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Metal Mags


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On 9/8/2021 at 11:22 PM, 98Z5V said:

STOP!  Wait, hold on, relax. 

You have two tungsten weights coming to you.  You have two tungsten weights in that buffer that you have right now - none of these will go to waste.

Buy this buffer from DSG Arms.  It's a 2.500" buffer for $22.  It's 3.8oz, but it gets its weight from a stainless steel body (not aluminum body), with two steel weights inside.  You spend $22, take it apart, take out it's steel weights, replace with the tungsten that you have, and you've made your buffer that you need for way cheaper...   :thumbup:



Combine that buffer ^^^ with a Sprinco Orange spring, and you're set for your recoil system - done.  It'll work like a champ, and I can tell you that what I'm describing is running in my .260 Rem gun right now.  Buffer weight comes up to 5.15oz with that combination, and that's close enough to 5.4oz, and works WAY mo' bettah than a 3.8oz buffer and questionable recoil spring.

I received my buffer and spring today and swapped out the weights and installed them.


I fired a magazine with two rounds and it cycled and locked back on the last round.  I then inserted a full magazine and fired two rounds and it also cycled with a full magazine.


Brass lands 10 ft away directly to my right.  I'm not sure what is typical for a 308.  I can try adjusting the gas down later.

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48 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Compared to an H&K 91 that's a short distance. My Diamonbacks throw them about six feet.

Well I guess there's no reason not to try adjusting the gas eventually just to make sure it isn't recoiling any more than it has to  but I'm not too worried about it at the moment.  Thanks.

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