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Northern Va/


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I  was there, man, I was there.  I moved back to the desert from Woodbridge.  Some cool indoor ranges there, for pistol cal firing.  No rifles. I used to go out to Phelps WMA for the rifle shooting.  Only 100 yards, but a nice little facility, and free to use.  <thumbsup>

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I go to CF Phelps quite often. They have a new indoor range in Ashburn called The Silver Eagle Group. I like that one also. Don't care for Clark Brothers at all.

Working on getting in down at Quantico...but it's not as easy as one might think. (Friends in "High Places" are working on it)

I recently heard about one on rt.28 in Midland, a spot between Catlett and Bealeton. Heard something about 500yard shooting. Haven't looked into it yet though. I would love to find a quiet out of the way spot like that. I have a spot or two where I can bang out to about 800 yds, but I need to reacquire some of my toys. (Due to life changing circumstances, all of my toys were sold. It was best for me, but that's another story for another time.)

I was in the desert twice. The first time it was in a place called Ft. Huachuca and the second time it was a sandbox called Iraq. Both were learning experiences to say the least.

I see the 98Z5V MOS. In 9 years of service I was a 32DH4 then 26V then (11B for 10 months FTNG) and finally a 29E. First in, Last Out was enough for me. I don't like sand unless I have a fishing pole in my hand and I'm waist deep in clear blue water snook, trout, pompano or redfish fishing. And I go crazy for sheepshead. (Again, stories for another time.)

If ever back up this way, look me up. Take care.

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I was only out there for 15 months, brother - about all I could take in the "DC Area."  I'm right outside of Huachuca, right now.  Had to come back and "slow down" a little.  Rush hour is 5 minutes, and alot of businesses are still closed on Sundays.  ;D  I needed that. 

Stupid thing on my part, and I always thought I'd have the time - retired mil, and getting onto Quantico and getting a range membership was as easy as filling out the paperwork and sending it in.  I always intended to do it, but decided to get the hell outta there before I ever made that happen.  I wish I would have done it, just to shoot there.  :-[

Likewise, if you get this way, you've gotta let me know.  I've got all the lead-slingers and the lead, you'll only need to show up.  <thumbsup>  It'll be a good time, I guarantee. 

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I am in the Fredericksburg area. Spotsylvania to be exact. As I read above I do go to Clark Brothers but not my favorite place. Not many other options though. There is "The Range" on Route 1 but only open to smaller calibers. I tend to lean towards the "Holy poop that's big" type of calibers so... Anyone knows a better place to go please let me know. I'm not keen on Quantico but I will if I have to. Retired military and would prefer to keep my distance if I can. I have my reasons but nothing serious. Just a preference. Anyone down to meet up and throw some freedom seeds downrange let me know.

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