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My first AR 10 arrived!


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"NO. He's not being a dick. He was just trying to steer you in the right direction."


He just talks to you like an adult but doesn't sugar coat anything.  Of course some folks get their panties all wadded up when someone is direct and to the point, I see this a lot on the Forums.

Believe me he is here to help you and you woln't find better help. 

Before I became a member here I built a couple of 308-AR's and still have a bag full of leftover parts that didn't fit or work well.  What I found was that for the most part you can buy a plain old AR-15 lower build kit and get most of it to work in the lower, but for sure there are several different assembly pin varieties out there so that is one of the first stumbling blocks I ran into.  WAY more important that that the upper may NOT fit your lower as mentioned.  Ya, I ran into that once, suck ass when you go to push the rear pin thru after all the work and things don't line up for chit back there and even if you can work the pin thru the bolt is jammed up!  Unlike the AR-15 platform no one really followed any rules for the 308-AR's and companies selling parts for them may or may not know if what they are selling you will fit the PSA.  PSA has also made changes to their 308-AR's at least 3 times so I'm not even sure they can tell you what interchanges between the different "generations" they are producing?

Even more important than a few lower parts not working is the buffer/spring and gas system.  My 3rd 308-AR was an early PSA but it came without a BCG and tossed out there 6 position stock and buffer system they supplied with the lower "kit".  I ordered a 308 BCG, A2 stock, and buffer/recoil spring for a DPMS (nearly as I can remember) platform and tossed all that chit together and it works flawlessly.  I may have gotten lucky but for sure IF I had specific guidance there wouldn't have been any guesswork involved.

Since then I've built a few more 308-AR's and added a DPMS Oracle to the stable.  I pay close attention to what the folks on here have to say.  They know their chit, and are ALWAYS there to help you....and yes, early on I called one of these weapons an "AR-10" and almost before I could take another breath go my dick stepped on some.....bothers me not in the least I'm a big boy and can take a little criticism.......FWIW.......Cliff

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Did you happen to load up on ammo when you bought the rifle?  I bought one of the rifle's that worked well also.  There are beaucoup folks who weren't as fortunate,  and many end up here looking for answers and get the correct answers.  If I were to give out a " Dick " award for this category it would go to    the manufacturer that you bought it from.  

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