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Lets see your AR-15


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19 hours ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

I really like that back lip for tape measures. I have a piece of angle with 6 tape measures on it, I'm really bad for putting down a tape measure and it 'disappears' When I ' run out' of tape measures that's my cue to stop and clean up/put stuff away.

:lmao: I've had that same problem a number of times. That's why you can never have enough measuring tapes.

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6 hours ago, Black_Sheep said:

She’s a shooter, my best group of 10 rounds off a sandbag @ 50 yards with 55gr hand loads. I ran out of daylight so I have to wait ‘til next Thursday to move out to 100 yards…


That's a keeper - that's a damn good shooting, brand new gun, right there.  Well done.  :thumbup:

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lacking in the AR department ,always been a AK and SKS guy for the most part , my favorite is the Stag Varminter with the Zeiss , have the Armalite ,and Colt on the bottom , the armalite sporting the keyhole forge handle that matches the receiver and the colt te square forge , the one i played Barbie with is a Anderson , and the big boy Stag10

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  • 2 months later...

Last build for 2021. I haven't shot it yet because it's been hectic around here lately...


  • Aero Precision M4E1 Stripped Lower
  • Aero Precision M4E1 Threaded Stripped Upper
  • Noveske Takedown/Pivot Pins
  • Aero Precision AR15/M4E1 Field Repair Kit
  • Aero Precision AR15 Ejection Port Cover
  • Aero Precision AR15 ATLAS S-ONE 15" M-LOK Handguard
  • Wilson Combat Bolt Carrier Group (NiB) - Auto 
  • Wilson Combat, 5.56 NATO, RECON, 16", Fluted, Stainless
  • Wilson Combat Low Profile Gas Block - .750 
  • Wilson Combat Gas Tube - Intermediate Length 
  • Wilson Combat Accu-Tac Flash Hider
  • Seekins Precision Bolt Catch 
  • Seekins Precision Billet Mag Release Button
  • Colt AR-15/M16 Mag Release
  • Magpul MOE+ Grip
  • BCM QD End Plate
  • BCM GUNFIGHTER Charging Handle Mod 3B (LARGE) Latch
  • BCM Milspec Carbine Stock Hardware Mounting Kit 
  • ALG Defense ACT Trigger
  • Radian Talon Ambidextrous Selector
  • Magpul MOE SL Stock 
  • Swampfox Tomahawk 1x8 & Hostile Engagement mount 
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The first is an evil black rifle whose design goal was probably close to 20 years in the making. I wanted to make the lightest AR I could. I started with a carbon fiber lower and after assembling it I still didn't have the handguards that I wanted. So it sat, usable as my HD rifle, with standard carbine handguards until I found what I wanted. Then it got finished. 



For HD it wears the can. Sans can and magazine it weighs 5# 9oz if my memory serves me. 

3 years ago we had a cop killer running around in the back few thousand acres. At one point he was 30 yards from where my wife and I lay sleeping. During the 4 days when he was "out there" I quickly figured out that standard long guns sucked for doing chores in small buildings. That started my search for shorter firearms that could still reach out and touch if required.

The second is a recent handgun build in 300BLK. I retired the AR above because I wanted a shorter shooter just in case I need to clear my own home (not high on my bucket list). Long guns, grabbed by a perp can easily be levered out of ones grasp. The point of this build was to be short so that I could tuck it under my arm with my left hand out near the muzzle. Anyone grabs it they lose an arm. It takes the place of a 12ga bullpup that is now retired out of the role. To prevent over penetration the load I have in the mag uses a Maker 85 copper bullet @ 2300 fps for maybe 6-8" of penetration and 1k ft/lbs. The handgun always wears either the blast can seen here, or a linear comp to move the blast out from under the carbon fiber handguard. I don't remember what it weighs, but weight was not a consideration with this build.



Edited by BrianK
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  • 3 weeks later...

Nice build Brian!  Back before Bushmaster was bought out and moved to what, New York or something?  Freedom Group bought them?  Then some of the original folks brought Windham Weaponry into business if I'm not mistaken...

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