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Accurized AR Match, 26 Dec 21


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On 12/27/2021 at 9:26 PM, 98Z5V said:

I'd like to thank my sponsors for this month...   :thumbup::hail:

Caffeine & Hate Skull Mug T-shirt


Just to be PERFECTLY FUCKING CLEAR here, this was in no way referenced to any individual, for anything, about that performance that day.  I fuckin' layed it down, that day, and coffee and Copenhagen started my morning.  You go, boys.  :hail:

My posting of that was none other than the postings we've all made here before that listed "Wiskey and Hate" - which I have a t-shirt of, and I love that t-shirt, and nothing more.  Plus pics.  Whiskey and Hate pics.  Caffiene and Hate pics. 

The day of this shoot, I was purely fueled by how poorly I'd done in the October shoot - and I didn't shoot the November shoot, due to scheduling...  In November, I shot pistol local (SDTF), with DirtBike Tommy and @Moon Boots.

Apparently, someone took that posting the wrong way, and thought it was personal.  When it wasn't.  Wiskey and Hate, Whiskey and Hate...   spell "whiskey how ever you want...   Those pics abound here,  as well as "anything" and Hate - and that's what keeps the savages here going.  It ain't personal - but if you want to think that, then you re-work your thinking, and your paranoia.  Thanks for listening.  It's not about YOU, and it wasn't PERSONAL...  Thanks, and enjoy.   :thumbup:

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On 1/14/2022 at 7:48 PM, 98Z5V said:

We'll get you back, brother - next one is next Saturday, 22 Jan.  Reg opens this coming Monday night, 7pm.  :thumbup:

It'll be February for me.   My nephew is getting married on Friday night and a wedding on that side of the family (my wife's Irish-Catholic side) means an Uber to a nearby hotel - not driving home so that you can be up at zero-dark-thirty.  Mrs. BigNate reminded me of this and that the hotel in Mesa is already paid for.   Guessing that if I tried to make it to the shoot my BAC at 0700 would disqualify me from competition.  If this were a nephew on my side of the family, well, I'd be home and in bed by 8:30PM and the one glass of cabernet would have worn of in plenty of time - but her side plays the game by a different set of rules, and one of the secrets to a happy marriage is to play along so Saturday morning I'll be paying for the sins of Friday night.  😄 


That said - my 20 round steel mags arrive this week... See you in February.    

Edited by BigNate
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I get it, Nate.  Can't wait to get you back out there.  Reg for next Saturday filled up in about 10 minutes tonight, so I'll text you next month, and remind you.  15 per squad this time, so they're going bigger, each month.  Sqd 4 filled up fast as fuk, first one that was done.  :thumbup:

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