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Armed Eye Doc

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When I started my time at US Steel I was an apprentice Electronic repairman apprentice, you toured all facets of steel making. One morning in the 94" plate mill a millwright apprentice was working on the rolling table unaware that the crane was going over him with a load when it let go. The plate crushed the kid who lived for 2 days before he succumbed to his injuries. We met at a bro's place talking about the Mill and it turned out that young man was his brother. Crushing injuries in the mill were almost always fatal. Sad situation.

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8 hours ago, unforgiven said:

And in just less than a second ones life changes. A brother recently over served himself and from what I heard was a regular thing. Has fallen backwards down 16 stairs and is now paralyzed from the neck down. His family is trying to keep him home and it's not working. 60yrs old. So fuked up you never know how things play out. Keep Corny in your prayers.

That sucks to hear brother.

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His family is trying to take care of him at home but without professional care it's not going to work. He already has bedsores that is an open door to bad things happening and a cascade of events that there is no pulling out of. Sadly 

He had a case of scoliosis and Crohn's but when he played with the band he was a powerhouse in the Punk music scene. 

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That's really sad, hopefully the family can get something sorted out and the help they need going forward.

There but for the grace of God go I

I suspect that most if not all of us here have done things or been involved in something that one simple change and the outcome would have been different

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I got a notice to serve fukin jury duty. Fuk me! And it's not for the county. It's not even for the state. It's for the FUKIN FEDS. Fukin US district court for Maryland. FUK ME TWICE! Maybe I should plan on wearing a Trump shirt or something.

AND....to make it even better. They're not just gonna fuk up a couple days of a week. They're gonna FUK up EVERY Monday starting from the 28 February, to 28 March.

They obviously don't know how "annoyed" at the federal government that I am. They must be thinking that I'm a regular Maryland democrat member of the sheeple. FUK these people. I don't believe a single fuking thing that ANY government agency says at this point. And I'm sure that they'll be happy to hear that from me.

More to follow as this bull$hit progresses.

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23 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:


I like this plan.  My neighbors don't come around me anyway, and I'll never get icicles here, but I'll think of something along this line to further distance myself.  :thumbup:

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