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JD Machine build.

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Parts are starting to come in, with more on the way, and more to order.  I started out wanting to build a m110 clone (rather a mk11 mod 2, since I'm a Marine.)  So far I've ended up changing everything except the barrel profile.  However I am still trying to stay in the medium weight GP type arena.

So far I have:

* JD Machine matched upper and lower (looks and feels awesome) - JD

* DPMS LPK, as well as the .308 compatible pieces - MidwayUSA/JD

* Ejection Port cover and HW - JD

* Fwd Assist and HW - JD

* Geissele SSA trigger - Brownells

* LR-308 rifle buffer/tube/spring- Midway

* Magpul PRS .308 - Midway

* DPMS phosphate BCG - Rainier Arms

* SI Defense 20" M110 SASS contour barrel - Midway

* DPMS rifle gas tube and roll pin

I still need:

* Rail system - looking at DD Lite or Samson STAR10 (if it will fit) any other suggestions that will mount flush with the JD upper

* 0.875 gas block, will depend on the RAS I end up with. Although, I would love to get my hands on one similar to the M110, if anyone can think of one.  I don't need the suppressor slotting though, since CA will probably never allow me to attach one >:(

* Muzzle device - Leaning towards the Smith Enterprise Vortex, any thoughts?

* Bi-pod/ adapter

* Scope/rings

* BUIS (not a huge priority right now)

* Lots of bullets!!! I will probably start reloading due to this build and the 6.8 I'm also doing.

Taking a chance on the Si Defense barrel because I couldn't find too many reviews on it.  However everyone seems to love their other products so I figure I would be a ginny pig and try it out.  Please let me know if anyone has had a bad experience with their barrels and hopefully I wont have installed it yet.  I would have preferred to get a matched bolt/barrel but the price on this thing was too good to pass up ($205 w/coupon) before shipping for a $300 barrel. 

I am open to any suggestions you guys may have.  I will say that I have already learned a lot just from scrolling through as many posts as I can.  The guys down at JD Machine have been extremely helpful.  Plus they have a sweet set up down there.  I would definitely suggest checking the place out if you live in the San Diego area.

Oh, and I will not forget to post pictures as it comes together!

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Yea, I can't wait to actually fire with this SSA.  Just having the lower built, I agree with you, that I would like to swap all my triggers out with them.  Wish the Marine Corps would swap all of their rifles out with them.

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Alright, it's done! Pictures as promised, taken with my phone so the quality isn't great.  The specs remain the same as the original post, with the following exceptions.

* Barrel- Fulton Armory 20" M110 1:12, blackened through JD Machine.

* Bolt- Fulton Armory

* Gas Block- Fulton Armory clam style .875

* RAS- DD 7.62 Lite

* Muzzle- Smith Vortex

* Scope- Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M3

* Scope mount- Night Force Uni-Mount 20 MOA

* Bi-Pod- Harris S-Series BRM w/ Larue Tactical QD

This thing is a blast to shoot.  Haven't gotten a true zero yet.  Only a BZO, by having a spotter call adjustments.  It's pretty close, but we weren't shooting an true ranged targets, and it was with the bi-pod on a wobbly table.  But, I love it!

Thanks for everyones inputs.






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I'm always down to meet up for a shoot Robocop.  Although, I probably wont have a chance to make it up to NorCal until after my upcoming deployment. But let me know if you venture south in the next two months.

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