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What are your other hobbies and interests?


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I’m gonna do it…the nomenclature speech just like AR10. You have a good description of what makes a bull a steer, but the other calf was a heifer.  She’ll be a cow once she’s had a calf herself. Until then, she would appreciate it if you used her proper pronouns. :laffs:

All said in fun, I swear.  And as an educational piece for the non-cattle crowd. 

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1 hour ago, DNP said:

To be fair, I may have misgendered it…I didn’t ask what it identifies as. Please pass along my apology to her, it ,they…you know what I mean. 

If a heifer identifies as a bull, does that save her from thefreezer?

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On 10/21/2022 at 9:24 AM, jeffery said:

that does happen and it happens to everyone on every skill level. Ive seen guys with years of experience crash planes that cost thousands because of human error. I haven't crashed yet. some hard landings still and last year I lost my first plane in the woods because of a loss of orientation and depth perception . damn trees were a lot closer to the plane than i thought.lol didn't find it for a year until another member found it while looking for his plane.lol. It was in pretty good shape actually. still fun though. but i am still a rookie at it. this is the one I lost. I bought a bigger one after I lost this one.

I guess my other hobby is riding motorcycles. below is a pic of the bike. the green plane is the one I bought after loosing the first one. The pics on the bike are from an area in Tennessee called the Dragons Tale. If anyone might have heard of it. The pic of the bike at distance is on a roadway called the cherohala skyway. the other is on the Dragon. 318 turns in 11 miles. Pure adrenaline rush. Fun as hell.





Took it eight years ago in my C5 Corvette. Loved it!

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9 hours ago, DNP said:

but the other calf was a heifer. 

And as an educational piece for the non-cattle crowd. 

Oh, you're talking about cattle. When you said heifer, I thought you were talking about women in spandex seen at walma...............................uhhhhhhhhh....................nevermind. I got off track. Some times these fingers just type whatever my brain is thinking of at the moment.

Bad fingers, bad fingers. (not the band)

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