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Welcome Tactical Machining

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I want to welcome Tactical Machining to our 2012 line up of sponsors/advertisers. Tactical Machining is one of the leading manufacturers of 80% AR-15 and 308 AR Parts.  If you recall the early day's of the forum was a TM build by one of the early members.



Tactical Machining has other products and services that they will discuss.

This board will be for TM to promote their products. Pleae try to keep the technical discussions here http://308ar.com/forum/tactical-machining/

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I have two 80% TM-10 lowers complete -FCG's installed.  Now I need a couple uppers... side-chargers are pretty easy to machine!  Any chance we'll see TM-10 uppers of any type in the future?

BTW - All 3 of my AR-15 TM lowers are machined and complete.  One Wylde chambered rifle is nearly complete, the other is waiting on a 6.5 Grendel/264LBC barrel that's on order, then she'll be close to showing off.  The other lower is awaiting a .410 shotgun upper still in production.

Great stuff TM, I'm a big fan!  Let's see some .308 uppers next! ;-) (side chargers!!!)


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Side chargers probably won't happen but middle/end of Q1 2012 we'll have uppers... we have been waiting for a diamond reamer to do the bore all the way through. It was a custom tool we had made just for this project so we can keep the tolerances ridiculously tight there.

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