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12 Wash state sheriffs wont enforce new laws

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The Seattle politicians - and liberal mentality - have been wrecking that state for more than 2 decades.  It's great to see some people in a position to really do something - do something.  Stand up for what's right.  :hail:

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 The shits the ceo Rene'e Hopkins ( only shows half her mug) and band of code 4 and code3 idiots is about more money. we need more research money to prevent guns in safe spaces,  like my shitter in my own gd house so i can be ass raped by a law abiding non gun toting fucking real criminal!?  Im all about stand up but in june its law.. you watch Wa. is a fallen state. 

Or It's still a 10 year plan scare off the civil people ( 3000+ mile oil change) and run this bitch like an engine with no oil!  because oil and coal are already on that path here as well as un daming the rivers.. omfg! these bitches dont know what it takes without power they live from it, die for it!     Im telling you what, this town is getting to fucking small with all the boundaries i have to cross like a war torn country. Just to keep to myself.. go sherif so and so but to little, the masses Are out numbered. 

I hope im wrong! 

Edited by sketch
stupid shits !

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