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Long Distance: Getting started


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16 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

Those two are an awesome combination.  They're just getting it done, in Layman's Terms.  I love it.   :hail:

"...that's the mirage.  You can even see it in the snow..."

How many times have I covered that, in the wind-reading classes...   :thumbup:

Their banter back and forth reminds me of shooting with Matt.  I kid you not.   :lmao:

"Hey, counting is HARD. So back up off of me..."   :laffs:

also Hey I don't like being this close to your crotch, (cleckner) apparently just on camera...... LMAO

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Using the trajectory of a 168-grain, .30-caliber bullet, with a ballistic coefficient (BC) of .462 and muzzle velocity of 2,681 fps, let’s examine the effects of these different cants. Our imaginary rifle will have the scope mounted 1.8 inches above the centerline of the bore.

I knew that a canted scope had an effect, it was interesting to see the math and actual numbers.


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That's great info right there, brother, and spells it all out.  That's also exactly why I put one of these things on almost every gun that's gonna go over 800 yards...

Vortex Bubble Level for Riflescopes with 30mm Main Tubes BL30

You can pull 800, 850, with just about anything in your inventory, with enough practice and solid distance-fundamentals - and no bubble level.  But man, it sure makes it easier for the spotter to give you accurate corrections, when you're shooting level, every single shot. 

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54 minutes ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

 Our imaginary rifle will have the scope mounted 1.8 inches above the centerline of the bore.



This is interesting, too - and the higher the scope centerline is mounted over the barrel centerline (height over bore), the more it's gonna be off.  1.8" height over bore is bolt gun stuff.  Even my Win Mag is 2.0" height over bore, and that's the best (lowest) I could get it with the 30 MOA rail on it.  ARs are commonly 2.5" height over bore - so those are gonna be even further off target, than the distances given above, for the ranges given above...  

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True info there My Larue 111 mount is a 20 min of angle mount my bolt gun has a 20 min of angle rail on it my sight over bore is 2.38 inches I have to be very carefull and use and believe my bubble and not get in a hurry when i shoot 1000 +it is huge....


Saterlee's method is the one i used to develop my load for the 6.5x284 I had my load in 11 rounds with a ES of 2 at the top of my node with H4350 used that load with three rounds 10 K of the lands fired a group at 100 it was 1/4 inch moved the bullet to 15 k off the lands loaded 7 rounds first two at 400 both dead center hits next two at 800 again both hits went to 1000 first round hit next i missed it was me next round hit  so with less than 25 rounds i was done and dusted!

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Here's a pretty good article from RECOIL Magazine, on long range shooting.   It's right - ballistics solvers and electronic aids can make anyone a long range hero, if you have enough gun to do it.  My personal views don't jive with the article, though, because I'm a firm believer that you need to be able to do all this stuff without the use of electronic aids.  "What are you gonna do when the batteries fail?..."

Good article, though. :thumbup:


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