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Greetings from Michigan

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Hello one and all..!

Chanced across the forum and thought I'd sign on board. Decided to procure one of the new SAI Saint Victors in .308/7.62x51 to work with and thought a place to share it was in order. Had a Armalite AR10T "back in the day" that was less than stellar, ended up taking it back and getting my first DS Arms SA58 Fal. Superb battle rifles, the first one came off the shelf, next one was built from scratch with all DSA components. For the most part have been a M1/M-14 shooter, having had many variations thru the years. They are still my preferred "go-to" for a field rifle. 2019 being a few years down the road from the past Armalite experience another go around with a .30 AR seemed to be a good thing to get involved with. Bought the Saint direct from SAI for 1166.00 shipped and while a few changes were in order so far so good. Waiting on a set of O/S take down pins from JP as the standard ones shipped were on the shy size and a couple of magazines from Larue, then a bit of range time can be scheduled. Lurked a bit on the forum while I was chasing parts for the Saint and get up to speed on current .30 cal ARs and you guys are doing a great job of getting the word out if someone wants to make an effort to inquire on the subject.



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Will do when I get things squared away. As usual  with anything from SAI what Has to be right is done properly, economy where they can get away with it. I do have requirements that have to be met as to length of pull, trigger I can live with,etc. Out of the box I have to say they did not do a bad job. Price is right and the high points are head space is right on, BCG is first class thru out, pinned gas block, HD barrel nut, what looks to be a quality 16" barrel, 15 inch hand guard ( not fond of M-lok but its done well) however they did have a brain fart as there is no 12 o'clock rail. Thats alright if one does the crab grab, but I don't, plus no place to clamp on a Maul. Machining on the upper/lower is without fault but needs a set of JP O/S pins to tighten things up. Came with BCM sliding stock, Gunfighter hand grip, flippy sights, a Pmag and a nylon case I more than likely will not use. They do fudge on the weight claim of 7.8 lbs as it is just shy of 9 lbs unloaded and no sling. The way I have the rifle set up with the USO scope/mount, Atlas  bipod, 20 rounds in the mag and sling it tips the scale at just shy of 13lbs.

List of items that I had to have is as follows;

Smith Vortex

DD fixed front sight

Matech rear sight w/ Foward Control clamp update

Tac-ops 1 charging handle

EGW forward assist plug

Genuine USGI A2 stock & related w Kick Eez pad ( gets the 14 1/2" pull needed)

Geissele  Super 42 spring/ DPMS rifle buffer

VZ  Recon hand grip & grip panels

Geissele SSA-E trigger group

Badger Ordnance safety

Forward Control innards ( all)

Larue Magazines (2)

May seem odd to some to tear into what is sold as a new rifle but this is not my first go around with a .308 battle rifle, or SAI products. Plus I had quite a few of the items on my list "on the shelf" so to speak. All the stock parts will be listed on Ebay if anyone is interested or note me here

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9 hours ago, Inet said:

Forward Control innards ( all)

We are very familiar with Roger, from his days at BAD.  I've personally know him since May 2010.  There is none better than him, in this industry, bar none.  :hail:

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Cannot say enough about what FC offers for the AR rifle. All the bits & bobs that lurk about inside it will bring things to a halt in short order if they happen to go south. Very easy place to deal with, they only make what is necessary.....Order everything..!  They will have .308 size take down pins available very soon but the .308 bolt catch is going to be awhile before they run another batch. Roger is great to deal with, very rare that the head man deals with the shipping/customer service on a regular basis. Usually get an Email along with a box sent from the "well trained shipping monkey"...getting quite the pile of oversized pencils & swag mags also. Ran across Roger when he was a guest on a Primary/Secondary podcast for AR manufacturing info, well worth the review if one has the time.

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