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Funny Videos Thread


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2 hours ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

As long as you still hear the voices in your head...are you truly alone?:popcorn:

Hey now. They're the ones that keep me company the majority of the time.

1 hour ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

@Rsquared drinks those into submission, at least when he ventures out to Arizona. :lmao:

Okay.....it's clear that you already know me too well Doc. :laffs:

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OMFG.  That was one annoying motherfucker.  Trying to REASON with a BEAR?! 

A reasonable person just would have come out with a 45-70, then shown a video of how to butcher a bear.  One of my favorite YTers comes to mind, "Deermeatfordinner."

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405 grains of silver-cast-lead sitting on top of 50.0 grains of IMR 3031 would have stopped that bear from eating MY kayak.  I'm just sayin'...   :thumbup::lmao:

Kudos to Oregon Trail Bullet Company for such a badass 45-70 projectile.  Huge shout-out and product-pimp for them...  :hail:


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