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Recent events and horrible reporting

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Just in case Noone has been listening to the news, "THERE HAS BEEN AN UPTICK IN STUPID PEOPLE DOING REALLY STUPID THINGS WITH WEAPONS". There, my headline ability has been totally exposed.

Now on to what most of us know, the anti-gun side will say pretty much anything they want to get someone to listen and agree.

Here is a pic from a BBC report that was quietly changed when the facts were pointed out by many looking at this......

And one of the reports about this BBC falsehood, and the only one I could find with said picture....

If you care to watch some video about just a few of these misrepresentation of factualities (big words in a row that mean LIES), you can watch Louder with Crowder. And I am not saying he is the be all end all, just happens to put some things together in a small space/time.

And you can go forward to about 4:45 to see the bit about BBC if the rest of it isn't watchable.

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Yeah, that graph is pretty bad. derned ole AK's are slow as Christmas. Them evil AR's are fast as a MG42 belt fed.. and my M-16's only fire at 750 RPM. that's if you have a 750 round non stop source, other wise it won't.

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On 8/17/2019 at 7:33 AM, bubbas4570 said:

 Louder with Crowder

He's awesome.  He states things publicly that hurt Lib feelings, and makes Dems cringe - because he spouts out the truth.  :thumbup::hail:

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That very vid that you referenced is worth a "ding" by itself...

Let's imbed it, so others can just click it. :thumbup:


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1 hour ago, unforgiven said:

Hahaha baffle sheeple with bull$hit and they eat it up with a spoon.

I just worked an OEM manufacturer out of TEN HOURS of diagnostic time, during a warranty repair, just like that. I threw so many numbers and measurements at them, that they didn't know what to do - so they approved it.  :thumbup::lmao:

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