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Are all 308 charging handles the same?

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I've never seen a 308 charging handle listed as "DPMS pattern" or "Armalite pattern", is there actually any difference in them? 

I ask because I have a Aero M5E1 build I just ordered most of the parts for. The charging handle is a LMT LM308CA, basically just an extended latch CH that is made from a company I trust and it was also only $50. 

On another forum I'm on it seems like nobody is too sure if there's any difference in 308 CHs. If all else fails I will find out first hand later this week when parts arrive. 

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Not all but most. DPMS LR308 patterns and AR-10 will be the same. Piston rifles and the scaled down platforms may be different. I am not familiar with the LMT but betting someone here will know for sure, if not then you will be the source on that question 👍

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A member on ARFCOM confirmed the LMT will work in the Aero M5. I'm pretty happy considering it was $40 less than just about all the other extended latch charging handles and coming from LMT I wont have to worry about quality. 

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