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Rookie Mistake


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Working up some new Barnes TTSX loads for the 300 Weatherby 

Lubed,  sized, trimmed, chamfered, uniformed the flash hole sorted by headstamp loaded up a ladder and went to the range. 

1st group varied over 50fps, second group not good either, 3rd or 4th group max sammi had 1st 3 within 5fps spread and last 2 almost 100fps slower.

Same with the max + .5gr batch, WTFO?

Luckily last 2 batches were 3 good ones in a row and 2 slow, got me thinking...

Looking at the brass when I got home I had mixed Weatherby R-P 300 Mag and Weatherby 300 Mag brass. 

Case volume 6.41 cc h20 vs 6.67cc h20, dry weight almost 15 grains more with the R-P.

Looking back at my data it looks like R-P with 79 gr H4350 was close to the same velocity as Weatherby with 80.5, assuming all the slow ones were the Wheatherby 

I checked dry weight on a few Normas, and a couple other brands I had 1 or 2 of, all close to the R-P.

Weatherby brass has more volume then the rest. 

Got to sharpen the eyesight at the reloading bench before sending 25 bucks worth of reloading components down range at 3400fps!


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Thanks for the vote of confidence!

I like to see SD's less then 10 for rifle,  but if you play with a dope sheet with magnum rifle velocities it takes a lot more then that before you could even measure the difference at 500 yards.

Revolvers are the worse offenders, forcing cone gap blowing pressure off, un-even cylinders, if I get an SD in the under 30 range with a magnum revolver load that's an accomplishment.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Worked over my 150 TTSX data one last time and loaded a couple boxes   Weatherby cases/ 81gr H4350 for what should be 3325fps average and box of the RP/Nosler/Norma/Hornady mixed Brass 79.5gr H4350/ 3328 average. Close enough, on to the next project!

I have 100+ mixed headstamp cases 30-06 trimmed/ chamfered/ flash holed.  (Flash holes were the worst, volcano like, hard to get the tool into the crater) Think I'll just weigh them and sort into batches, weight should translate to volume more or less. See how close I can get with these. 

Does anyone still uniform the necks or is that too OG?

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15 hours ago, Albroswift said:

Does anyone still uniform the necks or is that too OG?

I only do that on .260 Rem brass that I make from Hornady .308 Win Match brass. That's the only cartridge that I neck DOWN. I uniform those necks.  Every other bastard cartridge that i make, I neck up.  .338 Fed, up from .308 Win. 25-45, up from 5.56.  Up isn't the issue with neck thickness, down is. 

Every single piece of .260 that I make from Hornady .308 Match - even though it's MATCH brass - I always get different cuts on every one of them, when running them through the neck sizer.

I'm using this stuff to do it, example if the 6.5mm that I use:



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FYI, and for what it’s worth...

For some reason, my iPhone 6 doesn’t let me click on the links. I always have to copy and paste the links to read them. When I copy the above link (https://kmshooting.com/26neck.html) I get this screen. My security software thinks the site is a spoof. 



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