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Combo Barrel Extension Wrench and Lapping Tool

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Interesting tool, coming from X-caliber doesn't give me the warm fuzzies though. If they made it well balanced then it should work fine but seeing that 1/4 inch drive on the end makes me wonder if there will be any wobble while lapping. PTG's lapping tools are $25 each and perfectly balanced. That and lapping tools are an expendable tool so eventually you are left with just a wrench.


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I have a hard time wrapping my head around clamping the round "head" of the lapping tool in a vise.  No flats, no knurling, nothing. Just clamping your serrated vise jaws onto a "precision ground" tool.

Personally, I'd prefer a MagPul BEV Block and a PTG lapping tool. Granted, this won't work for "AR-10s" (am I the only one irrationally annoyed when companies generalize the term 'AR-10'? But I digress...). But a set of vise blocks for a .308 AR and a PTG lapping tool are still substantially cheaper than this... thing...

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