right there.  The Woody is the one gun that I have with National Match irons on it, and I've got a 0.040" front sight in it.  The hooded rear is a 0.030" aperture.  The clicks in the rear are 1/4 MOA  - you'll need to check yours, probably by shooting it, and see if you've got 1/4 MOA or 1/2 MOA adjustments on yours.

All of this can be modified, too, brother:


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This might help your old eyes , just not sure about your pocket book .



This one has different sizes , even match 


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I have a Truglo front sight, not a big fan. It works great for low light situations with quick point shooting. Easy to pick up but hard to be precise with. 

That fine dot looks interesting, pricey though. So far I am leaning towards the KNS set, variety of 7 different posts for around $30. With these I can figure out what size I like then get a properly shaped NM post from WOA if needed.

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